Bayern 2 vs. Mannheim Free Soccer Betting Tips

Bayern 2 vs Mannheim Free Soccer Betting Tips

Although they have so far taken different developments in the 3rd league, separates after twelve of 38 games completed only one point the two common promoted FC Bayern Munich II and SV Waldhof Mannheim.

Bayern 2 vs Mannheim Free Soccer Betting Tips


In a direct duel, one team can now face up while the other remains in the lower half of the table. For the Electoral Palatinate is theoretically even the jump to sixth place possible.
Bayern 2 against Mannheim in the odds of bookmakers is the favorite, which is mainly due to the recent results. Although both teams conceded a defeat last weekend, the small Munich but before brought three victories in series, while the square townspeople celebrated only a threesome from the last six games.

In Bayern 2 against Mannheim, however, the prediction must also take into account the incredible away balance of the “Buwe”. As the only team in addition to 1. FC Magdeburg SVW has not lost away in the 2019/20 season yet. What’s more, throughout the promotion season 2018/19, the Trares team remained unbeaten in the distance and have therefore lost no away game for 24 league games.

Accordingly, we trust the replacement weakened Kurpfälzern also at the second garrison of the German record champions to a point gain, which is why we keep the tip on Bayern 2 against Mannheim for a draw for the most sustainable betting opportunity.

Bayern 2 – Statistics & Current Form

The FC Bayern Munich II has – like every other team or U23 selection of a professional team – always the comfort to be able to fall back on a number of top stars, if for these in the first team is temporarily no place. Conversely, however, from one day to the next in the case of injuries in the first team, the most promising kickers are ordered to the first team.

This ensures that second teams often bring little consistency – and this is reflected right now in the small Bayern, who had to give up after the international break because of the incursions of Lucas Hernández, Niklas Süle and Javi Martínez especially on the defensive their top people.

So Alphonse Davies stood against the 1st FC Union Berlin as a left-back in the starting eleven, while Lars Lukas Mai, the 19-year-old center-back gem of the Red, sat on the bench as well as Gladbach new signing Mickael Cuisance.

“I knew what was in the team. Above all, at the Waldhof, everyone knows what it’s about and everyone can value the 3rd league. Also through the euphoria of the fans, I knew that something big could happen. That they can play football is beyond question. ” – Timo Kern at

All the more remarkable is that at Bayern 2 against Mannheim, the odds of bookmakers still turn out in the direction of the home side. Finally, in central defense Christian Richards and Josip Stanisic are injured and can play, if at all, only struck. Overall, the son of Dieter Hoeneß, who sits on the coaching bench of the second Bayern garrison since July, says no more than ten players.

The last game on Sunday showed how essential such a staffing situation is for service providers such as Lars Lukas Mai: The Reds came away from the field at FSV Zwickau with 0: 3 under the wheels.

At least in the game forward, the little Bavarians are very dangerous. 21 goals this season equal the sixth best offense in the entire league, with Kwasi Okyere Wriedt, whose participation is fortunately not in danger, making a splash with his already eight goals this season.

In addition, there would also be Timo Kern there, who came in the summer of today’s guests from the square city, with 17 goals this season had a significant share in the rise and his own words after the best season of his life played.

In the current season brings the midfielder, although only six missions and a total playing time of 450 minutes, in which he scored neither goal nor template. With a thin staffing he will certainly get his chance against his former employer – and he certainly should not lack motivation.

Best scorers in the league:
🏆 Kwasi Okyere Wriedt (8 goals)
🏆 Marcel Zylla (3 goals)

Expected formation of Bayern 2:
↪ Früchtl – Köhn – Senkbeil – Feldhahn – Yilmaz – Kern – Singh – Zylla – Meier – Dajaku – Wriedt

Last matches of Bayern 2:

⚽️ 20.10.2019 – Zwickau Vs. Bayern 2 3: 0 (3rd league)
⚽️ 06.10.2019 – Bayern 2 vs. Brunswick 2: 0 (3rd league)
⚽️ 28.09.2019 – Münster vs. Germany Bayern 2 1: 4 (3rd league)
⚽️ 22.09.2019 – Bayern 2 vs. FC Ingolstadt 2: 1 (3rd league)
⚽️ 14.09.2019 – Sonnenhof Großaspach Vs. Bayern 2 2: 2 (3rd league)

Mannheim – Statistics & Current Form

For a long time, the square dwellers were still the celebrated climbers, who inspired with highly attractive football and also proved after three draws to start the season in a 4-0 home win against 1860 Munich that they certainly bring the necessary killer instinct in front of the opposing goal. So it was the hitherto lacking the opportunity exploitation, which procrastinated the first win of the season.

By the eighth match, it finally took until the first time a league match was lost. A 1: 2 at home against the Würzburger Kickers in a game in which the “Buwe” were denied a possible penalty and in which the equalizer was disputed because of passive offside. Two hard decisions that led to the series of the square townspeople ripping.

