Astralis vs Godsent Free Betting Tips

Astralis vs Godsent Free Betting Tips

Major triumphant against Godsent’s international lineup

At the moment e-sports is booming like never before and that’s why we want to provide readers with more tips and information from the Esports industry. Counter Strike Global Offensive hit the million mark for the first time in the middle of the week. The games take place in the Moment online instead.

Astralis vs Godsent Free Betting Tips and Odds – ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe – Esports

At the moment the ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe is taking place and we are us in group A, where besides Astralis and Godsent the teams Spirit, NIP, Vitality and ENCE fight the group victory. The team’s first victory was the Team Spirit against ENCE, with a very superior 2: 0, secure.

Astralis vs Godsent Free Betting Tips

Astralis – Statistics & current form

Astralis has practically dominated the CS: GO scene since the beginning of 2018 and was incredible 106 weeks at the top of the HLTV.ORG ranking. Despite slight fluctuations in In spring 2019, the Danes are always on hand when it really matters. Not to be forgotten however, the fact that Astralis, especially at LAN tournaments, plays very big and often online shows weak appearances.

Time for a change of power?

The last appearance against NAVI on the big stage in Katowice, as well as that Game against NIP, on March 16, 2020, were disappointing and not worthy of the Astralis that told us about Enchanted for years. Lack of use of utility and the loss of this matter of course dominating games makes fans around the world ponder what happens at the top of the world. Not to forget that the games of the group phase, as well as the playoffs, won very superior could be. Both Fnatic, Vitality and Cloud9 were defeated 2-0.

All in all, one can say that Astralis is in a small mold depth and that It goes without saying that victories have been a little lost. Nevertheless, it is about the most successful team in history and a well-rehearsed team that has had quite a few mastered difficult situations brilliantly.

Astralis vs Godsent Free Betting Tips

Godsent – Statistics & current form

With Pavle “Maden” Boskovic, Godsent has one of the great talents in the CS: GO scene at the end of 2019 can commit. The rest of the lineup has been playing together since early 2019 and is about that Organization NoChance changed to SMASH E-Sports in mid-2019 and to Godsent in late 2019.

They played their first game in the ESL Pro League on Monday at 18:00 against Team Vitality. Having a very strong start on Vertigo, they had to fight against an unsafe vitality and above all defeated an unbeatable RpK on the B bombside 14:16. On the opposing pick Nuke did not get into the double-digit range with an 8:16.

Can Godsent surprise?

They won with the Europe Closed Qualifiers, which took place two weeks ago convince against OG and Copenhagen Flames, but have a 0-2 against Complexity Shortened.

They won the ICE Challenge 2020 in February with two very clear wins against ENCE and Virtus Pro and two losses against NAVI.
To sum up, Godsent has become more and more world class lately opens up and with maggots has a jewel of the CS: GO scene in its ranks.

Astralis vs Godsent Direct comparison

Head-to-head duels of these two teams have not yet been recorded. It remains to be seen who can be registered in the victory books.

Astralis vs Godsent Maps

The Godsent map pool is versatile, only they don’t seem to feel comfortable on Mirage.
The first ban mirage is often followed by overpass.
Astralis, the team that probably has the broadest map pool, also banishes Mirage
Default moderately. The second ban often decides, depending on the opponent, between Dust2 and Inferno.
It is almost certain that all Mirage fans will be disappointed in this duel.
Astralis would probably like to run overpass. It remains to be seen whether Godsent will
Firstban changed accordingly. We will very likely have another duel on Vertigo experience which both teams have included in their tight map pool and enjoy playing.

Astralis vs Godsent Best Odds – ESL Pro League Season 2020

🕹 Insider Tips: Astralis
👾 Odds: 1.14
🕹 Insider Tips: Godsent
👾Odds: 6.50

Astralis vs Godsent Free Betting Tips and Odds by Insider Tipsters

Of course, Astralis, as a 4-time major winner, is still uncertain as a favorite against that acting lineup from Godsent. On the other hand, you have to say that Astralis is not more shows the consistency with which they performed in the autumn of last year. The appearance against Navi in ​​Katowice, as well as the appearance against NIP were anything but convincing.

Astralis vs Godsent tips

🤖 Astralis is a 4-time major winner.
🤖 Godsent are aspiring guys with good chances.
🤖 The duel has never existed before.

An outsider bet against the up and coming guys from Godsent is definitely one worth considering. The very high odds are tempting and a win seems to be in the current situation no longer impossible. Nevertheless, the team around Coach Zonic will not do everything possible two defeats to start in the ESL Pro League Season and we’ll have one Thursday night to see much better Astralis.

🕹 Competition: ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe
🤖 Date: 18 March 2020
🕹 Insider Tips: Astralis
👾 Odds: 1.11
🕹 Insider Tips: Godsent
👾 Odds: 6.00


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