Saarbrucken vs Karlsruhe Free Betting Tips

Saarbrucken vs Karlsruhe Free Betting Tips

Why does a league leader fire his coach? In the fast-paced football business, layoffs have become the order of the day. But even teams in first place have already acted. The best-known example is of course in the Bundesliga, FC Bayern, which has regained its place in the sun in the football upper house under Hansi Flick.

Saarbrucken vs Karlsruhe Free Betting Tips

The same phenomenon can be seen in the 1. FC Saarbrücken in the Regionalliga Südwest. There the club ranks at the top of the league and has nevertheless changed the trainer. Lukas Kwasniok took over the position of the long successful coach Dirk Lottner. Speaking of changing coaches. Before the Saarbrücken vs. Karlsruhe cup game, it can be predicted that this topic will also be very high among the guests.

Alois Schwartz was released there just two days before the duel on Wednesday. The second division is still considered by the bookmakers as a slight favorite, but the odds for a tip on the winner are now very close between Saarbrücken and Karlsruhe.

The match will begin on Wednesday evening and will take place in the Hermann Neuberger Stadium in Völklingen. There is therefore no video evidence in this game, like in two other cup rounds of the last sixteen. Sören Storks will lead the 90 minutes as impartial.

Saarbrucken vs Karlsruhe Free Betting Tips

Saarbrücken – Statistics & current form

The dream of advancing into professional football lives more than ever. 1. FC Saarbrücken leads the table of the Regionalliga Südwest with a five point lead. The club absolutely wants to move up to league 3 and therefore puts personal interests behind.

In the rear series, the successful coach Dirk Lottner was fired because the team’s success seemed to be at risk. Now it should judge Lukas Kwasniok, who already has experience in the listening league. With a brilliant 7: 0 shortly before Christmas, the troop from the Saarland said goodbye to the winter break and is only now starting to play again.

It remains to be seen whether this is a disadvantage against the already well-rehearsed Badeners. In the friendly matches, the regional league team has already tried a team from League 2 – but was clearly defeated by SV Darmstadt with 0: 3. The good offensive, which hit 47 goals most often in the league, does not work that day.

The two goalscorers Sebastian Jacob and Fanol Perdedaj, who both scored three times in the 7-0 victory over Koblenz, will not be on the pitch together on Wednesday. Jacob is still in rehab after a knee surgery. Even new signing Stephan Andrist, who moved to the Saar shortly before the end of the transfer period, will not be operational due to an injury.

Still, home fans don’t have to worry too much. The fourth division team has already thrown two higher-class clubs out of the DFB Cup against Cologne and Regensburg. Again, a tip on the odds of the outsiders is not entirely wrong between Saarbrücken and Karlsruhe. In any case, the shape and the momentum speak more for the blue and black.

Probable lineup of Saarbrücken:
↪ Batz – Miotke, Uaferro, Schorch, Müller – Mendler, Zeitz, Perdedaj, Jänicke – Eisele, Froese

Last games from Saarbrücken:

⚽️ 01/31/2020 – Saarbrücken vs. Voelklingen 3-0 (friendly match)
⚽️ January 25, 2020 – Saarbrücken vs. Altach 1: 0 (friendly game)
⚽️ Jan 15, 2020 – Sonnenhof Großaspach vs. Saarbrücken 0: 4 (friendly match)
⚽️ Jan 10, 2020 – Saarbrücken vs. Darmstadt 0: 3 (friendly match)
⚽️ 07.12.2019 – Saarbrücken vs. Rot-Weiß Koblenz 7: 0 (regional league)

Saarbrucken vs Karlsruhe Free Betting Tips

Karlsruhe – Statistics & current form

The previous assistant coach Christian Eichner will be on the sidelines on Wednesday when the KSC will go to the round of 16. Head coach Alois Schwartz was fired just two days before the game. With this, the club pulled the ripcord after a real negative series.

