NAVI vs Complexity Free Betting Tips ESL Pro League Europa

NAVI vs Complexity Free Betting Tips ESL Pro League Europa

NAVI vs Complexity Free Betting Tips ESL Pro League Europa – Esports


We are in Group B of the ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe. In addition to Fnatic and forZe, the teams North, BIG, Complexity and NAVI are in this group. In the duel NAVI against Complexity, the current number 1 from Russia meets number 17.


Disappointing HLTV # 1 against Complexity’s mixed lineup

Current table situation group B

On the first two match days of Group B, the German team BIG and forZe in particular managed to draw attention to themselves. On the third match day of Group B, BIG played Complexity Gaming, which are currently in the group’s last place with two losses. The Germans narrowly lost 14:16 on the third crucial map.

BIG was able to prevail against the two favorites of the fnatic and NAVI groups and thus laid a really good foundation for progress.

Fnatic had relatively clear successes against North on the Vertigo and Mirage maps and was able to secure a 2-1 victory. The duel NAVI against forZe was a thriller, which HLTV # 1 could ultimately win for itself. With their victories on the last two match days, Fnatic has now secured first place in Group B. BIG and forZe are right behind. None of the teams made it into the fourth matchday unbeaten. So everything in Group B remains exciting.

NAVI vs Complexity Free Betting Tips ESL Pro League Europa

NAVI – Statistics & current form

NAVI was very insecure on the first two days. Only an incredible simple was convincing. With defeats against BIG and North, NAVI is currently the big disappointment of the ESL PRO League Europe. The Russian lineup, around IGL Boombl4, had incredible appearances in Katowice and was able to secure one of the most important tournaments of the year. As strong and unbeatable as they seemed offline, their online presence on the first two days of the ESL PRO Series was so weak and disappointing.

With defeats against North and BIG, the start could not have been worse. On matchday three against forZe, they were 0-1 behind in Inferno. After a weak first half on their pick train, they managed to catch up in half two. In overtime, they won the game and defeated forZe with 16:13 on the Nuke decision map.

NAVI vs Complexity Free Betting Tips ESL Pro League Europa

Complexity – Statistics & current form

The owner and CEO of Complexity, Jason Lake, who founded the team in 2003, spoke in the game against BIG about a car accident poizens the evening before the match and a generally poor performance in online appearances. Complexity, one of the most historic teams in the history of CS: GO, seems to have regained its former strength after falling to rank 67 in late 2019. With 15th place they recently achieved their best position ever and started an attack on the world’s top.

The young team around major winner Rush secured a place for the European minor with a 2-0 win against Godsent earlier this month. However, the games against forZe and fnatic in the Pro League were less successful. With BIG they had to compete against the current league leaders on matchday three and made it to the third map after losing to Mirage and winning Nuke. There was an exciting exchange of blows on Dust2, which Complexity 16:14 won. If Complexity wins against NAVI, the betting odds for a tip are up to 3.75.

NAVI vs Complexity Direct Comparison

The duel NAVI against Complexity took place in 2020 as part of the BLAST Premier Spring Series. In a Best of Three almost two months ago, NAVI celebrated a clear 2-0 win on Mirage and Train.

NAVI vs Complexity maps

NAVI acts Vertigo as their first spell and otherwise has a very broad mappool. Only on Overpass do they rarely come into play. Especially on Train and Mirage, they feel very comfortable with a win rate of 83%. Dust2 is the current first pick from NAVI.

Complexity also decided against Vertigo when choosing their map pool and has otherwise been represented on all maps in the last 3 months. With a win rate of 75%, Train is their strongest map. They feel the least comfortable on Inferno, where they have won only four of their last eleven duels. They chose Dust2 and Mirage as their first pick in the last two matches.

A duel on Dust2 and Mirage seems very likely, on which both teams feel very comfortable. The decision map could possibly be called Train.

NAVI vs Complexity free betting tips & odds by Insider Tipsters

On the fourth day of the ESL PRO League, NAVI and Complexity are two teams that don’t feel quite as comfortable online. Despite a disappointing start in the ESL Pro League, we believe in the duel NAVI vs. Complexity to a tip on the favorites.

NAVI vs Complexity Betting Odds comparison

🕹 Insider Tips: NAVI
👾 Odds: 1.25
🕹 Insider Tips: Complexity
👾 Odds: 3.75

NAVI vs Complexity tips

🤖 S1mple is in an incredible shape.
🤖 Complexity could not convince online yet.
🤖 NAVI with a strong performance on matchday three.

Complexity was also not yet convincing and will lose out against NAVI. In NAVI vs Complexity, we like the odds of predicting a 2-0 win for NAVI the best.

NAVI vs Complexity Best odds ESL Pro League Season

🕹 Insider Tips:NAVI
👾 Odds: 1.32
🕹 Insider Tips: Complexity
👾 Odds: 3.75


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