Cameroon vs New Zealand Betting Tips

Cameroon vs New Zealand Betting Tips 20/06/2019

Cameroon or New Zealand make the leap into the last 16? On Thursday, the last games in the group stage of the Women’s World Cup will be played. Most participants in the playoffs are already determined, but some teams can still hope for. In Group E, these are the teams from Cameroon and New Zealand.

Although both started with two defeats in this tournament, the jump into the playoffs is still possible, as one of the four best group thirds. This will probably be enough for three points and a goal difference that is better than -2 or even -2 with more than two goals scored.

Today’s Football Tips Cameroon vs New Zealand

In Group E, Canada and the Netherlands are already through. These two teams argue in parallel play only to the group victory and the associated opponent in the second round. In third place is currently Cameroon with zero points and 1: 4 gates to find. New Zealand also have no counters and 0-3 goals. That sounds like a duel between Cameroon and New Zealand, a prediction for a draw attached. The untamable Löwinnen had set the exact balance of Nigeria from Group A with a 1-0 victory. That would mean that you could get through the fair play rating in the next round.

A victory with two goals difference will certainly suffice for the playoffs, because in Group F with Chile and Thailand there are also two teams without a point and with a very bad goal difference. For New Zealand, a victory with two goals difference should also be enough. A goal difference would probably mean the end for the Kiwis. Both teams have no choice but to throw everything forward and play for a win.

The higher this turns out, the better the chances for the knockout round. In the duel between Cameroon and New Zealand we would tend to give a hint to a victory of the kiwis. All in all, everything seems possible.

Cameroon vs New Zealand Betting Tips

Cameroon – Statistics & current form

In the Cameroonian media, there is already a swan song on the untamable lionesses. The Africans still have it in their own hands. A two-goal victory would most likely be enough to qualify for the knockout stages. The only problem is that Cameroon has lost the last three World Cup matches. In addition, coach Alain Djeumfa is generally more defensive play. In the group finals, which is basically already a knockout game, but he is forced to adjust his team offensively.

However, one will also have to pay attention to the defensive, because the opponents from New Zealand will play full on victory. It’s likely to be an open game in which both teams throw everything forward. If this attitude were to be felt on the pitch as well, then we would look closely at odds on over goals before kick-off between Cameroon and New Zealand. If the scores are sufficient for the progress of the Löwinnen, then it will show.

In the two previous group matches Cameroon did not look too bad. In the end, Canada was beaten 0-1 by some misfortune, although they had kept up very well for a long time. Even against the European champion from Netherlands it looked in the meantime as if a point was possible. The Oranje leadership leveled Aboudi Onguene just before the break. Netherlands took the lead 2-1 at the half-time mark and set the finishing touches to the game with the late 3-1 draw.

Despite the defeats, these two games are quite courageous that you can hold against New Zealand. Everywhere Alain Djeumfa is expected to change his tactics, from the 5-4-1 system to 4-4-2. He would have one more attacker on the lawn. However, such a tactic change also brings with it problems, because it will be harder to get the rooms on the defensive. We are curious how the Cameroonian coach will decide. Basically, but he has to take full risk, if Cameroon after 2015 now also this year to make the leap into the second round.

Expected formation of Cameroon:
↪ Ngo Ndom – Johnson, Leuko, Patience Mania, Tcheno – Feudjio, Yango, Abam, Onguene – Enganamouit, Ngo Mbeleck
↪ Coach: Djeumfa

Last matches from Cameroon:

⚽️ 15.06.2019 – Netherlands vs Cameroon 3: 1 (WM 2019)
⚽️ 10.06.2019 – Canada vs. Cameroon 1: 0 (WM 2019)
⚽️ 23.05.2019 – Cameroon vs. Levante 4: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 17.05.2019 – Spain vs Cameroon 4: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 30.11.2018 – Cameroon vs. Mali 4: 2 (Africa Cup)

Cameroon vs New Zealand Betting Tips

New Zealand – Statistics & Current Form

The New Zealand ladies and the World Cup, that’s a story in itself. It’s not that the football Ferns do not already have a long tradition at World Championships. After all, you could qualify for the title fights in 1991 already, but the results leave much to be desired. In 14 World Cup games, there has not been a single victory for New Zealand to date. Always one is already eliminated in the preliminary round.

