LoL Esports Events – Calendar 2020

LoL Esports Events - Calendar 2020


The new decade has begun and with the start of the new year 2020, LoL Esport will also start the next season. The tenth season of LoL professional sports is about to start and LEC will start LCS into the season.

Which LoL Esports events await us in the anniversary season? LoL Esports Events – Calendar 2020

The previous year was another milestone for RIOT Games and League of Legends, because the number of spectators at Worlds 2019 also increased compared to the previous year. With this article, the betting base wants to summarize the upcoming LoL Esports events and dates in a calendar and briefly analyze them.

Overall winner LoL Worlds 2020 – best odds

🕹 China Fun Plus Phoenix
👾 Odds: 5.00
🕹 China Invictus Gaming
👾 Odds: 5.00
🕹 Korea, Republic of Gen.G
👾 Odds: 5.50
🕹 Spain G2 Esports
👾 Odds: 7.00
🕹 Korea, Republic of Dragon X
👾 Odds: 8.00

It is already clear that the tenth anniversary of the Worlds will be held in the largest esports region, China. With the last two world titles, China has taken the throne from South Korea and is considered the strongest nation. But the European scene is also booming and the LEC has impressed internationally

Victory at the MSI and G2 Esports’ final at the World Cup make Europe the second strongest region. When and where will the important LoL events take place in 2020 and what innovations can we expect in the anniversary year? With this article, the betting base gives an overview of the LoL Events 2020 including betting odds & prediction.

LoL Esports Events - Calendar 2020

LoL Esports 2020 Events overview

There is little change in the calendar for 2020 because the main events remain the same. There are some innovations in the individual leagues. The exact dates have not yet been determined, but the timing of the events will be similar to last year:

The most important LoL events in 2020 at a glance:

🤖 Spring 2020 (mid-January to mid-March)
🤖 Spring Finals 2020 (mid-March – early April)
🤖 European Masters Spring (mid April)
🤖 MSI 2020 (May)
🤖 Demacia Cup summer 2020 (beginning of June)
🤖 Summer season 2020 (mid-June to mid-August)
🤖 Rift Rivals 2020 (July)
🤖 Summer Finals 2020 (late August – early September)
🤖 European Masters Summer (mid September)
🤖 Worlds 2020 in China (October – November)
🤖 All-Stars 2020 (early December)
🤖 Demacia Cup Winter 2020 (end of December)
🤖 Kespa Cup 2020 (end of December)

The two largest international tournaments are the MSI in May and the World Cup in China in October. The host country has not yet been determined for MSI, and RIOT may again choose one of the smaller regions as the venue, as in previous years. Another international show of strength will take place in July at the Rift Rivals event. In Europe, the European Masters is the largest tournament where the best teams from the European national leagues compete against each other.

The LoL Highlights 2020 take place accordingly in the months of May, July and October.

LoL Spring 2020

At the start of the new year, the leagues start into the spring season and fight for the title every week. In some regions, this is about important championship points for the World Cup qualification, and the champions for their respective regions compete at MSI 2020.

The league process is somewhat different in the regions. The betting base briefly introduces the top leagues and deals with the innovations in 2020.

LCS United States

The North American LCS will host ten teams in 2020. The defending champion is the four-time Champion Team Liquid. The group has dominated the West for over two years and is again a top favorite this year. Unlike in the LEC, there is an innovation in the playoff system of the LCS.

For the fifth and sixth place it does not go directly into the playoffs, instead the teams start in a “losers bracket” and meet the losers of the first round of playoffs. This results in a slight advantage for the top places, as an immediate elimination is avoided. The reason for this change is probably that a second chance should be offered if a team performs poorly.

LEC European Union

For many years the European king class was called EU LCS, but last year franchising was introduced in Europe and the league was given a new name: League of Legends European Championship (short: LEC). For the Europeans, the first year as LEC was quite successful, because G2 Esports won the MSI 2019 with a dominant 3-0 over Team Liquid from North America.

The three teams of the LEC also did very well at the Worlds in their own country and for the first time all representatives of Europe managed to reach the playoffs. G2 Esports even marched to the final, but lost to China’s FPX. The LEC will also abolish the championship points in 2020 and change the playoff system parallel to the LCS.

