Mexico vs Sweden World Cup Tips

Mexico vs Sweden World Cup Tips (27.06.2018)

World Cup Tips Mexico vs Sweden

In this group, the F, only the Koreans are mathematically eliminated, and they will have to watch the World Cup, from now on, by Cudeiro Channel. Any of the other three can go to eighths. Mexico has the best, because it depends on itself.

A victory or a tie qualifies them as the first group. The Mexican team (I refuse to write that stupidity of “tricolor”, because selections that wear 3 colors there are several and this is not precisely the Mexican’s heritage) gave the surprise to Germany, getting the 1-0 victory and, although the true that Germany could tie the game, just as true is that Mexico could put a couple of them more. But the match seemed to me more demerit of the Mannschaft, affected by a monumental caraja, than Aztec merit. Against the Koreans, Mexico could prevail there, but I admit that even the penalty,

I would have bet that the Koreans, at least, did not lose.
Today the thing will be different. The Swedes have a very serious selection. Nothing brilliant, true, but sober (until then we could arrive), orderly and wanting to world. The Vikings (other Vikings) know that they have to win yes or yes. Mexico is worth the draw, and will surely play with that, but to Sweden (why this is not the “tricolor”, for example) are not worth the squeamishness. In fact, they have the experience of trying to maintain a positive result against Germany and the thing went frog. That is, if they have learned the lesson, nothing to speculate with the result.
It will be a one-on-one match, but for nothing I see Mexico superior to Sweden. True to their character, there are even

Prediction Mexico vs Sweden

Mexicans who give their team favorites to win the World Cup. However, it seems to me that Mexico is as close to winning the World Cup as I was to win the Nobel Prize in Literature. The Aztec team plays well, yes. They have a dynamic and entertaining game, but, in my opinion, fail many times and defend regular shooting badly. The Swedes defend better and, although their attack is not as insistent as that of the Mexicans, it is more efficient.
Many possibilities I see here that this ends in a draw. However, I hope that Sweden will try it seriously. Overall, a draw eliminates them equally.

Insider TIP: Sweden has 0, Asian handicap
Odds: 2.29

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