Belgium vs England World Cup Tips (14.07.2018)

Belgium vs England World Cup Tips

Belgium vs England – World Cup Prediction

Given that third-party and ranked-up matches if they are very open games, even because there is always in the minds of the players the frustration of not having reached the final, a game with many goals is expected from the very beginning.

In addition, two of the best attacks of the competition will be competing, authors of some of the most copious results in the contest.

This game has nothing to do with the group stage game in which the tactic and the advantage of being second conditioned and in what way the outcome of this game in this match football spectacle should be the dominant note and Belgium will be able to excel in cross-line play, with a special focus on Hazard, D. Mertens and Kevin De Bruyne, which on diagonals and thrown at speed in the empty space become phenomenal and in front of so central English hard kidneys can clearly make a difference.
However, in vertiginous and vertiginous football England is unbeatable:

Rose, Sterling and Lingard are real devils on the loose and there is perhaps a lack of hardness in a good way in the middle Belgian centers, namely Witsel and Fellaini, and it can be fatal for Belgium to keep its goal intact.

Belgium vs England Prediction

Finally there is the fort that both sets put in the aerial game, with special attention to the throws of stopped ball.

England is simply a machine to create opportunities in free sides and corners and its way of attacking the ball in the set pieces is already creating furore.

However, Belgium is also particularly strong on parked balls, as in addition to Kompany, Vertonghen or Lukaku, the main reason for Fellaini to own in this team is even the contribution that gives the Belgian set in the air.

Insider TIP: Over 4.5 goals
Odds: 4.10


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