Mainz vs Dusseldorf Betting Tips 20/04/2019

Mainz vs Dusseldorf Betting Tips

Who would have thought that? The Bundesliga season 2018/19 still has five games left in play, but a decision has already been made, which probably only a few experts have considered possible. Even the most daring optimists will not have assumed that Fortuna Dusseldorf will secure its relegation so early before the end of the season.

But this great success is an expression of a great, closed team, which was driven by an old coach Fox repeatedly to peak performance. On Saturday, the opponent in the foolish Derby could set a milestone in this regard.

Football Betting Tips Mainz vs Dusseldorf

The FSV Mainz could make a big step towards another season in the Bundesliga with a win. If the Mainz fetch more points than the VfB Stuttgart in the Swabian derby against Augsburg, then the 05er would be secured. Overall, however, nobody believes that it could be really tight for Sandro Schwarz and his kickers. Maybe the Rheinhessen make the story on Saturday but final. All in all, in the duel between Mainz and Dusseldorf, we would rather risk a prediction for a home win. After all, Dusseldorf is the only current Bundesliga club against which Mainz has never lost in the House of Lords. In addition, the last victory of Fortuna against Mainz is already over 20 years ago, namely the debut of Sandro Schwarz as a player in the second Bundesliga. Also a story that only football writes. The guests can however completely freed and uninhibited occur. Mainz always tries to give gas at home anyway. That could be good conditions to give in the game between Mainz and Dusseldorf a tip on over the top. The last matches of both teams in this regard make all football fans courage for a great game. The kick-off for the 30th matchday in the Bundesliga between Mainz and Dusseldorf in the OPEL Arena takes place on 20.04.2019 at 15:30.

Mainz vs Dusseldorf Betting Tips

Mainz – Statistics & Current Form

The role that Dusseldorf has taken over in the Bundesliga has been very well presented by FSV Mainz for a long time this season. Basically, the Mainz had the whole season about never really big relegation worries. Only in the last few weeks has it once again become turbulent, because the 05er from the last six Bundesliga games won a victory, but have lost five times. Nevertheless, we certainly assume that nothing will burn for the team of Sandro Schwarz. The cushion on the relegation ranks is enormous and besides, the candidates who are deep in the basement of the table will not win everything anymore. Basically, the Mainz can also occur quite relaxed on Saturday against the Fortuna. The latest results do not indicate that in the match between Mainz and Dusseldorf we would have to place a tip on a home win. The appearance last weekend at the title contender in Dortmund but has encouraged.

After just over 20 minutes Mainz were back with 0: 2, but have not been discouraged by this and tried to make life difficult for the Dortmunders. The bottom line is that also absolutely succeeded. Something countable was not taken, but substitute Quaison still scored the goal to make it 2-1. In general, Sandro Schwarz has always had a very good hand in recent weeks with his interventions.

“With our viewers in the back, with a special atmosphere in the home game and with a special energy, we want to pull this through.” – Sandro Schwarz

Perhaps it makes sense as a live bet in the game between Mainz and Dusseldorf to place a tip on a goal of a Mainz Joker. Sandro Schwarz will not care how a possible victory comes about. He definitely makes his players really hot and builds on the support of their own fans. Personnel, it looks like there are numerous battered players. Anyone who reports at the end of the match and ready to play, will have to show. But surely it will be that Berggreen is not part of it. We can imagine a bigger castling, especially since Sandro Schwarz can not be looked at in the run-up to this game in terms of lineup.

Expected formation of Mainz:
↳ Müller – Niakhate, Hack, Gbamin – Malong, Latza – Martin, Boetius, Donati – Onisiwo, Mateta
↳ Coach: Schwarz

Last matches of Mainz:

⚽️ 13.04.2019 – Dortmund vs Mainz 2: 1 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ 05.04.2019 – Mainz vs Freiburg 5: 0 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ 30.03.2019 – Werder Bremen Vs. Mainz 3: 1 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ 17.03.2019 – Bayern vs Mainz 6: 0 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ 09.03.2019 – Mainz vs Gladbach 0: 1 (Bundesliga)

