Cambuur – FC Emmen BETTING TIPS (23.02.2018)


Nice day of Friday in the second Dutch division. We are going to the game that will face Cambuur and Emmen. See a quota close to the pair in the over of goals in this championship is very striking, so I decided to analyze it, and after studying the statistics I decided to upload this pick.

Cambuur :

We go with the local team first, the Cambuur:

Of the 25 games that have been played this season in 15, this line has been passed, which leaves us with 60% success. If we analyze their behavior as a local we see that the numbers improve, and of the 12 games played in 8 have exceeded the marked line, we would have a 66% success, with an average of goals per game of 2.9.

FC Emmen :

Now let’s analyze the visiting team, the Emmen:

Of the 25 matches played in 14, the line has been passed, and as a visitor of the 12 matches played in 8 they were green, which leaves us 66% success, numbers practically traced to those of Cambuur. The average number of goals per game is 2.8.


-We have two teams, one local and the other visitor, with percentages close to 70%.
-The Cambuur of the last 10 home games, 7 have been overs. 70%
-The Emmen of the last 10 games outside their stadium, 7 have been overs. 70%

-El Emmen is currently the most championship team, has a run of 5 straight wins with 11 goals in favor and 4 against, and is located in the 4th place, 5 points away from Nijmegen, second place and now same would be the one that would ascend automatically to the first Dutch division (only ascends automatically the first classified, and right now it is the subsidiary of the ajax that occupies that position). Therefore I think that the Emmen will not go out to speculate with the result and go for the 3 points, which will leave us an open game and with chances in both areas.

In short, we have a favorable statistic, an Emmen in a state of fantastic form adding victories and making goals, which makes you see a great value to this fee. In the end stake 2 but I hesitated a lot to assign a stake 3 the truth, I have a lot of confidence and hopefully paint green this Friday.

Insider TIP: Over 2.5 goals – 1.76


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