Bosnia vs Liechtenstein Free Betting Tips 05/09/2019

Bosnia vs Liechtenstein Free Betting Tips

The Bosnian-Herzegovinian national football team has been in existence for just over 20 years and yet it has something ahead of the Liechtenstein troupe: participation in a World Cup finals, which the football dwarf was previously only allowed to dream of.

Bosnia vs Liechtenstein Today’s Betting Tips Bosnia vs Liechtenstein

The landlocked state finally comes to a little less than 40,000 inhabitants, which is usually cannon fodder for other nations in the qualification rounds for World and European Championships with a correspondingly small football association. Only 15 of their 187 international matches so far have been won by the Liechtensteiners.
No wonder then that Bosnia against Liechtenstein is, according to odds, the bookmaker in the crystal clear role of favorites, although the Zmajevi itself have so far been anything but glittering with fame. Thus, the penultimate of qualification group J receives the bottom of the table in Zenica. Nevertheless, in Bosnia against Leichtenstein for the prediction, the starting position plays a major role.

Thus, the Zlatni Ljiljan could report back with a threesome against the still goalless tail light once again in the battle for second place behind the hitherto immaculate group head Italy. Especially if Finland should not win at home against Greece. Of course, in Bosnia against Liechtenstein Tip 1 is completely without alternative.

The big question is just how low Zmajevi’s home win odds can be turned into a profitable sector. Here we hold the betting option to the fact that the underdog will be lagging with a maximum of one goal at the break, for the bet with the best ratio of risk, probability of occurrence and profit opportunity.

Bosnia vs Liechtenstein Free Betting TipsBosnia – Statistics & Current Form

After Bosnia and Herzegovina started against Armenia 2-1 at home in Sarajevo on matchday one of the European Championship qualifiers, there were three consecutive games without a win. Only against Greece a draw was fetched. The games against Finland and Italy were all lost. Bitter: In all three games Zlatni Ljiljan defensively caught two goals.

The bottom line is that so far only enough for fifth place in the group J, making their first participation as Bosnia and Herzegovina in a European Football Championship currently far away.

However, the whole thing could change within four days if six points go into underdog Liechtenstein and away in Armenia and then climb to second place – provided that Greece wins in Finland and Italy continues its triumphant advance continued.

“It would be great to make everything clear to Liechtenstein in the first half, so that the younger players can get a chance later. We only think about winning. […] It is certain that we will have a harder meeting with Armenia than with Liechtenstein. ” – Robert Prosinecki at Reprezentacija

Coach Robert Prosinecki is as relaxed as usual. Instead of talking strongly to the opponents, which would have been the more media-friendly approach in modern football, the football teacher, who took over the scepter in the Balkans in January 2018, already talks about the game in Armenia and about which junior players could possibly be used against Liechtenstein.

Certainly you do not have to indulge in any illusion and Bosnia is against Liechtenstein according to odds also the big favorite. However, the Zmajevi – after all, only penultimate of the J group – would not be in a bad mood to approach this task more humbly. Finally, the height of fall is very high, the game should not run so clearly.

And just on the right side has recently hit the injury pitch. All the more remarkable that Robert Prosinecki refrained from subsequent nominations and trusted there on Darko Todorovic (Holstein Kiel), who recently got hardly any mission time with the storks. However, Bosnia-Herzegovina has a number of players in the form of Edin Dzeko (Roma), Miralem Pjanic (Juventus) or Sead Kolasinac (Arsenal FC).

Thus, it is quite consistent, with great self-confidence to accept the role of favorites, especially since Liechtenstein is still so far without scoring in the group J is. However, with every minute of play still open in Zenica, the pressure on the remarkably young Bosnian side will not diminish …

Expected formation of Bosnia:
↪ Sehic – Sunjic – Zukanovic – Kolasinac – Todorovic – Visca – Besic – Duljevic – Pjanic – Bajic – Dzeko

Last matches of Bosnia:

⚽️ 11.06.2019 – Italy vs Bosnia 2: 1 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 08.06.2019 – Finland vs. Bosnia 2: 0 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 26.03.2019 – Bosnia vs Greece 2: 2 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 23.03.2019 – Bosnia vs Armenia 2: 1 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 18.11.2018 – Spain vs Bosnia 1: 0 (friendly)

Bosnia vs Liechtenstein Free Betting Tips
Liechtenstein – Statistics & Current Form

While large associations have been criticizing the concept of the UEFA Nations League and club managers have repeatedly expressed their anger at having to send their most important players to international matches, Liechtenstein is undoubtedly one of those small associations that has benefited from the League of Nations.