Even before the winter break, the ascent was not going well and there was no improvement at the beginning of 2020 either. On the contrary. After the 0: 1 in Dresden, the home game against Holstein Kiel was lost at the weekend with 0: 2.

In addition to the already very holy defensive (39 goals conceded means the highest value in league 2), the problems in the game are now added. The red card from Rossbach, which resulted in a “three game suspension”, shows how bare the nerves of the Badeners are.

In the cup there is now the chance to escape something from everyday life in the league and to gain self-confidence for the relegation battle in the lower house with a sense of achievement with the fourth division team. With Choi, Hanek, Fröde and Mübius, several key players in the squad are still missing due to injuries.

Nevertheless, the individual quality of a second division club should be high enough to prevail against a team that is two classes lower. Between Saarbrücken and Karlsruhe, the prediction can be dared that the mental aspect in particular will be decisive.

Probable lineup of Karlsruhe:
↪ Gersbeck – Camoglu, Gordon, Pisot, Carlson – Groiß, Wanitzek, Stiefler, Gondorf – Grozurek, Hofmann

Last games from Karlsruhe:

⚽️ 02/01/2020 – Karlsruhe vs. Kiel 0: 2 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 01/29/2020 – Dresden vs. Karlsruhe 1: 0 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 01/21/2020 – FC Ingolstadt vs. Karlsruhe 0: 4 (friendly match)
⚽️ 01/18/2020 – Karlsruhe vs. Steaua Bucharest 0: 1 (friendly match)
⚽️ Jan 17, 2020 – Karlsruhe vs. Rot-Weiss Essen 0: 2 (friendly game)

Saarbrucken vs Karlsruhe Free Betting Tips

Saarbrucken vs Karlsruhe Direct comparison & statistics highlights

The direct comparison between Saarbrücken and Karlsruhe is a good argument for the tip on the guests. The KSC leads the overall balance with 16: 3 more than clearly and has in the recent past since the turn of the millennium 5-0 success.

In the last comparison in 2013, the clubs separated in league 3 with a goalless draw. After this season, Karlsruhe rose to the lower house and the paths of the two clubs separated until Wednesday.

Saarbrücken vs Karlsruhe Free Betting Tips Provided by Insider Tipsters

Of course there are two game classes between these two clubs and this individual difference should actually be shown on the grass. However, this should have already shown itself in the first two games from Saarbrücken to Regensburg and Koln.

However, the fourth division team prevailed twice and also wants to provide the next surprise against the battered KSC. This scenario does not appear to be completely excluded. At the second division, the nerves are blank after the two bankruptcies at the start of the second half of the season and only two days before the DFB Cup round of 16, coach Alois Schwartz was fired.

The pressure is clearly on the side of the away team, while Saarbrücken is rested in the first competitive game of 2020.

Key facts – Saarbrücken vs Karlsruhe tips

⭐️ Karlsruhe fired coach Schwartz on Monday after the two defeats at the start of the second half of the season:

⭐️ The first competitive game is scheduled for Saarbrücken in 2020:

⭐️ The two clubs last faced each other in 2013 (then 0: 0)

The bookmakers in the game Saarbrücken vs. Karlsruhe not without reason the odds for the game outcome pushed very closely together. The hosts definitely have a realistic chance of making it into the top eight teams in the DFB Cup.

We see the odds almost 50 to 50, which is why the value is even easier to find on the side of the home side. Several betting options appear possible. The pure home win has high odds, but also a correspondingly high risk. The double chance 1 / X is just as possible as the handicap (-0).

In the end, we decided to play for the draw after 90 minutes, which would result in an extension. A very competitive cup fight can be expected in Völklingen and we think it is not unrealistic that the winner will only be known after 120 minutes (plus a possible penalty shoot-out). We recommend four units as the operating height.

Competition: DFB Cup
Date: February 5th, 2020
Insider Tips: X
Odds: 3.5
Stake: 4/10 units


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