Overall winner LEC Spring 2020 – best betting odds

🕹 Spain G2 Esports
👾 Odds: 1.40
🕹 United Kingdom Fnatic
👾 Odds: 7.00
🕹 Spain Origen
👾 Odds: 11.00
🕹 Spain Mad Lions
👾 Odds: 17.00
🕹 United States Rogue
👾 Odds: 21.00

LCK Korea

South Korea’s top league LCK was considered the strongest league in the world for years. Not only the top teams, but the entire league overtook and South Korea dominated the international business. Since two South Korean teams competed against each other in the World Cup finals in 2015-2017, the dominance of the LCK seemed unchallenged.

But the balance of power has shifted in recent years and now the home region of the Esports has been waiting for another international title for two years. In the previous year T1 (previously SKT T1) won both LCK titles, but the three-time world champion could not build on the previous successes internationally. Will the LCK be overshadowed by China and Europe in 2020?

LPL China

The reigning world champion is once again a team from the largest esports region, China. For years, Chinese dominance built up and the region’s own talent pool was increased by South Korean imports. Now the LPL has made it and is not only the largest, but also the strongest league in the world. With Invictus Gaming and Fun Plus Phoenix, the region has the two youngest world champions and several other strong teams such as RNG or EDG.

Unlike the competition, the LPL increases the league annually and also expanded the number this year. With the new team e-Star, the LPL has a total of 17 competitors. The Chinese teams can also be expected to make a strong appearance in 2020.

MSI 2020

At the end of the first half of the LoL esport, the winners of the jumping season gather for the major international showdown. The LoL event has been taking place annually since 2015. The jumping season has become significantly more important due to the MSI and the tournament is an enrichment for both the teams and the fans. At that time, China’s EDG won the first title, after which SKT T1 won the tournament twice in a row before RNG retrieved the MSI title for the LPL.

Last year, G2 Esports brought the trophy to Europe for the first time, making the LEC the defending champion this year. At MSI 2020 there will be 12 teams (winners from all regions), with the teams from the top leagues set for the group phase. The MSI is the first big highlight in the Lol Events Calendar 2020.

Rift Rivals 2020

After the MSI, the summer season begins, which is interrupted after the first three game days to hold the Rift Rivals tournaments. As the name suggests, rival regions meet in a tournament. The two most relevant duels are the competition in the west, EU against NA, and in the east China vs. South Korea vs. Taiwan & Vietnam.

The three or four best teams from the 2020 jumping season will start as representatives. After a group phase, there is a unique playoff game mode. Unlike usual, the teams do not compete for themselves, but for their region. In a Bo5 mode, the teams change after each individual game to ultimately determine the winning region.

In the duel in the west, Europe has triumphed twice over North America, in the east China won the first two events, but last year South Korea won for the first time.

2020 summer season

Another league process will be held in summer, just like in spring. The playoff winner qualifies directly for the World Cup. The LCS is also testing a new playoff system in summer.

Instead of six teams, the best eight teams of the summer will take part, with a losers bracket as in spring. In addition, there are no championship points anymore, instead participation in the Worlds in the LCS is only determined by the result of the summer season.

With this, Riot would like to prevent possibly weak teams that could convince in the spring to participate in the Worlds. In the other three main regions, the championship points remain, and after the playoffs the so-called regional qualification round is played, in which the third strongest team in the region is determined. In the LoL Events Calendar 2020, the summer season is more relevant for the LCS than the spring.

Worlds 2020 China

After the end of the summer season, the mega event of the year, the big international comparison, the Worlds takes place. The number of spectators at the LoL top event was already remarkable in 2018, but last year was able to top these values ​​again.

Over 21.8 million average viewers watched the final in Paris between G2 Esports and Fun Plus Phoenix, an increase over the previous year (19.6). The finale was broadcast in 16 languages ​​on over 20 platforms, making it quite competitive with other major sporting events. In addition, the semi-final between G2 Esports and SKT T1 was the most watched esports match ever.

In the anniversary year 2020, the World Cup returns to China. The tournament already took place in the Middle Kingdom in 2017 and although North America would actually be the venue, RIOT preferred to hold the tenth edition of the event in the largest esport region.

