Chelsea FC vs Arsenal Free Betting Tips 29/05/2019

Chelsea FC vs Arsenal Betting Tips

On Wednesday, May 29, 2019, the European League Final 2019 will take place at 21:00 (CET). In the Baku National Stadium in Azerbaijan, as well as in the Champions League final, which will be held three days later in Madrid, two teams from the Premier League will be involved. What’s more, two teams from the same city, namely London, the capital of the United Kingdom.

However, Chelsea have remained true to their struggles to never retire in a knock-out match in the 2009/10 competition, which has replaced the UEFA Cup, and could be named after overall victory in 2013 – then Relegated, or third placed in the Champions League preliminary round – now again win the second most important European competition for club teams.

Football Betting Tips Chelsea FC vs Arsenal

The Gunners want to prevent this, of all people, who after losing their qualification for the Champions League for the first time in over 20 years were only allowed to compete in the second most important international cup competition. And although the performance of Arsenal was not always flawless, they now have the chance, for the first time since the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1994 again to win a major title at the European level. In addition, the athletic qualification for the Champions League was missed again, so that the Gunners need the overall victory just for the very reason, because the Europa League winner beckons a starting place for the Champions League. At least in this respect, the Blues can approach the finale much more relaxed, as the troupe of Maurizio Sarri has already solved the ticket for the premier class in the league.

But what clearly speaks for the Arsenal London in this purely English final is above all their new coach. Unai Emery did not find his luck with Paris Saint-Germain, but earned his reputation as “Mister Europa League” before moving to the French capital of Sevilla. With the Andalusians, he finally won the UEFA’s second most important competition three times in a row between 2014 and 2016, making the Nervionenses the sole record winner in the competition to this day. With their potentially second European League triumph after 2013, the blues would at least take a small step closer.

The starting point for the first London derby, which is held as a competitive match in Azerbaijan, could hardly be more exciting, if faced with two teams who were refreshingly started directly in the Europa League and not graduated from the Champions League in the winter, such as the majority of the last overall winners in this competition. In this post, we took a closer look at the finals just three weeks before the showdown in Baku. For this we will subject both teams to a form check, review their season and look at where in Chelsea vs Arsenal is looking at the current odds of bookmakers finding the best betting opportunities.

Europa League Final 2019 Odds

1 × 2 odds (result after 90 minutes):

⭐️ Tip 1 (Chelsea FC): 2.45
⭐️ Tip X (draw): 3.40
⭐️ Tip 2 (Arsenal): 3,10

Only victory odds (including possible extension / penalty shoot-out):

⭐️ Chelsea London: 1.72
⭐️ Arsenal London: 2.10

Chelsea FC vs Arsenal Betting Tips

Chelsea FC – Will the successful decade continue?

Although the coaching question is still present in the blues and just the current coach Maurizio Sarri questioned similarly open and criticized as its successful, but not accepted predecessor Antonio Conte, speaks the yield of national and international titles, the FC Chelsea has brought London in the current decade, a clear language. Three English championships celebrated the blues in 2010, 2015 and 2017, securing the FA Cup three times in 2010, 2012 and 2018 as well as the League Cup in 2015. And on an international basis, besides the wanest “final dahoam” of the Bayern Munich (Champions League 2012) also still the overall victory in the Europa League just a year later. An era marked by great coaches like Roberto Di Matteo, Rafael Benitez or José Mourinho. Nevertheless, no one was permanently happy and although Maurizio Sarri with the blues has made at least the return to the Champions League immediately, even the passionate smoker, who always coaches at the local Stamford Bridge with butts between the lips on the sidelines, could over or short be put in front of the door. Nevertheless, in the Europa League he has collected numerous arguments for staying longer term. Of the 14 games on the way to the final, the Blues did not lose a single one (eleven wins, three draws) and kept their nerves even against self-sacrificing fighters in the final penalty shootout. Just three months earlier, another point-to-point decision was busting Manchester City. In short: Chelsea is mentally strengthened and matured overall and consolidated in this final.

Chelsea FC vs Arsenal Betting Tips
Arsenal, London – You need victory more urgently

Unlike FC Arsenal London, which is literally groundbreaking for the future. Losing the Gunners, they stand again for the 2019/20 season without Champions League. Ironically, in the competition where Arsenal was one of the few rocks in the Premier League break that the Reds almost never missed, the Londoners could miss for the third time in a row, making a return unlikely. Also, because some of the heavily doped players will slowly but surely move to other stations. All the better that the Gunners “Mister Europa League” are on the sidelines personally, because if Unai brings Emery an absolute reference, then the knowledge of how to win this competition also in outsider role. For three years in a row, he practiced this highly successful with Sevilla FC. And after all: After a 1-0 defeat at BATE Baryssau in the sixteenth finals and even a 1: 3 at Stade Rennes in the round of 16, which caused the Gunners to prove their nerves twice and make a play in the second leg, the last two went Rounds on the way to the final are conceivably relaxed. Neither against SSC Napoli (3-0 away) nor against Valencia (7-3 in total) burned at four safe wins even rudimentary, which at least at European level plenty of momentum is brought to Baku. But: In the Premier League, Arsenal have taken only one of the twelve possible points from their last four league games and have already missed out on setting the course for next season. Thus, the troupe of Unai Emery stands against their city rivals with his back to the wall and needs the victory more urgently.

Chelsea FC vs Arsenal Betting Tips

FC Chelsea London vs Arsenal FC London Previous meetings

A total of 197 clashes have already occurred between London’s city rivals Chelsea and Arsenal, and in 77 games won, the resulting head-to-head comparison clearly speaks in favor of the Gunners. With 57 draws, the blues bring it only to 63 wins against Arsenal and have just lost the last meeting in the Premier League at the Emirates Stadium 0-2. At least in the first half of the match, it was Chelsea’s 3-2, but that was the only win of the last eight matches between the top London footballers in football …

Europa League Final 2019 Chelsea FC vs Arsenal Betting Tips Provided by Insider Tipsters

With the exception of the direct comparison and the latest results, only the Unai Emery staff will speak for Arsenal in London. Otherwise, Chelsea is in many ways superior and can also go completely relaxed in this final, especially since the Gunners are due to the missed qualification for the Champions League in debt liability. Overall, the odds for the Blues’ second European League overall win are slightly higher, and we believe Arsenal will be able to regain its international footing and draw in with the recent great results, as did Napoli, due to its enormous relevance and Valencia could be clearly put in place. Also, because the odds are significantly higher in the positive expectation and the bet thus more value, at this time the tip should be betted on the first European League overall victory by Arsenal London, through which the Premier League for the season 2019/20 so that, just as two years ago, Manchester United’s EL victory would mean five starting positions.

Insider Tips: Arsenal win after regular time
Odds: 3.10


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