Although the kickers from the tiny landlocked ended the first Nations League season on the last place in the group D4, but Liechtenstein could finally present there on equal terms and was exceptionally more than just the cannon fodder for the big teams.

On the second match day, the Blue-Reds even managed a 2-0 home win over Gibraltar in the home Vaduz – the only eighth victory in a competitive game for the eternal outsider, the punctual to the European Championship qualification once more suffer.

Four games, four defeats, not a single hit and already 13 goals conceded. This is the sad record of the Liechtenstein, which were demonstrated by Italy among others in the clear 0-6 defeat. No wonder, because in the squad of Helgi Kolvidsson there are some players who need other legs besides the football to make ends meet.

“He should now focus on finding a new club where he can then play regularly again.” – Helgi Kolvidsson at the Liechtensteiner Volksblatt

It is all the more remarkable that the Icelandic coach renounced one of the flagships of his country in his nominations. There is talk of attacker Marcel Büchel, who last was under contract with Empoli FC, but after his departure this summer is without a club, about which Helgi Kolvidsson also justified this non-consideration.

Instead, it is Nicolas Hasler (Sporting Kansas City) judge and worry for Torgefahr, while with Daniel Brändle (SV Pullach) is also a legionnaire in the squad for the next two games in the European Championship qualification, which earns its bread in Germany – mind you the fifth highest division of the country.

No wonder then that in Bosnia against Liechtenstein a hint that the game is already decided to break, is considered very realistic. Nevertheless, for the football dwarf, it would be a success, at least at break to keep the zero or maybe even finally come to the first scoring in the current European Championship qualifier.

Although the footballers from the landlocked country are unlikely to be able to stand up to the Bosnians for over 90 minutes, at least the underdog is quite capable of doing so.

Expected formation of Liechtenstein:
↪ B. Büchel – Kaufmann – Rechsteiner – Yildiz – Wolfinger – M. Büchel – Polverino – Wieser – Gubser – Salanovic – Hasler

Last matches of Liechtenstein:

⚽️ 11.06.2019 – Liechtenstein vs Finland 0: 2 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 08.06.2019 – Armenia Vs. Liechtenstein 3: 0 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 26.03.2019 – Italy vs Liechtenstein 6: 0 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 23.03.2019 – Liechtenstein vs Greece 0: 2 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 19.11.2018 – Liechtenstein vs Armenia 2: 2 (Nations League)

Bosnia vs Liechtenstein Direct Comparison

Head to head: 5 – 1 – 0

There have already been six clashes between Bosnia and Liechtenstein and the resulting “Head to Head” comparison clearly points towards the Zmajevi, who won five of these six games. In a draw, the underdog is still waiting for the first victory against the “golden lilies” and was able to score only 23 goals against two goals against the dragons.

In the last duel – a friendly on 4 September 2014 – Bosnia won 3-0 in Tuzla. At the time, Vedad Ibisevic scored the fastest goal in the history of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian national football team after just 48 seconds.

Bosnia vs Liechtenstein Soccer Betting Tips Provided by Insider Tipsters

In Bosnia against Liechtenstein, the prediction must clearly go in the direction of the home side. Although the Zmajevi could not win the last three games in the European Championship qualifiers and are fifth in the table cellar with the blue-and-red team, there are worlds between the two teams.

Thus bring the Zlatni Ljiljani equal to several stars, which can not only make the difference in such games, but this must make up for performance.

Key Facts – Bosnia vs Liechtenstein tips

⭐️ Bosnia have not won since matchday one and have conceded two goals in their last three European Championship qualifiers
⭐️ Liechtenstein is knocked off last group with four defeats, zero goals and already conceded 13 goals
⭐️ Both teams have never been able to qualify successfully for an European Championship

Thus, in Bosnia against Liechtenstein Tip 1 is a crystal clear affair, but promises almost no profit even with the highest commitment. Finally, the Liechtenstein have lost all four games so far, not yet scored a single goal and conceded 13 goals.

A respectable success would be for the Underdog beyond doubt already, to hold the break to zero or at least to make the game still open. Physically, the selection of Helgi Kolvidsson certainly has what it takes to challenge the dragon in the middle of the match, which could make the game a bit of a joke for the experienced home side.

At least the chances are not bad, which is why we are tapping that the Zmajevi will be in the lead with a maximum of one goal at break. For the Asian Handicap of +1.5 on Liechtenstein at the end of the first half are in Bosnia vs. Liechtenstein odds of 1.95 which we allude with four units.

Competition: Euro 2020 Qualifiers
Date: 05.09.2019
Insider Tips: Liechtenstein wins 1st HT (+1.5 AHC)
Odds: 1.95
Stake: 4/10 units


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