Salzburg - Lazio Europa League

Europa League Salzburg – Lazio ( 12.04.2018)

Salzburg – Lazio Europa League

Europa League: Quarterfinals – return

It was the most exciting game in the first leg for scoring 6 times and in moments it was very even, the Italian squad scored after a few minutes tied, until the minute 74 and 76 sentencing the Austrians.

Salzburg – Lazio Prediction

Lazio the last games of this competition is making itself present with 2 goals per game being aggressive, without going to speculate … not surprisingly for many in the series A, is the most goalscorer club and is not in the first 3 places.

Salzburg the revelation of the tournament for eliminating 2 teams that were favorites to him, still playing very offensive, although the match against Dortmund was a sad and boring 0-0 … because it brought advantage in the first leg 2-1, coming to defend it speculating too much .

Now he needs to win 2-0 to qualify, it’s not a big deal … the problem that Lazio is also a gunpowder pot that can explode at any moment by filling him the basket of annotations.

Hopefully, it seemed like the one way.

Insider TIP: More goals
Odds: 1.7

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