Bayern 2 vs Uerdingen Betting Tips

Bayern 2 vs Uerdingen Betting Tips 26/07/2019

On the second match day of the new league season, KFC coach Heiko Vogel will meet again with many old acquaintances. The 43-year-old spent a total of 13 years at FC Bayern München, where he was responsible for the juniors and the second team.

Since April 2019, the native of Palatinate has been swinging the scepter at the ambitious Krefelder FC and is facing the great challenge of having to lead the blue-reds into the second division. At the start, his team did not stain with fame, but still won 1-0 against home crowd against Halleschen FC.

Bayern 2 vs Uerdingen Football Betting Tips

The amateurs of the German record champion are by no means to be underestimated. Although the third-league premiere after a long abstinence in the previous week in 1-3 Würzburg in terms of earnings technically went into the pants, the Jung-München proved that they are football-wise quite able to keep up in the third highest German league. In the end, it was a mixture of lack of experience and naivety that prevented a better result. It is all the more surprising that the bookmakers on Friday night in the context of the second matchday actually give the home side better chances on the threesome.

Bayern 2 vs Uerdingen Betting Tips

Bayern 2 – Statistics & Current Form

The name Hoeness ensures (again) in these days for media-effective headlines. President Uli Hoeness is rumored to have decided not to compete in re-election at the end of the year. So far, an official confirmation has been issued and even the powerful official would like to express himself on 29 August on this issue in public. His nephew Sebastian Hoeneß, however, currently has a very different matter in front of his chest. The coach of the second team of the record champion has to prepare his guys for the second third division game next Friday. For the first time, the Munich then enter the grass court in front of their home crowd in the stadium on the Grünwalder road and will certainly throw everything in the pan, to retract against the KFC Uerdingen the first points of the new season.

To kick off at the Würzburger Kickers Bayern amateurs had to pay a lot of apprentice. Although you met the former second division at eye level and still stood at the end of a 1-3 defeat to book, which could have been prevented. At the latest after the compensation by top scorer Kwasi Wriedt in the 78th minute you noticed the newcomer to the lack of experience. Instead of securing the satisfactory point in the last ten minutes and thus landing a small notable success, the youngsters stormed on briskly. The logical consequence was two unnecessary goals in the immediate final phase. Exactly this is now to be stated, although it must be stated that the routine in such situations can not be taught from now on the same.

The second team of the reigning German champion will need time and take further setbacks to ultimately learn the important lessons. We believe that the obvious lack of experience on Friday evening against the ambitious Krefelder will make even more blatantly noticeable, especially as the guests will be on the court various professionals, which caused a sensation on a completely different level. Among other things, we hold in the encounter Bayern 2 against Uerdingen the odds for a home win for too low settled to dare a corresponding bet. Interestingly, the prices on the home side in the first half at least concede a goal, because the saddle-fixed FCB defensive on the first match definitely not.

To make matters worse, with Feldhahn, Franke, Köhn, Richards, Netolitzky, Ontuzans, Rieg and Tillman various players fail due to injury. The first eleven is therefore virtually on its own. Only Joshua Zirkzee, Paul Will and Leon Dajaku may be in the starting lineup for good joker performance. How many spectators will find their way to Grünwälder Straße on Friday evening is also still unclear.

Unlike in the previous year, when the holders of the annual card in the Allianz Arena also enjoyed free entry into the regional league, in future their own season tickets will be issued to the third league team. However, given that a standing-time season ticket costs only 70 euro (half as much as, for example, in Großaspach – the second-best club), the negative impact could be limited.

Expected formation of Bayern 2:
↪ Früchtl – Will, May, Senkbeil, Rochelt – M. Welzmüller, T. Kern – Batista Meier, M. Shabani, Zylla – Wriedt

Last matches of Bayern 2:

⚽️ 20.07.2019 – Würzburger Kickers Vs. Bayern 2 3: 1 (3rd league)
⚽️ 13.07.2019 – Bayern 2 vs. Dukla Prague 4: 2 (Friendly Match)
⚽️ 07.07.2019 – Bayern 2 vs. Türkgücü-Ataspor 0: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 06.07.2019 – Liefering Vs. Bayern 2 1: 2 (friendly)
⚽️ 29.06.2019 – Wattens vs. Bayern 2 4: 1 (friendly)

Bayern 2 vs Uerdingen Betting Tips

Uerdingen – Statistics & Current Form

Insults against ex-trainer, outstanding salaries down to the lowest junior staff, open bills in hotels and coaches, which are changed like their own underpants – the KFC Uerdingen did not miss any scandal in the past season. The Red-Blue are considered chaos club of the third league and have this image primarily due to its own Russian investor Mikhail Ponomoarev and his decisions.

