LA Galaxy vs Los Angeles Free Betting Tips 19/07/2019

LA Galaxy vs Los Angeles Betting Tips

This weekend is in the MLS the Los Angeles Derby on! At the showdown between the two top clubs from Los Angeles speaks the current balance for LA Galaxy. So far, the Los Angeles FC has never won a derby against LA Galaxy, but goes into this year’s duel the odds after favored the race. Los Angeles FC are leaders of the Western Conference and, after the season so far, a hot candidate for the title.

Football Betting Tips LA Galaxy vs Los Angeles

With the recent away win at home-winning Houston, Los Angeles FC have sent a clear signal. If the first derby win against the city rivals is now theirs too, LA Galaxy will pay 1.83 for Los Angeles odds against the visitors.
In addition to the strongest offensive of all franchises in the MLS, Los Angeles FC also has the best defense in the league. In addition, Carlos Vela is the most dangerous player in the ranks of the guests. With 31 points scorer in the current season should be kept at LA Galaxy against Los Angeles FC a tip on Vela as a possible scorer in the derby on the slip. With the hosts, it will probably arrive on the form of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. To what extent Zlatan can be used in the derby against the strong defensive of the city rival remains uncertain. Even at the recent home game against San Jose Earthquakes LA Galaxy caught a bad day and could bring striker Zlatan hardly in position.

LA Galaxy vs Los Angeles Betting Tips
LA Galaxy – Statistics & Current Form

So far, the season was quite sovereign for the home side. LA Galaxy got off to a strong start to the season and has therefore quickly established itself among the top teams of the Western Conference. From the meantime form-low in May, the team has slowly recovered, yet LA Galaxy is not quite in the lane. In the recent home game against San Jose lost the third place of the Western Conference with 1: 3 after interim half time lead.

If you take a look at the statistics, the home side’s goal-scoring was a big surprise. In the entire home game against San Jose recorded LA Galaxy only a shot at the opponent’s goal. Striker star Zlatan Ibrahimovic was unlikely to play well throughout the match, partly due to the lack of creativity in the midfield of LA Galaxy. The offensive game was relatively easy to understand, which is why the guests in the defense also got no major problems. From the goal difference of 27:25 it can be concluded that neither the offensive is convincing nor the defensive game really stable in the current season.

Should also be submitted to the derby against the city rivals the game control early, it looks for LA Galaxy against Los Angeles FC bad, so from a prediction on the home side is rather discouraged. For LA Galaxy it will be extremely difficult in the derby against the strong defensive score to persist, especially since the attacking game of the home side just sharpened on Goalgetter Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who recorded so far almost half of all goals. Fortunately, Zlatan received his fifth yellow card and was actually suspended for the derby against LAFC in the recent home game against San Jose. The MLS blocked Zlatan but after a yellow card against Sean Johnson subsequently for two games, which is why the Swedish goalgetter at home derby despite fifth yellow card may be used. Can LA Galaxy defend against Los Angeles FC, are paid for the tip on the home side in the derby “El Trafico” odds of 4.20.

Best scorers in the league:
🥇 Ibrahimovic – 13 goals
🥈 Steres – 3 goals
🥉 Antuna – 2 goals

Expected lineup of LA Galaxy:
↪ Bingham – Skjelvik, Gonzalez, St Steres, Feltscher – Antuna, Alvarez, dos Santos, Corona, Alvarez – Ibrahimovic

Last Games of LA Galaxy:

⚽️ 13.07.2019 – LA Galaxy vs. San Jose Earthquakes 1: 3 (Major League Soccer)
⚽️ 05.07.2019 – LA Galaxy vs. Toronto 2: 0 (Major League Soccer)
⚽️ 30.06.2019 – San Jose Earthquakes Vs. LA Galaxy 3: 0 (Major League Soccer)
⚽️ 23.06.2019 – Cincinnati Vs. LA Galaxy 0: 2 (Major League Soccer)
⚽️ 20.06.2019 – Portland Timbers vs. LA Galaxy 4: 0 (US Open Cup)

LA Galaxy vs Los Angeles Betting Tips
Los Angeles – Statistics & Current Form

Los Angeles FC is currently the measure of all things in Major League Soccer. The franchise dominates what happens in US football at will and sent a clear signal to the title competition at the latest after the recent away win at Houston Dynamo. The MLS title will be difficult to take away with lasting form, which is why also the bookmakers see LAFC as a hot candidate in the title race. In the derby against city rivals Los Angeles FC has never been able to prevail. This season, however, there are some arguments in favor of a derby win, which is why we also expect an away win in our LA Galaxy against Los Angeles FC.

