River Plate vs Atletico PR Free Betting Tips 31/05/2019

River Plate vs Atletico PR Betting Tips

Unlike in Europe, every title in South America has enormous value, whether it’s the state championship in Brazil or the Torneos de Invierno in Argentina. While the European Supercup is already a favorite with Champions League and Europa League winners, the bottom line is that it does not really matter, the South American Super Cup is a big one.

If you win Recopa Sudamericana, you can call yourself the best team on the continent. This trophy will be awarded on the night of Friday when River Plate Buenos Aires will face Atletico Paranaense for the second leg.

River Plate vs Atletico PR Football Betting Tips

The first leg ended last week with a 1-0 home win for Paranaense. Thus, the Brazilians have very good prospects, for the first time to secure this title. Right at home, River Plate will do everything in its power to equalize the deficit. We think that in the match between River Plate and Atletico PR a prediction should be relatively difficult. In Europe, we would certainly favor the Brazilians in the fight for the title. There are no away goals in Recopa. That said, it does not make much difference that the millionaires have not met away. In a home win with a goal difference, it goes into extra time. However, we can also imagine River Plate winning the second leg higher. Overall, in the duel between River Plate and Atletico PR, a tip for a home win seems the most plausible, no matter how high. We expect a game that should be hard to beat in terms of intensity. Both teams will put everything into this duel to win this prestigious trophy. The kick-off for the second leg of the Recopa Sudamericana between River Plate Buenos Aires and Atletico Paranaense Estadio Monumental will take place during the night from Thursday to Friday at 2:30 (CET).

River Plate vs Atletico PR Betting Tips

River Plate – Statistics & Current Form

We still remember the finals in the Copa Libertadores when River Plate beat arch-rival Boca Juniors. After riots in Buenos Aires, the second leg had to be played in Madrid. Things are not going to be quite as dramatic in Recopa, but the millionaires have deliberately called on their fans to refrain from violence. Everything at River Plate is all about this one game, before the national team starts to prepare for the Copa America. The Argentines are relying on their home strength. In the last five games in the Monumental there have been four wins and one draw. It must be a victory on the night of Friday, if you want to win the Supercup for the third time. We think the fans at their own stadium could be the deciding factor that we use the odds on a home win in the duel between River Plate and Atletico PR. Whether this finally enough for the title, it will show, as an extension is quite possible.

For River Plate, the first leg was the last game in Brazil last week. For a week now, the team of Marcelo Gallardo prepares for the return leg. Above all, the performance must be better, because with the 0-1 defeat in Curitiba the Millionarios were still reasonably well served. To make matters worse, Milton Casco saw the red card in the 81st minute and will miss the second leg.

“Come with shirt and scarf and enjoy a monumental night.” – Ignacio Fernandez

But Gonzalo Montiel got the green light from the medical department and will be able to play in the second leg, so Marcelo Gallardo brings him. But it will probably mean that Montiel will replace the recently weak Camilo Mayada as right-back. Leonardo Ponzio should start for Nicolas de la Cruz and also the return of Fabrizio Angileri in the starting lineup for the suspended Milton Casco is considered safe. Juan Quintero and Ignacio Scocco will continue to be unavailable due to injury.

Expected lineup of River Plate:
↪ Armani – Angileri, Pinola, Martinez, Montiel – Ponzio, Perez, Palacios, Fernandez – Pratto, Suarez
↪ Coach: Gallardo

Last Games by River Plate:

⚽️ 23.05.2019 – Atletico Paranaense vs. River Plate 1: 0 (Recopa Sudamericana)
⚽️ 15.05.2019 – River Plate Vs. Atletico Tucumán 4: 1 (Copa de la Superliga)
⚽️ 12.05.2019 – Atletico Tucumán vs. River Plate 3: 0 (Copa de la Superliga)
⚽️ May 8, 1919 – River Plate Vs. Internacional 2: 2 (Copa Libertadores)
⚽️ 04.05.2019 – River Plate Vs. Aldosivi 6: 0 (Copa de la Superliga)

