Rostock vs VfB Stuttgart Free Betting Tips 12/08/2019

Rostock vs VfB Stuttgart Free Betting Tips

When Nia Kuenzer drew the lots for the first main round of the DFB Cup in June, those responsible at VfB Stuttgart would like to be immersed in the ground. The Swabians have to start at the start, namely at Hansa Rostock.

Why just? Already in the previous year failed the former Bundesliga club in the third division and embarrassed themselves at 0: 2 to the bone.

Soccer Betting Tips Rostock vs VfB Stuttgart

But that was not enough, because also in the previous three clashes in the German club cup always kept the Hansa-Kogge the upper hand. With four successes in four matches, the VfBler can thus confidently speak of a foe in round one. However, this history of both teams does not change the fact that Hansa Rostock is traded against VfB Stuttgart as class-lower club according to the odds as an outsider.
In addition, the charges of coach Jens Härtel have not made a good start in the third league season. After four matchdays, the North Germans are only at a meager four points. Only one match was made victorious. Too little for the quite high ambitions of the former first division.

Also to note is that the guests from the Porsche city, unlike last year, could already collect match practice at the competition level and in league two after two completed games also have four points in the account.

Because the bottom line is that prices for a VfB success are too low, we would tend to forego the outcome of the game between Rostock and VfB Stuttgart and devote ourselves instead to the Tor market. The new Stuttgart coach Tim Walter stands for courageous offensive football, which is why we think – despite the cup arithmetic – a game with at least three goals for absolutely possible.

Rostock vs VfB Stuttgart Soccer Betting Tips

Rostock – Statistics & Current Form

It was not played 20 minutes on the first match day of the new third league season, as Hansa Rostock front home against starter Viktoria Cologne 3-0 forward. The people in the stands were in their arms and the euphoria triggered by the perfect initial phase knew no bounds.

What followed, however, were completely contrary 70 more minutes, in which the Rhinelander played the ambitious “cog” partially on the wall and so not even undeserved a point (3: 3) could take. It seems as if this unnecessary catch-up to start the day still slumber in the minds of the players and prevent better performances.

On the three following game days jumped for the team of coach Jens Härtel only a threesome against the second team of Bayern out. In Unterhaching and Halle hailed it narrow 0: 1 defeats, in which the North Germans in particular offensively far too harmless presented and also miss the last will to win.

Four games, four points and currently ranked 13th – the false start of the former Bundesliga is virtually perfect, especially since the actually located at eye level promotion candidates such as Ingolstadt, Braunschweig, Duisburg or Halle are all better off the starting blocks. To make matters worse, the management level contradicts on important issues.

While Coach Härtel, who was able to realize his first promotion to the second division in 2017/2018 with 1. FC Magdeburg, hopes that further newcomers will be provided to improve the squad in the top and bottom, manager Martin Pieckenhagen sees the tense staff situation and the lack of competition merely as “alibi”.

Not even a month after the official start of the season, the proverbial tree is already burning on the Baltic Sea.

“Of course, there have to be a few things to come together. But when they come together, you definitely have a chance. And you have to believe that. If you do not believe that you can do it right from the start, you will not make it. ” – Coach Härtel on a possible surprise

In order to drive the “cog” for the upcoming tasks in the league in a safer harbor, a sense of achievement on Monday night in the DFB Cup match against the Swabian first division would be very important. But the belief in it is missing something, because between Rostock and the VfB Stuttgart are even paid for a tip on the advancement of the homeowners odds of a maximum of 3.50.

After all, hope makes the fact that the Hanseatic League eliminated the next opponent from the German club trophy in four out of four cases. In addition, the Härtel-Elf in the current situation at home is certainly more appreciated than away. From the seasonally last eight home games Rostock conceded only one defeat. Both against Viktoria Köln (3: 3) and against FC Bayern II (2: 1), the Over 2.5 goals was cracked.

With Wiese, Scherff, Opoku and Engelhardt missing some injured talents, but anyway would not have been all first choice. Jens Härtel will still make changes to the 1-0 defeat in Unterhaching. However, whether he leaves his 3-4-1-2 system may be doubted.

Despite a supposed quintuple chain, spaces will continue to form on the offensive foreign positions, which will be used by a high-quality second-division club like VfB Stuttgart. On the other hand, we would always trust the third division with the support of our own fans at home a goal. Only in five of the last 22 home games were king, Breier and Co. namely without own hits.

Expected formation of Rostock:
↪ Kolke – Riedel, Rieble, Sonnenberg – Ahlschwede, Bülow, Pepic, Butzen – Vollmann – Breier, Verhoek
↪ Trainer: Härtel

Last matches from Rostock:

⚽️ 03.08.2019 – Unterhaching Vs. Rostock 1: 0 (3rd league)
⚽️ 30.07.2019 – Rostock vs Bayern 2 2: 1 (3rd league)
⚽️ 27.07.2019 – Halle vs. Rostock 1: 0 (3rd league)
⚽️ 20.07.2019 – Rostock vs FC Viktoria Cologne 3: 3 (3rd league)
⚽️ 13.07.2019 – Rostock vs Hannover 0: 0 (friendly)

Rostock vs VfB Stuttgart Soccer Betting Tips
VfB Stuttgart – Statistics & Current Form

After a catastrophic Bundesliga season 2018/2019, at the end of the descent on the relegation, the chaos surrounding the aborted member meeting and the resulting resignation of President Wolfgang Dietrich, were the concerns in Stuttgart great, that you not in time for the start in would find the second league season in the right lane.