The location for the 2020 final has already been determined. The tenth League of Legends world champion is chosen in the Chinese megacity Shanghai. The defending champion is the China region for the second time in a row, as Fun Plus Phoenix won the Summoners Cup in 2019.

In the all-time table, South Korea still leads with five world championship titles, followed by China with two and Europe and Taiwan with a tournament win. China will remain the big favorite in 2020, with Europe being the strongest competitor recently. Most recently, Europe suffered two defeats against China in the Worlds final. Can the LEC finally win another title in 2020?

24 teams will compete again at the World Cup. Four winners will be determined via the so-called playin stage, which will qualify for the group phase in addition to the top teams from the main regions. Divided into four groups of four, the two best teams in each group reach the quarter-finals. The world champion is determined in the playoffs in Bo5 mode.

The two teams from China, Invictus Gaming and defending champion Fun Plus Phoenix, are the top favorites. G2 Esports is the strongest candidate from Europe and Gen.G from South Korea. The Worlds in the LoL Event Calendar 2020 are undoubtedly the big highlight.

Overall winner LoL Worlds 2020 – best odds

🕹 China Fun Plus Phoenix
👾 Odds: 5.00
🕹 China Invictus Gaming
👾 Odds: 5.00
🕹 Korea, Republic of Gen.G
👾 Odds: 5.50
🕹 Spain G2 Esports
👾 Odds: 7.00
🕹 Korea, Republic of Dragon X
👾 Odds: 8.00
🕹 Korea, Republic of T1
👾 Odds: 9.00
🕹 China Top Esports
👾 Odds: 9.00

Allstars event

The entertaining Allstars event is scheduled for early December. The fans choose their favorite players from their region, all other participants are selected by RIOT Games. So this event is not a team, but exquisite individual players. In addition to the professional players, several well-known streamers like “Tyler1” and former professionals like “Madlife” are also invited.

That is why the focus of Allstars is less on competition and more on entertainment. Teams are put together to compete against each other, and fun game modes such as “URF” or “All for One” are played. There is also a “Charity 2v2” tournament, in which the winner is allowed to financially support a self-chosen foundation.

The 1v1 tournament, in which only professional players compete to determine the king of the direct man-to-man competition, is taken much more seriously. Last year, Fnatic’s top planner “Bwipo” surprisingly secured the coveted trophy.

Demacia & Kespa Cup 2020

At the end of the year there are two major tournaments in the eastern regions. In China it is the so-called Demacia Cup, in which all top teams and also second division teams are involved. There is a group phase and then playoffs, with the strongest teams of the LPL being set in the groups. The Demacia Cup is held in summer and winter. Most recently, RNG won the title with a 3-1 in the final over EDG.

The KespaCup takes place at almost the same time in South Korea and offers a first taste of the coming season. As in China, teams from the second division are also involved, initially competing against first division clubs in a round of elimination; the four best teams reach the playoffs.

The best four teams of the summer season are set for the quarterfinals and meet the winners of the elimination round. The overall winner is determined in Bo5 mode. A few weeks ago, Afreeca Freecs surprisingly won the title with a dominant 3-0 over Sandbox Gaming.

LoL Esports Events - Calendar 2020

LoL Esports Events 2020 Info & overview

An overview of the LoL 2020 events calendar shows few changes compared to the previous year. The league process has already started in China, North America and Europe. Unfortunately, the LPL is currently pausing indefinitely due to the threat of the coronavirus.

The LCK will start its tenth season from 05.02.20. No LoL fan should miss the top events like the MSI in May and the Worlds 2020 in October. Another big LoL event in 2020 is the European Masters tournament, where the teams of the national leagues compete against each other.

Where will the LoL Events 2020 be streamed?

English-language streams are also offered for the LPL and LCK and the number of viewers is growing steadily. Will it work for the LEC on the third attempt with the world title? We will get the answer to this question in October when the Worlds 2020 will take place in China.

But even before that, the LoL 2020 Events Calendar offers exciting events around the clock all over the world. In any case, the betting providers will again offer exciting betting opportunities for the highlights of the year mentioned.


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