Cremonese - Foggia Betting Tips

Cremonese – Foggia Betting Tips (07.04.2018)

Soccer Prediction Cremonese – Foggia

La Cremonese has been a surprise for the cadet league for long stretches, but in this season finale it seems to be short of breath. The team has kept a very high pace at the start and is now inevitably breathing. Reverse parable, however, for the Foggia di Stroppa, practically already condemned according to much of the criticism and that instead came out at a distance. And who knows what could have happened if the “rebirth” of Foggia had started a few days in advance …

The key points of the prediction Cremonese – Foggia

We talked about a Cremonese that is pulling a little ‘breath: perhaps a little’ too much, since there are already eleven consecutive games without victories …

The Lombard suffer from the atavistic problem of the goal: they also suffer few, but they score too few if the ambition is to win the play-offs …

And in fact, there are thirty-eight networks active for the Lombards in thirty-five games played. On the other hand, however, there are only thirty-four passive ones.

And in particular, only eleven are those scored, and ten those suffered, in the first 45 ‘of the sixteen games played by Cremonese to Zini.

Even worse did the Foggia, which in the early days away really scores with the dropper (six in sixteen games) but also suffers a little (eight).

Cremonese – Foggia Prediction

Let’s say that the Cremonese is going through a period of deep crisis and that Foggia usually wakes up in the second half. That’s why we choose the Under 1.5 first half option, waiting for the race to break in the second half.

Insider TIP: Under 1.5 first half
Odds: 1.4

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