Kasimpasa vs Trabzonspor Betting Tips 4 March 2019

Kasimpasa vs Trabzonspor Betting Tips

Deep down or not, as the fourth best team of the first round now in the fight to be relegated, can not be excused. Kasimpasa has only a few points cushion on a relegation zone and with persistent negative trend, it will probably only remain a matter of time until the team of Denizli will find on that place.

Since the departure of Diagne, Kasimpasa’s system is no longer running smoothly. The otherwise strong offensive can no longer compensate for the defensive weaknesses. On Monday evening Kasimpasa will receive Trabzonspor at the end of the 24th match day. After Trabzonspor in the Turkish Cup against second division Ümraniyespor rausflog during the week, the Black Sea Club will arrive with a lot of frustration. With the numerous battered players it remains to be seen how Trabzonspor will present at Kasimpasa. The coach of the home side Mustafa Denizli, however, promised improvement at Kasimpasa. Is it already working against Trabzon, waving at Kasimpasa Vs. Trabzonspor for a tip in favor of the home side odds of 3.50.

Kasimpasa vs Trabzonspor Football Betting Tips

It’s not easy to choose the victor at Kasimpasa and Trabzonspor; accordingly, a prediction is difficult. Since Kasimpasa was no longer able to persuade offensively, there were defeats to defeats. But also Trabzonspor is currently not in the best condition. In the manageable squad of the Black Sea Club possible defeats – many players are posted – could be fatal for Trabzonspor. Trabzonspor will remain without a title after the Cup break. In order to complete the season successfully, however, it is necessary to defend the lucrative fourth place in the table, with which the Black Sea club secures itself a right to start the Europa League qualification. On Monday evening, Kasimpasa will host Trabzonspor at 6:00 pm at the end of the 24th match day!

Kasimpasa vs Trabzonspor Betting Tips
Kasimpasa – Statistics & Current Form

As fourth placed completed the first round, spoke Mustafa Denizli with his team already on a “possible” championship. Kasimpasa, the surprise team of the first round, takes the title? Already at this time, the comments of Denizli were hard to understand, because in addition to much offensive power Kasimpasa had nothing to offer. In a strong offensive of 37 goals in 17 first round matches, the worst defensive of the Süper Lig (28 goals conceded) could at least be compensated. After the departure of Goalgetter Diagne, the game system of the Denizli-Elf has changed significantly. Kasimpasa is the only Süper Lig team in the second half of the season that has not won a single point. In addition, Kasimpasa has the worst offensive with two goals in six rounds of play. After the strong first round Kasimpasa could soon find themselves in a relegation battle. Only four points cushion possesses the Denizli Elf. Most of the points went to Kasimpasa this season at home, where Denizli’s team maintain a record of 6-0-6. Three home games in a row were lost last. At home Kasimpasa conceded last in two home defeats a rich seven goals and has 44 goals against the worst defensive of the Süper Lig anyway.

With Diagne also went part of the offensive at Kasimpasa. Since Kasimpasa’s goalgetter moved to Galatasaray, Kasimpasa’s offensive has deteriorated significantly. A real system is no longer recognizable in the offensive game of Denizli. Clear Kasimpasa continues to have with players such as Trezeguet also more offensive players who could take quite more responsibility now to lead the team out of the crisis. However, it does not work right now. In the last Süper Lig game against Alanyaspor, only two lousy shots were fired at the opposing goal. In order to get out of the crisis against Trabzonspor, Denizli will have to come up with something special. Under the current circumstances, Kasimpasa Vs. Trabzonspor a tip on the home side not very promising, even if the bookmakers lure with lucrative odds.

Expected formation of Kasimpasa:
Köse; Karim Hafez, Ben Youssef, Sa, Sari; Serbest, Pavelka; Trezeguet, Khalili, Hajradinovic; Koita

Last Games by Kasimpasa:

  • 28.02.2019 – Kasimpasa Vs. Akhisar Belediye 1: 2 (Pokal)
  • 23.02.2019 – Alanyaspor Vs. Kasimpasa 3: 0 (Süper Lig)
  • 17.02.2019 – Kasimpasa Vs. Galatasaray 1: 4 (Süper Lig)
  • 11.02.2019 – Ankaragücü Vs. Kasimpasa 3: 0 (Süper Lig)
  • 07.02.2019 – Akhisar Belediye Vs. Kasimpasa 3: 1 (Pokal)

