Aue vs. Dresden betting tips 1/04/2019

Aue vs Dresden Betting Tips

Monday night, floodlight, derby – footballer’s heart, what more do you want? At the end of the 27th game day in the 2. Bundesliga we can look forward to the Sachsen-Derby between Erzgebirge Aue and Dynamo Dresden on Monday starting at 20:30.

As the crow flies are located, the two cities in the east of the republic are just 90 kilometers apart, which is why geographic proximity alone creates a special explosiveness. Also athletic is for both teams a lot at stake, because despite relatively good starting positions, the topic of descent is still not completely off the table. It will therefore be about to land in a direct duel against a competitor from the table cellar a big-point and make another big step towards league.

Football Betting Tips Aue vs Dresden

Between Aue and Dresden, the odds of bookmakers imply a close affair, in which no clear favorite can be named. Slight benefits are still attributed to the “violets” who have presented better at home and lost only two of the past seven matches. The Dresdner meanwhile wait for seven league games on a threesome and also could mark in any of the recent three appearances a own goal. In this respect, seems to be in the game Aue vs Dresden a prediction towards a goal-poor clash more likely than a spectacle with many highlights on both sides.

Aue vs Dresden Betting Tips

Aue – Statistics & Current Form

FC Erzgebirge Aue was actually on the right path after their 3-0 away win at SV Sandhausen and the 2-1 win over Paderborn, but the “violets” had to put up with a harsh shock before the international break. At Holstein Kiel, the Saxons were subject to 1: 5 and were, especially in the second half, their own destiny. Tabular, this bankruptcy had only limited negative impact, because continue to rank the Erzgebirge on the solid twelfth place and have at least nine points ahead of the relegation place in the direction of the 3rd league. Under normal circumstances, the team of coach Daniel Mayer should have the league already in the bag, although the experience in recent years have shown that no team should be too sure before it has reached the magic 40-point mark , To get a little closer to this goal, a home win on Monday evening in the context of the 27th matchday course would be of enormous relevance. The bookmakers are offered between Aue and Dresden for a tip on a threesome of the “violets” anyway lower odds, so that a thin favorite role is derived.

The reason is the small plus especially in the home strength. The Erzgebirgsstadion has been a real fortress for the East Germans for many seasons. Traditionally, guests do not like traveling to the cold home of the Purple-and-Whites, because on the one hand, the conditions are ungrateful and, on the other hand, the mood can be extremely high, especially at Derbys. In the current season, the Mayer-Elf collected 19 of the total 32 points in front of home crowd.

“Everything that has gone so far has been fun and pretension. Now begins the crucial phase ” – Daniel Mayer

The tenth place in the home table is absolutely impressive, especially since the overall record with five wins, four draws and four bankruptcies is positive. Of the recent seven games in front of their own fans were only two lost. Three weeks ago in the hitherto last home game, the otherwise offensive SC Paderborn was defeated 2-1. With only 15 goals conceded on home soil Aue represents the third best defensive of the league. On the other side, however, only get 15 own hits. For this reason, it could make sense in the second division match Aue vs Dresden to keep an eye on the odds for under 2.5 goals. Steve Breitkreuz, Malcom Cacutalua and Dennis Kempe will not be available for injury.

Expected formation of Aue:
Männel – Kusic, Wydra, Kalig – Hermann, Giant, Käuper, Ostrich, Hochscheidt – Testroet, Kvesic
Coach: Mayer

Last Games by Aue:

⚽ 15.03.2019 – Kiel vs Aue 5: 1 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽ 09.03.2019 – Aue Vs. Paderborn 2: 1 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽ 02.03.2019 – SV Sandhausen Vs. Aue 0: 3 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽ 27.02.2019 – Aue Vs. Cologne 0: 1 (2nd Bundesliga)

Aue vs Dresden Betting Tips
Dresden – Statistics & Current Form

Dynamo Dresden remains one of the disappointments of the current second division season. After the recent failures, Cristian Fiel is now the third coach on the bench, as previously both Uwe Neuhaus and Maik Walpurgis were released early from their duties. The first two games of the newly-crowned football teacher were only partially successful before the international break. At home against VfL Bochum it was only enough for one point (2: 2) and a home crowd against 1 FC Magdeburg (1: 1). In both cases, the yellow-blacks had to live with the draw, especially as they were lagging behind each other, but then showed great morale. Nevertheless, the likable German-Spaniard has a lot of work in front of him when he wants to lead the multiple GDR champion where several leaders and also a majority of the fans already see him – namely at least in the enlarged top of the 2nd League.

