France vs Croatia World Cup Final Tips (15.07.2018)

France vs Croatia World Cup Final Tips

France vs Croatia – World Cup Final

I put France as one of the top 4 candidates for the title and in fact they did not disappoint expectations.

Croatia, on the other hand, placed it in a second row along with other outsiders such as Belgium and England, and this came to be confirmed. I say that it came to be confirmed that even with the very good course that the Croats have done, I still have not put them on the level of the French.

World Cup Final Prediction France vs Croatia

It is a final and as such a game of triple, but France has more arguments to become world champion again.

The French film that after the hangover of Euro 2016 looks for a happy ending.
The course of the French began very tremulous with a victory over Australia. It was not the fact of expecting difficulties because this was a dominant note in practically all the favorite selections.

A first round in which France, despite playing little and bad, was nevertheless one of the few that managed to add up to three points.

The French left a very pale image, especially when the biggest challenge was to know to what extent youth would be a problem, in demanding games.

The second game came, and in front of Peru another exhibition this way “qb” with the French to guarantee the minimum services, but far from convincing.

With two wins and without practically starting to play, the truth is that it guaranteed the qualification and this brought other levels of confidence.

Despite zero zero in the next game with Denmark, the truth is that the draw still guaranteed the first place, and so it was more a modest display, but the idea was that someone to win the game would have to be the French.

However they reach the last 16 and as I am going to do here, the French also made a paragraph and changed the line.

France has leapt to the “Mata Mata”

It was time for France to be able to show what fiber was made, now in front of a “sick” Argentina, but where it was the most talented team they had ever faced.

The result was spectacular and was in the retina as one of the best games of this 2018 World Cup.

The 4-3 victory proved that this Gallic team was not shy about maximum demand and gave a full response to the ability of their youth not to tremble under pressure.

In this game stood out the genius of Mbappé that only in 4 minutes practically arranged the game for France. Finally it was the first time that France had to try to react to a disadvantage, and also in this test passed with total destination.

The quarterfinals came and now the test was another totally different one: to face the one that by many is considered the “iron curtain” or if they want the best defense of this world.

Uruguay would test the patience of the Gauls, the ability to decongest the game, turn the flank quickly, move out of pressure zones, but at the same time control one of the counterattacks of respect.

With a clear (2-0), France showed up again and at this stage played the best and most consistent football so far.

It lacked a last test, now a mixture of defensive capacity and talent.

The Belgium promised difficulties and the truth is that only 1 goal separated the two teams, and scored a dead ball. But again France proved their defensive consistency, and that is also able to win without artistic note.

First conclusion: France confirms title candidate status

In short, the French team has shown itself in this world-wide with a panoply of resources, both in terms of the squad, and even in the different dynamics presented, that make of it the favorite selection to win this world-wide one.

The Croatian film, and the worn out form as it arrives at this stage.

Croatia impressed in the way it was unraveled in the difficult group in which it was inserted. With Argentina, Nigeria and Iceland and getting 3 wins was something of superior.

It was in the retina the thrashing to Argentina, that even being a fragile and disorganized selection does not detract the credit to the Croats. But the great difference that distinguishes the Croatian campaign from that of the French, is when the “mata mata” arrives.

Here we clearly saw a Croatia with more difficulties, very dependent on Modric and Madzukic and would not win any of the 3 games.

In addition the cumulative wear in three games of 120 minutes was something that already felt in the game with England.

Croatia and dependence on Modric

If France is able to take Modric out of the game, it is practically what it is to take the oxygen to the Croatian team. Although Rakitic has good features, no one in Croatia can print the speed of execution that Modric has.

No one has the quality of pass that Modric has, or even the ability to turn the center of the game sublime as he does.

Two faithful twins who gave such good results

Croatia: Subasic – Vrsaljko, Lovren, Vida, Pivaric – Modric, Rakitic – Rebic, Kramaric, Perisic – Mandzukic – There is the Strinic doubt that may not be fit. Also Kramaric or Brozovic one of the two will be in support of Mandzukic.

Matulidi, Matriidi, Matriidi, Mattiidi, Mattiidi, Mattiidi, Mattiidi, and Mattiidi.

Prediction France vs Croatia:

Of course all teams depend and a lot of their best players, and Croatia is no exception. It turns out that Modric all he is talented, but it is that player levezinho and despite his enormous class and ability to flee to zones of pressure, I understand that France will move one of his men from the midfield to watch the Real Madrid midfielder.

This function can be even with individual marking and options are not lacking with Kanté or Pogba, or even in a first phase could be Matuidi, in case the average recover and go to play.

Prediction of the Day: France
Odds: 1.92


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