France vs vs Norway Free Betting Tips 12/06/2019

France vs vs Norway Betting Tips

For the French women’s team, it is on Wednesday evening already for the premature entry into the second round. If the host of the World Cup also wins the second match in Group A, they would not be able to take a place among the top 16 teams in the first knockout round.

Before that, however, intensive 90 minutes ahead of the co-favorites for the title, because Norway is a well-known competitor, who could also enter the optimal point yield on the first matchday.

Football Betting Tips France vs vs Norway

While the Frenchmen dominated South Korea 4-0 on aggregate, the Scandinavians had a strong first half to make it 3-0 against Nigeria. In the top match of the second matchday between France and Norway only meager odds of 1.33 in the top for a success of the home team offered, which at first glance, a recommendation on the three-way market extremely difficult. Consequently, it is advisable to take alternative options under the microscope and analyze, for example, whether we are faced with a low-scoring or goal-rich match. We present before the match France vs. Norway’s prediction that a bet on over 2.5 goals due to the existing offensive quality in both teams would be the better option. Read our best betting tips, now!

 France vs vs Norway Betting Tips

France – Statistics & Current Form

A much better start would have the French women’s national team last Friday, can hardly imagine. In the opening match of this World Cup, the protected of Corinne Diacre prevailed 4-0 against South Korea and thus prove after the first match day in Group A, as expected, the first place. Already at break, “Les Bleues” were 3-0 up front and therefore did not even start to doubt the successful debut in the approach. Outstanding player on the pitch was center-back Wendie Renard, who scored two goals in her inimitable manner and defensively sealed the shop against harmless Asian women. On Wednesday evening, then a very different caliber waiting for the nation, which has so far been ranked fourth as the best result in a World Cup finals. Nevertheless, the odds of bookmakers between France and Norway imply a clear favorite role of the hosts.

Although the media perception of the women’s team can not keep pace with the recent almost positive coverage of the men’s World Cup, France is currently sparking a new euphoria, which must certainly be cited as a pro argument to play in the match France vs. Norway to make a suitable prediction. In the current calendar year, the world ranking fourth won seven of his eight internationals before his own spectators.

“We can enjoy that today, but we have not won anything yet. We have to stay on the ground with our feet, “- Wendie Renard

Only against Germany put it at the end of February a 0-1 bust. Incidentally, this match against Alexandra Popp and Co. was also the only one in 2019 that ended with under 2.5 goals. In the other seven matches, the co-favorite for the World Cup title scored a whopping 25 goals, well over three per game. From a statistical point of view, it can not be denied that on Wednesday evenings – even if it is a competitive match against an uncomfortable opponent – bets could pay off for at least three hits.

Coach Corinne Diacre, who coached France’s second-division men’s club Clermont from 2014 to 2017 and was voted best coach in Ligue 2 by the association, usually prefers an offensive goal and has set himself the goal, not only with local spectators good results, but also with a bold playing style forward to inspire. The individual quality of internationally outstanding players like Eugenie Le Sommer, Kadidiatou Diani or Delphine Cascarino underpins Diacre’s concept as well as our advice.

Expected formation of France
↪ Bouhaddi – Majri, Bathy, Renard, Torrent – Bussaglia, Henry, Thiney – Cascarino, Diani, Le Sommer

Last matches of France:

⚽️ 07.06.2019 – France vs. South Korea 4: 0 (WM 2019)
⚽️ 31.05.2019 – France vs. China 2: 1 (friendly)
⚽️ 25.05.2019 – France vs. Thailand 3: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 08.04.2019 – France vs. Denmark 4: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 04.04.2019 – France vs. Japan 3: 1 (friendly)

 France vs vs Norway Betting Tips

Norway – Statistics & Current Form

With two European champion titles (1987, 1993) and the biggest success so far with the triumph at the 1995 World Cup, the Norwegian team remains one of the most successful women’s national teams in Europe. In the recent World Cup edition Norway dropped out in the second round; two years later at the EURO 2017 even after the preliminary round was over. Consequently, the “Gresshoppene”, as the nickname of the women’s team, are currently granted in France only outsider chances on the title coup.

