Colombia vs Panama Betting Tips

Colombia vs Panama Amazing Betting Tips 4/06/2019

In just under two weeks, the Copa America 2019 in Brazil begins and the preparations for the tournament are already in full swing. The “Los Cafeteros” from Colombia will start their preparation on the 3rd of June in Bogotá. In the friendly against Panama coach Carlos Queiroz still has the chance to make some experiments before in the dress rehearsal against Peru, the starting eleven should fit, especially in the first group match of the Copa América the Argentines wait for the Colombians.

Coach Queiroz conceded his first international defeat against South Korea in the last race. It was the first defeat for Colombia for eight internationals. In the preparatory match between Colombia vs. Panama are the hosts according to odds the clear favorite.

Colombia vs Panama Football Betting Tips

With the low prices, a Colombia against Panama tip on the home side but does not seem to involve much value. The qualitative difference between the Colombian and Panamanian selection is huge, which is why the guests are also treated as a clear underdog. Colombia will want to shoot again before the Copa América. In the first pre-season under the new coach, Colombia recorded a victory and a defeat in March. Can the “Los Cafeteros” convince at home in the test match?

Colombia vs Panama Betting Tips

Colombia – Statistics & Current Form

At the World Cup in Russia, the Colombians showed a strong performance, but had ultimately beaten in the knockout round against England in the second round. Coach Pekerman announced after the World Cup 2018 his resignation, which is why the “Los Cafeteros” also went for the time being with an interim solution in the test matches. Since the beginning of February 2019, Carlos Queiroz is now national coach and should accompany the team to the Copa America 2019. The promising squad of the Colombians is expected to face the Queiroz team as a potential title contender, although a Copa America 2019 victory of the Colombian selection odds were set in the double-digit range. In his first two test games as Colombia coach, the new coach has not celebrated very convincing results. Neither in the preparatory match against Japan, nor in the game against South Korea, the offensive could deliver the desired performance, which is why the vulnerable defensive behavior was also punished. In the end, the recent Testspiel-bust of Colombia was not a cause for concern, especially since Queiroz has tested with much rotation rather the players, so as to form his squad for the Copa América. In the upcoming test matches against Panama and Peru now the fine tuning is needed, and then finally successfully against Argentina in the Copa America 2019 to start.

Most valuable player in the squad of Colombians is James Rodriguez, who is also the linchpin in the offensive of the “Los Cafeteros”. In the promising squad of the Colombians, especially the offensive power should not be underestimated. In addition to players like James, Queiroz has Falcao, Zapata and Cuadrado offensive players who have prevailed in the top leagues of Europe. In the game against Panama Queiroz will certainly rotate a lot. The visitors were surprisingly able to record a draw against Brazil in a friendly match. Is there a surprise or is Panama just cannon fodder for the Colombia offensive?

Expected formation of Colombia:
Arboleda – Borja, Mina, Sanchez, Orejuela – Diaz, Uribe, Cuellar, Villa – Zapata, Rodriguez

Last matches of Colombia:

⚽️ 26.03.2019 – South Korea vs Colombia 2: 1 (friendly)
⚽️ 22.03.2019 – Japan vs Colombia 0: 1 (friendly)
⚽️ 17.10.2018 – Colombia Vs. Costa Rica 3: 1 (Friendly Match)
⚽️ 12.10.2018 – USA vs Colombia 2: 4 (Friendly Match)
⚽️ 12.09.2018 – Colombia Vs. Argentina 0: 0 (friendly)

Colombia vs Panama Betting Tips
Panama – Statistics & Current Form

For Panama also starts a tournament in two weeks. The “Los Canaleros” will participate in the CONCACAF Gold Cup and prepare for this with two friendly matches. In addition to the preparatory match against Colombia, the Panamanian selection meets Uruguay, before on 18 June, then the opening match in the Gold Cup against Trinidad & Tobago is pending. Panama participated in a World Cup for the first time last year after CONCACAF’s qualifying against teams such as the USA, Honduras and Trinidad & Tobago.

But at the 2018 World Cup in Russia Panama could barely gain a foothold and said goodbye in the group stage. Coach Gomez announced shortly after his resignation. Since the beginning of February 2019, Julio Dely Valdes has been coach of the Panamanian national team. Immediately to the debut there was a sensational draw for coach Valdes in a friendly match against Brazil. Despite the big underdog role, Panama has managed to keep Brazil’s concentrated offensive power at bay and deservedly scored a draw. It remains to be seen whether Panama will be able to cause a big surprise at the CONCACAF Gold Cup, especially since the qualification for the 2018 World Cup last year was a huge sensation. In 2005 and 2013, Panama won the runner-up at the Gold Cup, last year was already in the quarter-finals.

In the manageable squad of the Panamanian national team, right-back Michael Murillo of the New York Red Bulls is the most valuable player. None of the internationals in the Panamanian squad plays at European level at a top club. Although the individual quality in the squad is missing, Panama could already record a draw against the Brazilians with a closed team performance. In the test match against Colombia, it remains to be seen whether the defensive of the Valdes-Elf again can show a strong performance. If they also win a point win against the Colombians, they can be used against Colombia against Panama for that tip sensational odds.

Expected formation of Panama:
Mejia – Davis, Machado, Escobar, Cummings, Murillo – Rodriguez, Cooper, Godoy, Quintero – Torres

Last Games of Panama:

⚽️ 23.03.2019 – Brazil vs. Panama 1: 1 (friendly)
⚽️ 28.01.2019 – USA vs Panama 3: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 21.11.2018 – Panama Vs. Ecuador 1: 2 (Friendly Match)
⚽️ 17.11.2018 – Honduras Vs. Panama 1: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 16.10.2018 – South Korea vs Panama 2: 2 (friendly)

Colombia vs Panama Direct Comparison

It will be the sixth overall duel between the two national teams. Colombia leads the direct comparison with a win against Panama. Never before has an international match between Colombia and Panama ended in a draw. In the recent three duels between the two national teams, there were two victories for the Panamanian selection and one for the Colombians. Colombia’s 4-0 success in May 2007 was the highest ever victory against Panama.

Colombia vs Panama Best Betting Tips Explained

Both teams are preparing for the upcoming tournaments. While the Colombians will start in the Copa América, Panama is in the Gold Cup. The qualitative difference between the two selections is huge, but in the test match has little meaning, especially since Coach Queiroz will make some changes. In the strong offensive of the Colombians, a shooting festival certainly can not be ruled out, even if Panama could last hold the Brazilian offensive in check.

Key Facts – Colombia vs Panama tips

⭐️ Both teams will start in their tournaments in two weeks (Copa America and Gold Cup).
⭐️ Panama coach Valdes scored an impressive draw with Brazil in his coaching debut.
⭐️ Queiroz lost to South Korea recently his first international match as Colombia coach.

In Bogota, the favorites role is clearly distributed in favor of the home side. So far, Colombia has not delivered a really strong performance under the new coach. Before the tournament starts in Brazil, the “Los Cafeteros” will want to shoot warm. After the friendly against Panama they will face Peru for the dress rehearsal before the Copa America. We expect an impressive victory for the home side and would recommend Colombia against Panama to suggest that Colombia have at least two goals in the first half. For the handicap (-1) of the home side in the first half, Colombia will offer betting odds of 3.25 against Panama.

Insider Tips: 1 HT win Colombia (-1)
Odds: 3.25

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