Gent – Charleroi TIPS from insiders (21.12.2017)

On game day twenty we are preparing for a nice game at the top of the standings. Ghent will try to get closer to second place while Charleroi will want to hold its place in the rankings. An interesting competition normally.

Gent :

After fifteen out of fifteen, Ghent climbed all the way up in the standings. It was recently eliminated in the cup and on the last matchday was played right away. The unbeaten sequence is thus interrupted. Now they stand for a real test with the visit of Charleroi. The chairman has already said that he is happy with the remonte of Ghent and that he will strengthen the team in the winter march. In Ghent, for example, they hope to finish as high as possible and play a role in the title fight.

Ghent stood for the difficult trip to Liège last weekend. La Gantoise started well and the first chance was for them. But Standard was also dangerous in the initial phase. Afterwards, there was a lot of yellow cards. The level gradually dropped in the second half but in the last quarter we still got the necessary tension. Kalinic held Ghent straight with a new save and on the other side the referee judged a goal from Ghent for unclear reasons.

Even after three repetitions, the images did not show why the referee refused 0-1. Peter Balette, assisent coach of the Buffalo’s, went into the referee’s locker room after the game. ‘The ref rejected the goal because of a blocking error on a Standard player’, Balette told his story. “He could not say which player or duel it was. The accumulation of bad decisions is gradually becoming painful for us. This is a blow. I’m really sick of it. ”

Charleroi :

Charleroi is working on an excellent season. They are still the closest pursuer to the leader from Bruges. Like them, they only lost twice on nineteen matches. In the cup they and Bruges can decide who can go to the semi-final against Standard. If they can close their two remaining matches before the winter break, something might be possible. But these are still trips to Ghent and Waregem, so it will not just go smoothly.

Genk received Racing Genk last weekend in the Stade du Pays de Charleroi. The first half was of a questionable level for on paper two very attractive teams. After the break it was fortunately better and it was the man in shape at Charleroi who gave them the lead. Kaveh Rezaei made his ninth of the season. But they could not enjoy it for a long time, because hardly two minutes later it was the same again. It remained 1-1, a score that the two teams did not get along with.

Felice Mazzu is the brand new laureate of the Trophy Raymond Goethals and that makes something loose with the success coach of Sporting Charleroi. “This is certainly a great honor for me. It is a reward for several months of hard work. I would like to dedicate this prize to my full technical staff, because this course is not only completed. You can not achieve this without devoted and faithful persons on your side. I would also like to involve the club and the audience in the dance. It is the merit of a whole. The price was given to me, but that Charleroi actually comes. ”

Insider TIP: Gent to win – 1.76

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