Falkenbergs vs Gothenburg Betting Tips

Falkenbergs vs Gothenburg Betting Tips 13/07/2019

Halftime in the Swedish Allsvenskan! This weekend is the 15th matchday in the top flight of Sweden and the waiting with the top match between leaders Malmö on pursuit Djurgarden. Beneficiaries of this duel can be the two teams behind it, namely Stockholm and Gothenburg.

The latter club has a supposedly easy game and has ran at the penultimate Falkenbergs. The climber got really banged up last weekend and lost more than half of the previous games in Allsvenskan.

Football Betting Tips Falkenbergs vs Gothenburg

Gothenburg, on the other hand, is looking to regain a ticket to European business after a very bad last season, and a win against the newcomer is a must, even if the club has to go away. As a reward, two could wave in a threesome. That alone should be motivation enough. Due to the season so far the two teams in the game between Falkenbergs and Gothenburg, the prediction anyway the tip for an away win.

Falkenbergs vs Gothenburg Betting Tips

Falkenbergs – Statistics & Current Form

With a 1-0 victory against Örebro, Falkenbergs started the new season in the highest Swedish league after three years of abstinence from Allsvenskan. Barely four months and 13 games later, there is only one more threesome in the climber’s record, which he was only able to bring in on the penultimate round of the season. Overall Falkenbergs comes with his 2-4-8 balance sheet and 13:28 goals on ten points, which mean the penultimate and thus a direct relegation place at the moment. Falkenbergs took eight of these ten points in the local Falcon Alcohol Arena, scoring four goals in total. In four of the seven home games the climber was without own hits. But the only nine home goals are quite a passable value.

The total of 41 goals, which fell in the previous 14 games with the participation of Falkenbergs make a cut of 2.9 goals per game, bringing the promoted in league comparison in second place. But just last weekend, this cut was screwed up by 0.4 percentage points, as in the game of Falkenbergs at Hammarby fell a total of eight goals. Only two went to the account of the climber, who was able to operate at the interim standings of 0: 6 in the last ten minutes only result cosmetics. Falkenbergs’ top three scorers score just two goals after 14 games. While Christoffer Carlsson scored both of his goals on the opening four fixtures and John Chibuike scored twice in two of his short appearances, Robin Ostlind, a matchman, has scored twice in each of the last two games Startelf can count.

Both Carlsson, Chibuike and Ostlind are players from the midfield, which underpins Falkenberg’s misery on offense. Despite the penultimate place in the table, everything is still possible for Falkenbergs. The first non-relegation place is only three meters away. The best placement reached the climber after the first matchday. For eleven consecutive matches, the club is on a relegation place. In this respect, there are not many arguments in the game between Falkenbergs and Gothenburg for a tip on the home win.

Expected formation of Falkenbergs:

↪ Nilsson; Ericsson, Joza, T. Karlsson, P. Karlsson; Ostlind, Bjorkengren, Wede, Soderstrom, Carlsson; Pogrebnyak

Last matches by Falkenbergs:

⚽️ 07.07.2019 – Hammarby IF vs. Falkenbergs FF 6: 2 (Allsvenskan)
⚽️ 29.06.2019 – Falkenbergs FF vs. IF Elfsborg 2: 1 (Allsvenskan)
⚽️ 01.06.2019 – Falkenbergs FF. Squid 0: 0 (Allsvenskan)
⚽️ 25.05.2019 – Helsingborg Vs. Falkenbergs FF 1: 1 (Allsvenskan)
⚽️ 20.05.2019 – Solna Vs. Falkenbergs FF 2: 0 (Allsvenskan)

Falkenbergs vs Gothenburg Betting Tips

Gothenburg – Statistics & Current Form

Until five years ago IFK Gothenburg was still the only Swedish record champion. But after Malmö FF have taken four league titles four times in the last six seasons, this status is over. The last championship went to Gothenburg in 2007 and since this year the club could rarely build on glorious old times. Last season, the club finished only eleventh and secured the class only a few weeks before the final score. In this season, however, the services largely agree. With 25 points from seven wins and four draws, Gothenburg lost only six points less than in the last, after almost half the season, when the club lost more than half of the games with 17 defeats.