At least the prelude was for the team of the Swedish coach Martin Sjögren absolutely according to plan. Thanks to a convincing first half, in the world ranking 12. After all three goals, it was after 90 minutes 3: 0 for the Norwegians against Nigeria. Similar to the French women, the Northern European women have the opportunity on Wednesday evening to make the premature entry into the round of the last 16 perfect. Even in the event of a defeat, the Sjögren-Elf would keep all trumps in their own hands and would eventually have the chance to increase their own account to six points against the underdog from South Korea next Monday. Nevertheless, the eagerly awaited top game offers the opportunity to review the team’s current level of performance at the highest level of competition. As a result, we assume that the team from the Kingdom of Norway will throw everything in the balance to ensure a good result.

In the calendar year 2019, the Norwegians have so far completed nine international matches, of which they won seven. In six of these nine cases, over 2.5 goals were scored. Both in the 7-2 victory in the immediate preparation for this tournament against South Africa and a few days ago in the mentioned 3-0 triumph against Nigeria it became obvious that even the former world champion prefers the game forward and likes fast combinations comes to the gate in the front third. Although World Cup winner Ada Hegerberg, by far the best individualist, has prematurely ended her career in national dress due to internal strife over her equality, Caroline Graham Hansen, Kristine Hegland Minde (both from VfL Wolfsburg) and Lisa Marie Utland or Guro Reiten are very footballing Well-trained ladies available, which could put the French rear-facing team certainly problems.

Expected formation of Norway:
↪ Hjelmseth – Wold, Thorisdottir – Bøe Risa, Hansen, Hegland Minde, Mjelde, Syrstad, Lehn Herlovsen, Riding, Utland

Last matches of Norway:

⚽️ 08.06.2019 – Nigeria Vs. Norway 0: 3 (WM 2019)
⚽️ 02.06.2019 – South Africa vs. Norway 2: 7 (friendly)
⚽️ 09.04.2019 – New Zealand vs. New Zealand Norway 1: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 05.04.2019 – New Zealand vs. Norway 0: 1 (friendly)
⚽️ 06.03.2019 – Poland vs. Norway 0: 3 (friendly)

France vs Norway Direct Comparison

So far 14 international matches have been scheduled between France and Norway. We do not shake our prediction that over 2.5 goals will be scored and although so far only three of these 14 listed encounters ended with an over 2.5. The signs before the direct duel at the World Cup finals in France can not be compared with the previous starting positions. All in all, the balance sheet is completely balanced with five wins and four points. In the recent clash two years ago, the teams drew 1-1.

France vs Norway Best Betting Tips Provided by Insider Tipsters

One of the first major highlights at this World Cup of women is pending. France and Norway face two ambitious national teams who are still planning a fairly long stay in the tournament. The French won the opening 4-0 against South Korea, while the Norwegians against Nigeria at 3-0 also did not burn anything. In this respect, the winner of the upcoming duel can prematurely solve the ticket for the next round. Although it is a competitive game in a preliminary round of the World Cup, we think it is anything but impossible for the match to be France vs Norway keep their odds on over 2.5 goals.

Key Facts – 🇫🇷 France vs 🇳🇴 Norway tips

⭐️ France won at the start 4: 0, Norway at least 3: 0
⭐️ Both teams stood for many goals this calendar year
⭐️ The winner books the ticket for the round of 16 ahead of time

Both teams were known to play attacking football this calendar year. With the fan support in the back, especially the Diacre ladies want to burn down another fireworks and thus incite the euphoria in the home. The individual quality is usually higher for women’s teams on offense than on the defensive. Personal mistakes in the defense network are by no means a rarity, so we also give a tip between France and Norway on relatively good betting odds of 1.79 to over 2.5 goals. A 2-1 win for the Grande Nation favorites would also be included in the right score segment, such as a 3-0 draw or a 2-2 draw which, despite the clear distribution of odds, we do not consider it impossible.

Insider Tips: Over 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.79


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