Although only two games have been completed, it can already be said that this has obviously succeeded. The main reason for this is coach Tim Walter. The football teacher, who coached Holstein Kiel in the previous year, is not only an extremely positive type, but also embodies exactly what the Swabians need in this phase.

Self-confidence, conviction, courage as well as a certain amount of arrogance are characteristics that Walter conveys to his protégés and thus ensures that the players have fun again on the one hand and the identification with their own fans, on the other.

“We assume that we win. You can always handle curses if you work hard. […] Now in the cup we are also the favorite. We know what to expect. Accordingly, we appear. “

That the risky offensive football with a lot of ball possession but also can go back, showed up in the previous week. Although the white-reds in the South Derby at 1. FC Heidenheim were already 2-0 ahead and even had the chance to screw up the result several times, the relegated had to be content with a 2-2 draw ,

This was mainly because the distances in the individual parts of the team were too large and the defensive line could no longer stop the onslaughting Heidenheimer. Admittedly, it would be presumptuous to draw conclusions about the upcoming match. However, it should be kept in mind that the balance between a brave offensive and a stable defensive is not yet 100% consistent.

Consequently, it offers itself in the game Rostock vs. VfB Stuttgart to give a tip on good odds on at least three goals. By the way, in the press conference before the cup match against the opponent of fear, Tim Walter clarified his intentions to again dominate.

The offensive quality is undisputed with Bundesliga experienced players like Gomez, Didavi or Donis. In the switching game, the courageous approach could, however, make for frightful moments in favorites, especially since the staff situation in the central defense remains tense.

Although Sascha Mislintat, who became famous in Dortmund as chief scout, was able to top down this position during the week with Nathaniel Phillips of the Liverpool reserve, due to the long-term failure of Kaminski and various departures in the summer (Baumgartl, Pavard, Kabak) still no formation play.

After all, the young Awoudja returns to yellow and red lock in squads and possibly also in the starting eleven. In addition to Kaminski, Insua and injured Austrian Sasa Kalajdzic Walter must also continue to do without the young Argentinian Gonzalez, who is staying at the junior national team of the Gauchos and is expected back in the coming week.

Expected formation of VfB Stuttgart:
↪ Kobel – Sosa, Badstuber (Awoudja), Kempf, Stenzel – Castro, Karazor, Al Ghaddioui, Klement, Didavi – Gomez

Last matches of VfB Stuttgart:

⚽️ 04.08.2019 – 1. FC Heidenheim vs. VfB Stuttgart 2: 2 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 26.07.2019 – VfB Stuttgart vs. Hannover 2: 1 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 19.07.2019 – Freiburg vs VfB Stuttgart 2: 4 (friendly)
⚽️ 13.07.2019 – FC Basel vs. VfB Stuttgart 2: 3 (friendly)
⚽️ 10.07.2019 – Winterthur Vs. VfB Stuttgart 3: 1 (friendly)

Rostock vs VfB Stuttgart Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

So far, the two clubs faced each other only in the Bundesliga and in the DFB Cup. While the Swabians lead the direct comparison in the highest German league with eleven victories out of 24 matches (nine draws, four defeats), the Hanseatic League have so far – as mentioned – qualify in all four cup games for the next round.

Last season, Sokou and Pepic scored the goals for the home side’s surprising 2-0 home win, which benefited from the fact that VfB had not played a single competitive match before. This is not the case on Monday night. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the new edition between Rostock and VfB Stuttgart this time a prediction in favor of the favored guests will prove true.

Rostock vs VfB Stuttgart Soccer Betting Tips Provided by Insider Tipsters

In the second year in a row, in the first round of the DFB Pokal, Hansa Rostock vs VfB Stuttgart. The odds also imply a clear favorite role in favor of the Swabians again in 2019/2020, even though the memories of the Baltic Sea Stadium are anything but positive.

In the previous year, the third division sat against the former Bundesliga namely sensational with 2: 0 by. It was also the fourth victory of the Kogge in the fourth cup duel with VfB.

Key Facts – Rostock vs VfB Stuttgart tips

⭐️ Rostock has conceded four goals in two league home games
⭐️ Stuttgart scored twice in both league games and also missed many chances
⭐️ In the previous year, the Hanseatic League won surprisingly 2-0 in the first round

Despite the “curse” on the guests, this year between Rostock and VfB Stuttgart we predict that the favorite will prevail. However, since we did not like the prices for an away win after regular time, we looked instead for an alternative market.

The Bundesliga relegated plays under Tim Walter a very dominant and risky football, which brings both advantages and disadvantages. In any case, this courageous style of play means that in most cases many hits will be seen.

Against Heidenheim, the aspirant had to settle for a 2: 2. Against Hannover Gomez and Co. won 2-1. With the “Hansa-Kogge” now waiting for an insecure opponent, who only four points after four matchdays in the third league collected, we have decided between Rostock and VfB Stuttgart for the tip to good odds that over 2, 5 goals will be scored.

Competition: DFB Cup
Date: 12.08.2019
Insider Tips: Over 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.79
Use: 6/10 units


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