Last weekend, as part of the first matchday, a new chapter was added to the ongoing clutter. Because the Krefelder 2019/2020 due to serious safety deficiencies not play in their own stadium in the Grotenburg and the Duisburg stadium this time also not eligible for use in question, rise the home games in the current season in the Düsseldorf Arena.

An unusually long journey, winding paths to the parking lots, problems buying tickets, late admission times and high prices once again caused total chaos at the premiere. The fact that spectators without valid tickets were let through just before kick-off underpinned the problem that could not be solved in the hectic rush.

Presumably, the displeasure of the present fans would have been even greater, the team had not won, but at least athletically completed the charges of coach Heiko Vogel their task and won against the Halleschen FC just 1: 0. The shooter of the golden goal was with Franck Evina (65) a new 19-year-old newcomer, for the upcoming match against Bayern also promises to be a very special. The native of Cameroon is lent by the record champions and should gather in the left bank of the Rhine located city on the Lower Rhine first experiences in professional football.

However, the success of the opening should not hide the fact that the previous year’s elite had a lucky chance time and again thanked his own keeper Königshofer that you did not fall behind. What makes in our eyes hope for a positive season, is the quality of the squad.

“We have a very good, experienced team. We have the class to be at the top of the ladder. “

Players like Kevin Grosskreutz, Assani Lukimya, Jan Kirchhoff and Stefan Aigner bring with them plenty of experience and individual class that could turn out to be a profitable factor, especially against a young rival like on Friday. Only the supposed failures of Grimaldi, Osawe and Matuschyk, who all suffer from muscular problems, dampen the expectations a bit. Nevertheless, the mentioned constellation is a plausible argument to make the prediction at Bayern 2 against Uerdingen that the guests in the first half will at least be able to score a goal.

Expected formation of Uerdingen:
↪ Königshofer – Grosskreutz, Lukimya, Maxsö, Dorda – Kirchhoff – Aigner, Rühle, Mbom, Rodriguez – Evina

Last matches from Uerdingen:

⚽️ 21.07.2019 – Uerdingen Vs. Hall 1: 0 (3rd league)
⚽️ 13.07.2019 – Uerdingen Vs. Sporting Charleroi 1: 2 (Friendly Match)
⚽️ 06.07.2019 – Uerdingen Vs. Bielefeld 0: 2 (Friendly Match)
⚽️ 05.07.2019 – Shakhtar Donetsk vs. Uerdingen 1: 1 (friendly)
⚽️ 30.06.2019 – Uerdingen Vs. Antwerp 1: 1 (friendly)

Bayern 2 vs Uerdingen Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

So far, there was no competitive match between Bayern 2 and Uerdingen. Our tip is therefore not based on the direct comparison and historical duels of these clubs. By the way, the Krefeld have a catastrophic record against the Munich squad. None of the last 16 matches was successfully contested. Is that why the amateurs have to hold their heads out of revenge on Friday?

Bayern 2 vs Uerdingen Football Betting Tips Provided by Insider Tipsters

At the start of the second match day in the third division, the match between Bayern 2 and Uerdingen takes place. According to the betting odds, the climber is the favorite in the encounter, which is a bit surprising at first glance. For the team of Sebastian Hoeneß it should go in the first year in the third highest division primarily to gather as quickly as possible points against relegation. The Krefelds, on the other hand, have a traditionally high level of expectation and squint direction ascent places. The squad-quality and the plus of experience actually speak more in favor of the team of coach Heiko Vogel, who is known to have a long history at Säbener Strasse.

Key Facts – Bayern 2 vs Uerdingen tips

⭐️ Bayern 2 lost to kick off in Würzburg with 1: 3
⭐️ Uerdingen won on the first matchday 1-0 against Halle
⭐️ The Munich are still very inexperienced, while the KFC has many seasoned professionals in their own ranks

Because the Munich enjoy the home advantage and the guests from the Lower Rhine on the first match day did not really convince, we recommend before the match Bayern 2 vs. Uerdingen no goal on the outcome of the game, because too many contingencies can not be analyzed conclusively. For we think it is anything but impossible that the Krefeld already in the first half take advantage of their experience and achieve a goal. The young, sometimes still naive, Bayern may begin in front of home scenery may be a little too wild and reveal rooms for countering. For Bayern 2 vs Uerdingen game we are therefore the prediction that the bird Elf comes in the first 45 minutes to at least one goal. With odds of 2.25, we risk using six units.

Insider Tips: Uerdingen over 0.5 (1st HT)
Odds: 2.25

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