Even now you have collected two bankruptcies, but still the team of Tom Sermanni has everything in his own hands, not only to defeat the curse, but also to penetrate for the first time in the second round. A victory with two goals difference would be enough, as Chile late in the evening Thailand does not shoot completely from the stadium. With the Ferns, the motivation is high to finally bring home this first victory. We think we could be right in the match between Cameroon and New Zealand with a prediction for a victory for the kiwis.

Like Cameroon, New Zealand has largely focused on the defensive so far. In the games against Netherlands and Canada the Ferns had barely a chance to score. Overall, the New Zealanders scored in the first two group matches only eight shots. Cameroon is certainly not as strong as the first two opponents. Therefore, the team of Tom Sermanni really hot on this encounter.

“First and foremost, it’s about winning the game, because we have not made it to a World Cup yet. But if it does not work in the first 20 minutes, for example, that does not mean it will not work. ” – Tom Sermanni

The minimum goal is first of all to win the game, which is perhaps only the version to the outside. A 1-0 will not be enough. Therefore, New Zealand would not stop his offensive efforts in this game, only to finally have a win at a World Cup. Personally, the Kiwis should also be more offensive in this match. This chance of finally being able to win the curse with a win and at the same time make the leap to the next round, will take at least four more years to come.

Expected lineup of New Zealand:
↪ Nayler – Bott, Erceg, Percival, Riley, Scott – Bowen, Chance, Hassett, White – Gregorius
↪ Coach: Sermanni

Last matches of New Zealand:

⚽️ 15.06.2019 – Canada vs. New Zealand 2: 0 (WM 2019)
⚽️ 11.06.2019 – New Zealand vs. Netherlands 0: 1 (WM 2019)
⚽️ 04.06.2019 – Wales vs. New Zealand 1: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 01.06.2019 – England vs. New Zealand 0: 1 (friendly)
⚽️ 22.05.2019 – Mexico vs. New Zealand 1: 2 (friendly)

Cameroon vs New Zealand Direct Comparison

At a World Cup, the paths of Cameroon and New Zealand have never crossed so far. But a single game is up to date. At the 2012 Olympics, these two teams met in the preliminary round in Coventry. Own goals by Rebecca Smith, Sarah Gregorius and Ysis Sonkeng ensured a 3: 0 lead for the Ferns. Aboudi Onguene scored the consolation goal for the 1: 3-final score. At the time, New Zealand could even qualify for the quarter-finals, but then it was time for work. In direct comparison, it is after this victory 1: 0 for New Zealand.

Cameroon vs New Zealand Our Best Insider Tips Explained

Who would have thought that two teams would be in a hot race for a one-eighth ticket, with no points left after two games? Cameroon and New Zealand both have relatively good chances of moving into the next round. But once again a victory at a World Cup has to come from. In Cameroon, the dry spell in world tournaments is only three games long. New Zealand has not won a single of 14 World Cup games. The only direct duel that took place during the 2012 Olympics went to the Ferns.

Key Facts – Cameroon vs New Zealand tips

⭐️ The last three World Cup games have all been lost to Cameroon
⭐️ New Zealand has not won any of its 14 World Cup games so far
⭐️ New Zealand won the only direct duel at the 2012 Olympics

We think it has to be a very intense game. Anyone who does not put everything into this match does not deserve to move into the last sixteen. We can imagine that the ladies from Oceania finally want to be the winner of the World Cup once and become the winner. In addition, we see a bit more quality in the Ferns team. Therefore, in the duel between Cameroon and New Zealand we would use the betting odds for a victory and bet on the New Zealanders at odds of up to 2.43.

Insider Tips: 2
Odds: 2.43

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