UEFA Nations League Israel vs Scotland

UEFA Nations League Israel vs Scotland (11.10.2018)

UEFA Nations League Israel vs Scotland

Israel will play this second day of the League of Nations with great pressure since the selection of Herzog already has a setback against Albania (1-0) in Elbasan.


In addition, the teammates of Dabour are in full doubt since they have not won a single match for a year now, October 6, 2017. Israel also lost to Spain (0-1) in official match then against Romania (1-2) and Northern Ireland (3-0). This Israeli team seems a notch below that its Scottish counterpart. Scotland secured the victory in front of Albania (2-0) in the first day of the League of Nations and will seek to confirm on this trip there. Scotland remained on 3 losses in Peru (2-0), Mexico (1-0) and against Belgium (0-4) in their friendly matches played before 10 September. Unqualified for the last World Cup, Scotland will try to look good in this competition to look towards a happier future.

Key points of the prediction Israel vs Scotland

Israel has only one win in their last 10 games.

Israel is on a losing streak of four straight, in all competitions.

Scotland has just won Albania on the first day of the League of Nations.

Two previous and two Scottish successes (3-1 and 1-0).

Israel has a poor record of nine losses in its last 13 receptions!

Scotland has 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses in their last 5 trips.

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The Scottish victory listed online at 2.87 is very interesting to play against the latest catastrophic benefits of Israel.

Insider Tips: Scotland wins
Odds: 2.87

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