Club Brugge KV – Charleroi TIPS from insiders (16.01.2018)

Football in Belgium awakes from his hibernation with a postponed game in the quarterfinals of the Belgian Cup. The two best teams from the first round will compete against each other. Who will qualify for the semi-final in this extremely interesting match.

Club Brugge KV :

Blue black has a very nice season. Despite the elimination in the European preliminaries, the team is very strong in the competition. The new trainer, Ivan Leko, has put a new tactic into the team in a short time that works perfectly well. There are exchange options that make the competition high. This is one of the trainer’s hobby horses. Those who have to fight on training, also fight in the match.

In the meantime, the necessary transfers have been made to increase the competition a bit further. There was also news on the outgoing side. Club Brugge seems to be armed to perform strongly in the second half of the season. This can start off nicely when Shinner Ruud Vormer receives the coveted Golden Shoe within a few weeks. He is certainly not yet, but normally it is a done deal.

The supporters of Club Brugge have to be patient: newcomers Vladimir Gabulov, Ivan Tomecak and Krépin Diatta are not yet eligible for the cup match. Coach Ivan Leko then chooses in his selection only two striking youngsters. With the young goalkeeper Brent Gabriël and the Serbian central defender Erhan Masovic, he called two somewhat surprising names. Also there is Lior Refaelov, who made a strong and eager impression in the friendly match against Groningen (2-1 victory).


In Charleroi they currently experience high days. Good work has been done for a number of years and the performance is steadily increasing. They have become a regular customer in Play-Off 1, but this year they are taking another step. With a nice second place after two thirds of the regular season, they are even considered a title candidate. If they can keep the core together, then they will still be fireworks in the Black Land this season.

During internship, Carolo’s Chris Bedia were out on internship during a practice match. The cup match is probably too early. They also make work of reinforcement. Anthony D’Albert. He is a 23-year-old Belgian right back. He left Anderlecht in August 2015 and moved to Braga. Charleroi rents him until the end of the season with purchase option.

‘The fact that Charleroi is counted among the top three candidates is already a great victory for us. We are very satisfied, but we are certainly not going to put undue pressure on ourselves, ‘says chairman Mehdi Bayat. Trainer Felice Mazzu is more moderated: “The way you communicate in football is very important. Ruud Vormer communicated well when he stated that we are a title candidate, now we will see on the field. We believe in the best for Charleroi. I’m not saying we’re going for the title, that would be pretentious. ”

Insider TIP: Club Brugge KV to win – 1.50

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