Since then, however, the Kurpfälzer have also been somewhat out of the way. So was a 3-0 away win at KFC Uerdingen the only threesome among the last six league games. From the international break, the troupe of Bernhard Trares came out really bad and lost the home game against Hallescher FC clear with 0: 4.

“Against Bayern I expect a very intense game. I think there are two teams meeting each other who want to play football and who can play football very well. Our exploitation of opportunities must necessarily be better. To do that we need to be smarter in some situations and more aggressive in the duels. ” – Arianit Ferati on the club’s website

Exactly this game showed the ambitious promoted finally his place in the 3rd league clearly. Although the SVW must be held to good that a veritable epidemic of injury has hit the former Bundesliga, which is why in Munich, for example, with Miro Varvodic the third goalkeeper must stand between the posts.

Nonetheless, the Waldhof was on equal footing with Halle, but left all the big opportunities once again unused, while the kickers from Saxony-Anhalt slammed four freezes.

So the result may have been much too hard, but the SVW learned in this match for the first time on the really hard way, what comes around when his own 100% he left in front of the opposing goal in rows. Particularly in the obligation is since the failure of top scorer Valmir Sulejmani while the Ivorian Kevin Koffi.

In the Regionalliga Südwest he was last season still the top scorer and was accordingly brought with much advance laurels by league rivals SV Elversberg in the square city. In the third league, however, his record reads – although he works a lot for the team and the ball right well moored – devastating for a center forward: twelve missions, 637 minutes of play and still zero goals.

It will also depend on him, whether the SVW his away series from now 24 games in foreign places, which favor in Bayern 2 against Mannheim the tip on the Waldhöfer point win thoroughly, can continue. After all, the Reds are vulnerable especially on the defensive and conceded 23 goals. With the absent players in the defense chain are likely to give opportunities for the Kurpfälzer under guarantee. These are then mandatory to use.

Best scorers in the league:
🏆 Valmir Sulejmani and Gianluca Korte (4 goals each)
🏆 Marcel Seegert (3 goals)

Expected formation of Mannheim:
↪ Varvodic – Hofrath – Seegert – Schultz – Marc – Schuster – Christiansen – G. Korte – Diring – Deville – Koffi

Last matches from Mannheim:

⚽️ 19.10.2019 – Waldhof Mannheim vs Halle 0: 4 (3rd league)
⚽️12.10.2019 – VfR Mannheim vs Waldhof Mannheim 0: 3 (Reg. Cup Baden)
⚽️ 05.10.2019 – FC Viktoria Cologne vs. Waldhof Mannheim 2: 2 (3rd league)
⚽️ 29.09.2019 – Waldhof Mannheim vs Rostock 1: 1 (3rd league)
⚽️ 23.09.2019 – Uerdingen Vs. Waldhof Mannheim 0: 3 (3rd league)

Bayern 2 vs. Mannheim Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

Head to head: 1 – 1 – 0

FC Bayern München II and SV Waldhof Mannheim have faced each other twice. Both duels go back to the former Regionalliga Süd, in which both teams faced in the 2011/12 season.

First, the small Bayern won away in the first leg at Mannheim’s Carl-Benz-Stadion 2-1, before the SVW in the second leg in Munich could achieve a 2-2 draw.

Bayern 2 vs Mannheim Free Soccer Betting Tips Provided by Insider Tipsters

What is also interesting at Bayern 2 against Mannheim for the prediction, is the following fact: the small Bayern occurred so far at home against the other two co-climbers Chemnitz and Viktoria Cologne – and won neither of the two games. The Kurpfälzer, on the other hand, had to play in these two teams away – and each played a draw. Most recently in the last away match a 2: 2 at the cathedral city.

This statistical gambling also emphasizes that these promoters, although they came from very different leagues, quite on a common level move.

Key Facts – Bayern 2 vs Mannheim tips

⭐️ The only duel of both teams in Munich ended in December 2011 2: 2-draw
⭐️ Both teams reported after the international break with a defeat back and have numerous failures to complain
⭐️ Waldhof Mannheim is unbeaten in league play for two seasons across 24 away games

We recommend that you play a draw at Bayern 2 against Mannheim, which should be the most sustainable option overall. On the one hand, the Palatinate are very difficult to beat, which emphasize the only two seasonal defeats. On the other hand, they won too rarely even in games with clear field superiority, because the chance exploitation is now the big shortcoming.

In addition, both teams play replacement-weakened without rows of regular players. In the Kurpfälzern even the nominal third goalkeeper stands between the posts. In short: With the division of points, both teams can also live extremely well.

Competition: 3rd league
Date: 28.10.2019
Insider Tips: X
Odds: 3.80
Stake: 3/10 units

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