River Plate vs Atletico PR Betting Tips
Atletico PR – Statistics & Current Form

While in Argentina, the game operation is already due to the upcoming Copa America already resting, it is in Brazil still fully to the point. Paranaense will play two more Serie A games and a Copa do Brasil match after this final before the Brazilians take a four-week break. In the Brazilian league, Atletico PR are only twelfth after six games and seven points. However, that’s because the focus has been on the Copa Libertadores and the Recopa Sudamericana in recent weeks. The multitude of games in recent weeks seems to have left its mark, as Paranaense has only won one of their last four games. That could be an indication that in the duel between River Plate and Atletico PR, the prediction is more in the direction of the Argentines. However, Paranaense is more in rhythm and had to compete last weekend in Serie A at Flamengo Rio de Janeiro.

Of course, coach Tiago Nunes has almost changed his entire team. In the current phase, Atletico PR is playing with two teams, once at national and once at international level. National did not work so well in Rio. With 2: 3 Paranaense had to be defeated. However, Tiago Nunes is currently putting up with setbacks in Serie A in order to achieve its goals in South America.

“River Plate is physically very strong and they have a full stadium. So we have to be smart and do a compact job. If we want the title, we will have to suffer. ” – Tiago Nunes

The coach is confident that his team can compete with the best clubs on the continent and sees his team well able to win more international titles as well. However, the coach also states that he will expect a very tough match in Buenos Aires. He has great respect for the champion of the Copa Libertadores and therefore worked out a match plan with a compact defensive. Personnel Atletico will be able to draw on the full. Due to an extensive rotation, the Brazilians will also be able to go reasonably fresh in this second leg.

Expected formation of Atletico PR:
↪ Santos – Lodi, Pereira, Paulo Andre, Jonathan – Wellington – Rony, Guimaraes, Gonzalez, Nikao – Ruben
↪ Coach: Tiago Nunes

Last matches of Atletico PR:

⚽️ 26.05.2019 – Flamengo vs. Atletico Paranaense 3: 2 (Serie A)
⚽️ 23.05.2019 – Atletico Paranaense vs. River Plate 1: 0 (Recopa Sudamericana)
⚽️ 19.05.2019 – Atletico Paranaense vs. Corinthians São Paulo 0: 2 (Serie A)
⚽️ 17.05.2019 – Fortaleza EC vs. Atletico Paranaense 0: 0 (Copa do Brasil)
⚽️ 13.05.2019 – Atletico Paranaense vs.. Bahia 1: 0 (Serie A)

River Plate vs Atletico PR Direct comparison

Three duels are still between River Plate and Atletico PR to book. The direct comparison speaks with two wins and a draw for the Brazilians. The Millionarios are still waiting for their first win against Paranaense. In 2006 Atletico eliminated the Argentines in the round of 16 of the Copa Sudamericana. The last duel, of course, was the first leg in the Recopa Sudamericana last week. Marco Ruben decided the match with his goal to 1: 0 in favor of Paranaense.

River Plate vs Atletico PR Our Betting Tips Provided by Insider Tipsters

River Plate will be forced to win at night on Friday, when after 2015 and 2016 the third title in the South American Supercup should be brought home. The Argentines have the advantage of having home rights in the second leg. A monumental night is expected in the Monumental. The Argentinians have taken four wins and one draw in their last five home games and should be favorites in this match. We would therefore also make a prediction in the match between River Plate and Atletico PR, which identifies Buenos Aires as the new title holder.

Key Facts – River Plate vs Atletico PR Tips

⭐️ River Plate has taken four wins and a draw from their last five home games.
⭐️ Atletico PR won only one of their last four games.
⭐️ In three direct duels River Plate has never won against Paranaense.

However, River Plate has never won against Paranaense. This series has to tear, otherwise the Supercup goes to Brazil. However, if we look at the matter from an Argentinean point of view, we are in good shape that the Millionarios can turn the 0-1 from the first leg. At least we think that after 90 minutes a home game will be booked. Whether it is then in the extension, is a question of height. Overall, in the second leg of the South American Super Cup between River Plate and Atletico PR, we would like to take advantage of betting odds of up to 1.62 on a home win.

Insider Tips: 1
Odds: 1.62


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