In addition to the best offensive of the MLS, led by topscorer Carlos Vela, Los Angeles FC also has the strongest defense in the league. 53 goals have been scored in the previous 20 MLS games. The only two defeats of the current season, both came about on foreign terrain. The Vancouver Whitecaps and Colorado Rapids have been the only teams to hold the top team from Los Angeles. Recently, two strong home teams, including Houston Dynamo and Sporting Kansas City, have been easily defeated away. The guests from Los Angeles scored eight goals and conceded only two mile goals.

In the strong away form, it is now in the derby against LA Galaxy. The offensive around Goalgetter Carlos Vela is currently in top form, also mourn Coach Bob Bradley no serious failures. Only Alejandro Guido and Danilo Silva are expected to miss the derby. With 19 goals and 12 assists Vela has continued his strong season before. Due to the heavy burden in the recent competitive games, the Mexican offensive player suspended in the recent MLS game against Houston Dynamo. LAFC was able to prevail without the goalgetter and benefited from a variable offensive game. At the derby against LA Galaxy Bradley will again send his best team to the field. Will LAFC be the first derby victory against city rivals?

Best scorers in the league:
🥇 Vela – 19 goals
🥈 Rossi – 11 goals
🥉 Diomande – 6 goals

Expected lineup of Los Angeles:
↪ Miller – El-Munir, Segura, Backmon, Beltashour – Blessing, Atuesta, Kaye – Rossi, Diomande, Vela

Last Games from Los Angeles:

⚽️ 13.07.2019 – Houston Dynamo Vs. Los Angeles 1: 3 (Major League Soccer)
⚽️ 11.07.2019 – Los Angeles vs Portland Timbers 0: 1 (US Open Cup)
⚽️ 07.07.2019 – Los Angeles Vs. Vancouver Whitecaps 6: 1 (Major League Soccer)
⚽️ 04.07.2019 – Kansas City Vs. Los Angeles 1: 5 (Major League Soccer)
⚽️ 29.06.2019 – Colorado vs. Los Angeles 1: 0 (Major League Soccer)

LA Galaxy vs Los Angeles Direct Comparison

So far, the two LA clubs met each other in the “El Trafico”. LA Galaxy was able to secure the 4: 3 victory at the first derby against the city rivals in a real peat festival. The last two derbies ended in a 2: 2 and 1: 1 draw. LAFC goal-getter Carlos Vela scored four goals for his side in the three derbies. LA Galaxy striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, meanwhile, scored three derby goals.

LA Galaxy vs Los Angeles Our Best Betting Tips Provided by Insider Tipsters

After outstanding performance, LAFC is deservedly at the top of the MLS. Coach Bradley’s team is a hot candidate for this year’s title and will compete with city rivals Los Angeles for Matchday 21. While LAFC has almost consistently fetched constant performances and partially dominated at will, it was with LA Galaxy, however, a constant ups and downs. Recently was lost after disastrous performance in front of home crowd with 1: 3 against San Jose.

Key Facts – LA Galaxy vs Los Angeles tips

⭐️ LAFC represents the best offense and the best defense of the MLS.
⭐️ LA Galaxy have lost their last home game against San Jose 1-3.
⭐️ LAFC impressively won the last two away games against Houston and Kansas.

Los Angeles FC has spared top performers like De Rossi and Carlos Vela largely in their last MLS game. However, LAFC secured a convincing victory over Houston Dynamo, who are known for their home-form in the MLS. The hitherto bearish season should be adorned with a derby victory at the first “El Trafico”. We’re expecting an offensive game, but in LA Galaxy against Los Angeles FC would dare a tip on the guests, are offered for the odds of 1.83. For this we choose a bet of five units.

Insider Tips: 2
Odds: 1.83


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