Especially on the defensive Gothenburg has improved and conceded only 13 goals in 14 games (2018 total 53 goals). The offensive department can be seen so far. All in all, Gothenburg have come up with 22 goals, which equates to an average of 1.6 goals per game. On average, 2.5 goals have been scored with goals against Gothenburg on the pitch – league average. There is not one goalgetter in the team. Overall, the 22 goals are distributed over eleven different shooters. Patrik Karlsson leads the internal scoring list with four goals, but is currently injured. For just over three weeks, the team has to renounce strike partner Benjamin Nygren, who moved to the stand of four goals, to Belgium to KRC Genk. Away, Gothenburg have been undefeated for five games. After three wins with a total of eight goals in a row, the club had to settle in the stranger last again with a goalless draw. The two previous away defeats conceded Gothenburg in the first two away games.

In Falkenberg three points are scheduled for Gothenburg. Currently, the club is in fourth place and has exactly these three points behind the two teams before it (and one game less than the third Stockholm). In fact, Gothenburg have lost just one of the last eleven league games, defeating Stockholm 3-0 and beating champions Malmö. As in Gothenburg’s match at Falkenbergs odds for a tip on away win are near the 2.00 score, these bets are certainly good alternatives.

Probable line-up of Gothenburg:

↪ Anestis; Wernersson, Calisir, Starfelt, Toko; Eriksson, Yusuf, Erlingmark; Kharaishvilli, Soder, Abraham

Last matches from Gothenburg:

⚽️ 06.07.2019 – IFK Gothenburg Vs. Sundsvall 2: 1 (Allsvenskan)
⚽️ 29.06.2019 – Östersunds Vs. IFK Gothenburg 0: 0 (Allsvenskan)
⚽️ 01.06.2019 – IFK Gothenburg Vs. Örebro SK 0: 1 (Allsvenskan)
⚽️ 25.05.2019 – Haecken vs. IFK Goteborg 1: 2 (Allsvenskan)
⚽️ 20.05.2019 – IFK Gothenburg Vs. Hammarby IF 0: 0 (Allsvenskan)

Falkenbergs vs Gothenburg Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

Only six direct duels in the league, two in the cup and three in friendly matches are in the history of these two clubs. Göteborg won seven of the eight competitive matches as well as two tests. Falkenbergs, however, remained victorious only in a league game in 2015 and in the last match in a friendly match this year. Between 2014 and 2016, there were the six direct encounters in the Allsvenskan, which should not be too important at the present time. And yet: Gothenburg played in the past like against the next opponent.

Falkenbergs vs Gothenburg Football Betting Tips Provided by Insider Tipsters

With the first three after eleven winless games in a row came at Falkenberg hope again. But that was completely crushed only a week later when there were six goals in the away game in Hammarby. At home, Falkenbergs presented in this season but anyway stronger and that’s it, which encourages the promoted for Saturday. And yet: The favorite role is Gothenburg.

Key Facts – Falkenbergs vs Gothenburg tips

⭐️ Promoter Falkenbergs took eight of the previous ten points at home
⭐️ Gothenburg lost only one of the last eleven competitive games
⭐️ Falkenbergs lost 2-6 at Hammarby last weekend

Gothenburg was to prevail in this game. The problem with the guests: They play almost never to zero away. Only in the last away match at Östersunds Gothenburg could keep the box clean after it had always conceded in the six away games before conceding. Therefore, it is not unlikely that the guests have to meet at least twice to take the three points home. Because in the match between Falkenbergs and Gothenburg the odds for a tip on at least two goals of the guests are not only marginally higher than bets on the away win, I recommend this option.

Insider Tips: Goeteborg over 1.5 goals
Odds: 2.10

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