Kasimpasa vs Trabzonspor Betting Tips
Trabzonspor – Statistics & Current Form

Trabzonspor flew out of the Turkish Cup against second division team Ümraniyespor and again missed a title win! It was only a few steps to the final of the Türkiye Kupasi, but the Black Sea Club has it again spoiled. With Fenerbahce, Besiktas and Basaksehir, three major clubs had already been eliminated from the cup competition. Trabzonspor would have had realistic chances to win the title. Now, the team of Karaman must concentrate fully on the Süper Lig, so that not the fourth rank is lost. With fourth place in the table, Trabzonspor could at least secure a starting right for the Europa League in the coming season. With a score of 10-6-7 Trabzonspor was partly out and about, but it is in comparison to the seasons before a significant improvement. At Göztepe Trabzonspor could land a major threesome last time and easily won 3: 1. Thus, the Black Sea Club also took the important fourth place, but has just two points ahead of the pursuers. The away balance is not the best with 3-4-4, but Trabzonspor did well on foreign terrain. However, Trabzonspor recently won just one of the last five competitive matches.

The lousy Kaderbreite Trabzonspor could still be expensive in the second half of the season. With Abdülkadir Ömür missing an important offensive player in the away game against Kasimpasa. Yusuf Yazici is injured, but is still in the squad. Sahan, Perreira, Onazi and Ibanez will definitely miss the match on Monday. How the Black Sea club will present despite the failures, remains to be seen. Trabzon was always convincing. On Monday evening, the Karaman-Elf now meets the worst defensive team in the Süper Lig. Whether or not it will be enough to win in the end remains uncertain. For our Kasimpasa vs Trabzonspor prediction we would go out of some gates of the Black Sea Club.

Expected formation of Trabzonspor:
Cakir; Novak, Hosseini, Türkmen, Cörekci; Sosa, Parmak; Nwakaeme, Yazici, Ekuban; Rodallega

Last games by Trabzonspor:

  • 26.02.2019 – Ümraniyespor Vs. Trabzonspor 3: 1 (Pokal)
  • 22.02.2019 – Göztepe Vs. Trabzonspor 1: 3 (Süper Lig)
  • 17.02.2019 – Trabzonspor Vs. Alanyaspor 0: 2 (Süper Lig)
  • 10.02.2019 – Galatasaray Vs. Trabzonspor 3: 1 (Süper Lig)
  • 05.02.2019 – Trabzonspor Vs. Ümraniyespor 0: 0 (Pokal)

Kasimpasa vs Trabzonspor Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

Trabzonspor leads the previous direct comparison against Kasimpasa at a score of 9-5-5. For four away games Trabzonspor has not lost at Kasimpasa. The last away loss at Kasimpasa was in October 2013. In the last two Süper Lig games between the two clubs there were real peat festivals. Overall, 13 goals fell in the last two duels! If there should be a scorching duel in the second half of the season, at Kasimpasa Vs. Trabzonspor lucrative odds will be tapped.

Kasimpasa vs Trabzonspor Our Betting Tips Explained

Trabzonspor has lost the chance to win a title again. It is not to apologize for the Black Sea club in the Cup against a second division. Especially because the traditional club has been waiting for a title win for so long. Now it is important to wipe your mouth and continue in the Süper Lig. As fourth placed Trabzon must defend the starting place for the Europa League qualification. Monday night comes with Kasimpasa a defensively vulnerable team the Black Sea club all located. The hosts from Kasimpasa have not been able to gain a foothold since the departure of Diagne and will probably look forward to a fight for relegation.

Key Facts – Kasimpasa vs Trabzonspor tips

In the last two duels between the clubs fell a total of 13 goals!
Since October 2013 Kasimpasa has not won at home against Trabzonspor.
Kasimpasa has the worst defensive of the Süper Lig with 44 goals conceded.

With the dynamic offensive of the guests, it will probably only be a matter of time until we see the first gates of the Black Sea club. Already in the last two duels there were real peat festivals between the clubs. Whether Trabzon after the cup fighter in the league will record the next victory remains to be seen. We think the Black Sea club should be good for a few goals on Monday and therefore recommend Kasimpasa vs. Trabzonspor a tip on over 1.5 goals from Trabzon, for which we choose a bet of five units. In case of success, there are odds of 1.71 against Trabzonspor at Kasimpasa.

Insider Tips: over 1.5 goals Trabzonspor
Odds: 1.71


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