Croatia vs England World Cup Semi Final (11.07.2018)

Croatia vs England World Cup Semi Final

Croatia vs England – World Cup Tips

Great game in perspective with two teams that present that appear to be in opposite tendencies as for the quality of play: if on the one hand England seems to improve every game, on the other, Croatia seems to be having more difficulties with each new opponent facing.

Croatia: It is one of those teams that is not surprising to see in the semi-finals of this world championship, since its strong point is “the engine room”, the middle field.

With this midfield to advance with the quality of Mandzukic and Perisic, Croatia is always in danger of scoring goals and therefore beating their opponents.

However, the defensive sector does not appear to be at the level of the other two sectors and Croatia have conceded goals in the last three games.

The most positive: The force presented in the midfield where stands out Modric (candidate for best player of the world); not only has a strong eleven as several very valid options in the bank (highlight for Kovacic).
Less positive aspects: defensively there are certainly aspects to improve, and in my opinion, the players that are part of the defensive line are not as strong as the middle and the advanced; in the last games the team seemed tactically “tied” and only able to practice good football spaces.

England: From my point of view, this is the biggest surprise in the world, not so much because the quality of the players was not known but because of the solidity they have been presenting.

This is not a football England with totally offensive goals, but a solid team, built backwards and with the necessary coolness and finalizing ability ahead.

The most positive: The solidity shown by this team that did not concede goals in the last two games; the moment of Kane, the true man goal.

The least strong: Do not deal with a team with a fantastic game domain where you can identify a great star that can solve the game at any time.

Prediction Croatia vs England

Expectation: From my point of view, the game will be very closed with two teams looking for the opponent’s error.

In a game of this kind, I think England will have a very significant advantage. Especially for his physical strength and ability in the standing balls.

Insider TIP: England
Odds: 2.25


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