Eintracht Frankfurt – Mainz TIPS from insiders (07.02.2018)


Eintracht Frankfurt in Germany’s DFB Cup Quarter-Final match hosts Mainz at home on Wednesday, February 7th.

Eintracht Frankfurt:

Having faced continual low-level competitors until the quarter-final tournament at the DFB Cup in Germany, Frankfurt finally reached the Heidenheim distance. In the Bundesliga League, the host Ausburg defeated the last 5 weeks, 3-0 defeat of the away team, leaving a long absence after a scoreless departure. Frankfurt, who has not been able to solve the difficulty in the defense line for 21 weeks, continues with the league adventure with a goal average of 1 goal per game. Frankfut, who will fight against an opponent for the first time in the German Cup, will find it difficult to close his goal with his goal, even if he finds a goal with fan support.

Mainz :

Mainz, one of the weakest rings of the German Bundesliga, was in the relegation zone with 20 points collected after 21 weeks. The guest team who took their last victory 3 weeks ago took a total of 8 wins from the week. In Germany’s DFB Cup, Mainz will have difficulties in releasing Frankfurt, remaining in the quarter-finals after crossing the lower leagues outside Stuttgart. Sandro Schwarz and his students, who have managed to score a rival in the league, will not be free this weekend.


I think in this encounter that the sides are hard to talk about, I will take advantage of the defensive weaknesses of one of the two teams and find goals.

Insider TIP: Eintracht Frankfurt to win – 1.87


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