However, before Dynamo may be able to devote itself to higher goals in the coming year, the primary purpose of the here and now is to prevent the Super Gau, in the form of a descent. Although the Saxons still have a catch-up game in the hindquarters, as the meeting of two weeks ago in Fürth did not take place, but five points ahead of the first relegation place are anything but a comforting cushion. Only if the East Germans are aware of the threat, they will also be able to score points in the upcoming matches.

“I am convinced that Fielo has a successful path as a coach. Because he brings knowledge, enthusiasm, creativity and a lot of heart for this profession. ” – Head of Sport Minge about the new coach Fiel

We assume that Fiel will first be anxious to stabilize the defensive, especially in the first half hour. After the Dresdner last against Bochum (1: 2) and Magdeburg (0: 1) at half time back, this time you want to turn the tables and at least go with a draw in the cabin. This potentially risk-averse bias leads us to believe that between Aue and Dresden a prediction that, for example, in the first 30 minutes, no goal this time falls, quite lucrative. The fact that Dynamo – together with FC Ingolstadt – provides the most innocuous outward drive of the lower house is another argument that confirms our assessment. Brian Hamalainen, Marco Hartmann and Patrick Ebert have to pass due to injuries. Niklas Kreuzer and Jannis Nikolaou are also missing due to yellow barriers.

Expected formation of Dresden:
Schubert – Gonther, Müller, Durmic – Wahlqvist, Benatelli, Atik, Aosman – Duljevic, Berko, Kone
Coach: Fiel

Last matches of Dresden:

⚽ 16.03.2019 – Dresden vs Magdeburg 1: 1 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽ 03.03.2019 – Dresden vs Bochum 2: 2 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽ 23.02.2019 – Darmstadt vs Dresden 2: 0 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽ 17.02.2019 – Dresden vs Regensburg 0: 0 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽ 11.02.2019 – HSV vs. Dresden 1: 0 (2nd Bundesliga)

Aue vs. Dresden Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

In the direct comparison between Aue and Dresden we limit ourselves to the matches of both teams in the 2nd league. Here the Erzgebirge are leading the record with seven victories. Dynamo is only four achievements, while the remaining four matches ended in a draw. Recently, however, the pointer was more in favor of the yellow-black, who remained unbeaten four times in a row in the Sachsen-Derby. The first leg of the current season ended with a just 1: 1 draw.

Aue vs Dresden Our Betting Tips Explained

The record of Cristian Fiel as a player against Erzgebirge Aue is – formally expressed – upgradeable. Only one of six duels against the eastern rival, the German-Spaniards could decide for themselves. In the Saxon capital hopes logically that he can polish up this yield as a coach. However, the confidence in their own team is missing the fans of Dynamo in the current season, as the relegation-endangered former East German champion on the bottom line is too inconstant way and allowed some slip-ups. As the quality on the part of the guests but certainly exists, we would be careful on Monday evening, between Aue and Dresden to make a prediction on a winner.

Key Facts – Aue Vs. Dresden tips

Aue with only two defeats in the last seven home games
Dresden winless for seven games
The first leg ended in a 1-1 draw

On the other hand, the view of the number of goals is more interesting. Dynamo has the second-weakest away attack of the second league, while the “violets” at home generally only allow little. However, because the Fiel-Elf will be willing not to fall behind early this time, we think it’s quite possible that both teams will neutralize each other in a two-bout, contested derby in the early stages and – as so often in this second division matchday – not much happened in the first half hour. We have therefore duel against Aue. Dresden decided for the tip on attractive odds that no goal will fall until minute 30:00.

Insider Tips: No goal before 30:00 minutes
Odds: 1.83


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