Mainz vs Dusseldorf Betting Tips

Dusseldorf – Statistics & Current Form

In Dusseldorf in the last week already the league was celebrated. Nevertheless, there seems to be major problems in the management floor, or at least they have been. CEO Robert Schäfer was released from the Supervisory Board of his offices. It was exactly this shepherd who did not want to extend the contract with Friedhelm Funkel in the winter. Dusseldorf plays the best season for 30 years. This is mainly due to the fact that the Rhinelanders have taken away an enormous amount of points abroad. The own Bundesliga record of away wins is over 40 years ago and is five. This year, the team of Friedhelm Funkel has already brought four threes in the foreign and could set their own best value on Saturday. But whether this is enough to use the odds for an away win in the match between Mainz and Dusseldorf, we would rather deny. Nevertheless, we can already imagine that the Fortuna, even if the league is already established, will be very committed to this encounter.

However, one can never blame the Dusseldorfers for their lack of passion, not even last weekend, when Bayern was a guest. Overall, Dusseldorf but had no chance, but resisted to the best of their ability. After less than an hour, the match had run 3: 0 for Bayern. Dodi Lukebakio scored from the point in the 89th minute nor the honorable goal before Munich increased to 4: 1.

“Fortuna will be in my heart forever, no matter how it ends. This is my hottest time as a coach. ” – Friedhelm Funkel

Nevertheless, there was a reason to celebrate, whether of the realized class retention. No wonder then that Friedhelm Funkel speaks more than euphorically about his most beautiful time as a coach. Perhaps this assessment will be substantiated on Saturday in Mainz once again. However, the Dusseldorf also plague some staff worries. Contento, Zimmer, Gießelmann, Bodzek and Oliver Fink are safe. The same is likely to apply to Marcel Sobottka, who may be replaced by Morales on the Six. In attack, Lukebakio would be an alternative for the starting eleven and could possibly replace Hennings.

Expected formation of Dusseldorf:
↳ Rensing – Ayhan, Kaminski, Hoffmann, Zimmermann – Morales – Kownacki, Barkok, Stoeger, Raman – Lukebakio
↳ Trainer: Funkel

Last matches from Dusseldorf:

⚽️ 14.04.2019 – Dusseldorf vs Bayern 1: 4 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ 06.04.2019 – Hertha Vs. Dusseldorf 1: 2 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ 30.03.2019 – Dusseldorf vs Gladbach 3: 1 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ 16.03.2019 – Wolfsburg vs Dusseldorf 5: 2 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ 11.03.2019 – Dusseldorf vs Frankfurt 0: 3 (Bundesliga)

Mainz vs Dusseldorf Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

To date, the FSV Mainz and Fortuna Dusseldorf have only played 13 games against each other. The direct comparison speaks with 5: 4 victories in four draws just gossamer for the Mainz. The last victory in Dusseldorf was on March 29, 1998, although one has to say that after that only five more games were on the program. The first leg in the current season could decide the 05er in Dusseldorf with 1: 0 for themselves. Jean-Philippe Mateta scored in the 67th minute the golden goal of the day to Mainz victory.

Mainz vs Dusseldorf Best Betting Tips Explained

Mainz will do everything in its power to seal the league with a win, even if they rely on a slip-up from VfB Stuttgart. If it does not work, but it will work on the next match days at some point. However, the shape of the 05er is still significantly expandable at the moment. In the last six Bundesliga games there were five defeats. A broad chest looks different. Maybe as with the Dusseldorfers, who have already won away four times this season and are sure to go in the coming season in the Bundesliga at the start. Nevertheless, in the match between Mainz and Dusseldorf, we would not give a prediction for an away win, even if the momentum speaks for the guests.

Key Facts – Mainz vs Dusseldorf tips

⭐️ The last Düsseldorf victory against Mainz is already over 20 years back.
⭐️ Mainz has lost five of the last six Bundesliga games.
⭐️ De Fortunen have already taken four victories away from home this season.

But we think that both teams are looking for salvation on the offensive. One can almost generalize that with the participation of Mainz and Dusseldorf basically always many goals. Especially in the direct duel therefore speaks nothing against the fact that the audience will see at least three hits. We therefore decide to use the betting odds for the tip over goal (+2.5) in the amount of up to 1.70 in the match between Mainz and Dusseldorf.

Insider Tips: Over 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.68


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