Liechtenstein vs Bosnia Free Betting Tips

Liechtenstein vs Bosnia Free Betting Tips

In Group J Italy was the favorites role and prevailed as a group winner. Surprisingly, however, is the second qualifier: Finland may namely for the first time participate in the history of a European Championship. By contrast, Greece, Armenia, Bosnia and Liechtenstein are the losers in the group, with the latter having reserved the last place in the run-up to qualifying.

Liechtenstein vs Bosnia Free Betting Tips

Bosnia, however, has disappointed in this year’s European Championship qualification. The Balkans team was one of the big favorites in Group J behind Italy, but unlike the Italians it was hardly convincing. Only ten points brought Bosnia in the previous nine group games. On the final day of the match, the Balkan footballers are now traveling to Vaduz, where the last group match of the European Championship qualifier is rising.

The bookmakers see the guests as a clear favorite, which is why the high Liechtenstein against Bosnia odds on a point win the home side is not exactly surprising. A away win of the ailing Bosnian national team should be almost natural after the weak European Championship qualification.

Bosnia coach Robert Prosinecki announced his retirement from the Bosnian national team after beating Armenia 2-4, but was retaken by the association and has remained in charge since then. Most recently, the Balkan fighters lost two times in a row, which was also the computational sealed off the group-off.

At least beyond the playoffs of the UEFA Nations League, there is still reason to hope for an Euro 2020 participation. On Monday evening, our Liechtenstein vs Bosnia prediction aims for a sovereign away win of Prosinecki-Elf.

Liechtenstein vs Bosnia Free Betting Tips

Liechtenstein – Statistics & Current Form

With two points from the European Championship qualification, the yield of Liechtenstein – in comparison to the other football gnomes – can be quite impressive. As expected, the underdog is eliminated from the bottom of the group, but surprisingly scored points with two draws. Thus, in the run-up to the Greek encounter hardly a draw of the guests would have been predicted.

If Liechtenstein improves in the next few years, the football dwarf could have realistic chances of winning an Euro ticket, at least through the UEFA Nations League. Stand now, that is not an issue with the football kickers from the Principality. The European Championship qualification wants to round off the team of coach Helgi Kolvidsson with a surprise against the Bosnians.

Since homecoming against Gibraltar in September 2018, Liechtenstein has not won a single international match. In the previous European Championship qualification, the Blue-Red scored only two goals. All in all, Liechtenstein scored only 15 shots on nine goals in nine group matches, which is why the Torausbeute is also less surprising.

In order to take against the Balkan kicker points, but the main focus will be on the defensive work anyway. In the first round, Liechtenstein could not hold against Bosnia and conceded five goals conceded.

The two most valuable players in the squad include Dennis Salanovic (FC Thun) and Nicolas Hasler (Sporting Kansas City). Due to the manageable array of Liechtenstein changes in the starting eleven are unlikely to be expected. The Liechtenstein against Bosnia odds on the home side are tempting, but have only a minimum probability of occurrence.

Expected formation of Liechtenstein:
↪ Büchel – Göppel, Malin, Rechsteiner, Brändle – Büchel – Salanovic, Polverino, Hasler, Meier – Frick

Last matches of Liechtenstein:

⚽️ 15.11.2019 – Finland vs Liechtenstein 3: 0 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 15.10.2019 – Liechtenstein vs Italy 0: 5 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 12.10.2019 – Liechtenstein vs Armenia 1: 1 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 08.09.2019 – Greece vs. Liechtenstein 1: 1 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 05.09.2019 – Bosnia vs Liechtenstein 5: 0 (European Championship Qualification)

Liechtenstein vs Bosnia Free Betting Tips

Bosnia – Statistics & Current Form

Bosnia wants to complete the blamable European Championship qualification with an away win at Liechtenstein. However, the “Zlatni ljiljani” at least does not quite say goodbye to the European Championship in 2020. Thanks to UEFA’s new competition, there is still a chance of participating in the European Championship. In the Nations League, Bosnia won in a group with Northern Ireland and Austria the group victory and will therefore be represented in the playoffs.

There Bosnia can meet teams like Wales, Slovakia, Ireland or Northern Ireland. The association continues to build on the Croatian coach Robert Prosinecki, who had actually resigned. Prosinecki was retuned after the defeat by Armenia but by the association once again and will also tackle the second attempt on the Euro 2020 ticket with Bosnia.

So that Bosnia does not embarrass itself at the end of the European Championship qualification, a victory against Liechtenstein is almost obligatory. Bosnia recently lost 3-0 to Italy, but the result did not really reflect the balanced duel between the two nations. The Prosinecki team was solid but could not compete with the Italians’ overwhelming effectiveness.

On Monday evening, some changes in the squad are expected. For example, reservists like Memisevic as well as the debutants Hotic and Hajradinovic can count on minutes of use.

Accordingly, in Liechtenstein against Bosnia, a prediction on a significant success of the guests should be kept on the slip.

Expected formation of Bosnia:
↪ Sehic – Kolasinac, Kovacevic, Bicakcic, Kvrzic – Pjanic, Cimirot, Besic – Krunic, Dzeko, Visca

Last matches of Bosnia:

⚽️ 15.11.2019 – Bosnia vs Italy 0: 3 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 15.10.2019 – Greece vs Bosnia 2: 1 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 12.10.2019 – Bosnia vs Finland 4: 1 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 08.09.2019 – Armenia Vs. Bosnia 4: 2 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 05.09.2019 – Bosnia vs Liechtenstein 5: 0 (European Championship Qualification)

Liechtenstein vs Bosnia and Herzegovina Direct Comparison

Liechtenstein and Bosnia are already meeting for the eighth time. A hint on the Balkan kickers had paid off in six out of seven cases. Only in the first duel between the two nations, there was a draw.

The Bosnians have good memories of their last away game against Liechtenstein: In the World Cup qualifier in September 2012, Bosnia celebrated the highest victory (8: 1) in the history of the association against Liechtenstein. The game in the first round of this year’s European Championship qualifying ended with a 3-0 home win by the Bosnian national team.

Liechtenstein vs Bosnia and Herzegovina Free Betting Tips Provided by Insider Tipsters

It’s sort of a test match for both teams. In contrast to Liechtenstein, the Bosnians have a victory under the current circumstances but sorely needed. A point loss would be difficult to cope with the group underdog namely. Prosinecki will certainly be experimenting with the UEFA Nations League play-offs.

Reservists and debutants can count on deployment time in the away game in Vaduz. At the latest during the game performance leaders will be spared. Liechtenstein scored only two goals in qualifying, but surprisingly scored two point wins over Armenia and Greece.

Key Facts – Liechtenstein vs Bosnia tips

⭐️ Although Bosnia have been eliminated from the European Championship qualification, they still have a chance to play in the European Championship thanks to the Nations League.
⭐️ Liechtenstein lost the first leg against Bosnia 0: 5.
⭐️ Bosnia have suffered two defeats in the last two group matches.

In contrast to the bookmakers, who have assigned a low probability of occurrence, ie high odds, to the draw between Liechtenstein and Bosnia, we would completely rule out a draw. The situation is too precarious for the guests from Bosnia. Prosinecki had announced his resignation only recently and therefore wants to escape the next setback.

Bosnia wants to find its way back to the UEFA Nations League. At the end of the group stage in the European Championship qualifying frustration reduction is announced. We would place our Liechtenstein against Bosnia tip on passable odds on HT / FT Bosnia and risk seven units.


Competition: European Championship Qualification Group. J
Date: 18.11.2019
Insider Tips: 2/2 HT/FT
Odds: 1.48
Stake: 7/10 units


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