Las Sabanas vs Diriangen Free Betting Tips

Las Sabanas vs Diriangen Free Betting Tips

The bottom of the league receives the leaders!

Necessity is the mother of invention! Accordingly, the current situation offers the opportunity to take a look beyond the much-cited bigger picture and to dedicate ourselves to football in countries that are otherwise far below the radar.

Las Sabanas vs Diriangen Free Betting Tips- Nicaragua Clausura

As of today, the betting base for live football in Nicaragua has found what it is looking for. The result is a duel of differences: Las Sabanas, bottom of the table, receives leaders Diriangen. Has the prediction been made in advance?

Football in Nicaragua is a blank slate for almost every reader. Accordingly, some general information comes at the beginning. Nicaragua is located in Central America between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and borders on Honduras, Costa Rica and the Caribbean. The country has just under six million inhabitants and the national football team is only 151st in the FIFA world rankings.

National football is broken down into two parts. How often overseas is there an aperture (first round) and a clausura (second half). Two masters are also identified. Just before Christmas, the Real Esteli F.C. the title win. We are now in the Clausura and ten of the 18 games were completed in the basic round.

When looking at the betting base odds comparison it can be seen that in the duel last against first by the bookmakers, unsurprisingly, the guests are clearly favored. Between Las Sabanas and Diriangen, the tip of the away win entices with betting odds of up to 1.75.

Las Sabanas – Statistics & current form

In the Madriz region, Las Sabanas is a small town with just under 5,000 inhabitants. The football club was only founded in 2009 and right in the year it was founded, the club was able to celebrate winning the title in the third division, thereby ensuring its advancement into the second division. This was to remain home for a decade.

Surprising climb last season

Not only in the top division, the league is divided into Apertura and Clausura, but also a league below. In the second half of last season, the team set off on an unexpected high.

First, Las Sabanas defeated FC Brumas in the final of the second half of the season and won a promotional final against FC Gutierrez. After a defeat abroad (1: 2), Las Sabanas prevailed at home with 2: 0 and fixed the first promotion to the upper house of football in Nicaragua.

The first half of Deportivo Las Sabanas

And the team presented itself competitively from the start. The team was particularly convincing in the home games and collected 14 points in nine games (four wins, two draws, three defeats). Thanks to these points, the cornerstone was laid that a top six place was achieved and the team immediately reached the play-offs. In the intermediate round, however, Deportivo Las Sabanas was beaten 0-1 by the future champions Real Esteli.

Las Sabanas in free fall

The strong first half of the season had fueled hopes, but the team of head coach Jorge Luis Vanegas had not been able to fulfill them in the past few weeks. After ten games, there are only a meager six counters on the credit side. Only one win was achieved and just six goals were scored.

A look at the statistics also shows that any home strength was completely lost. None of the four home games were won (two draws, two losses, and only two goals were scored).

Las Sabanas is in free fall and has lost five of their last eight league games (three draws). The offensive is currently nothing more than a gentle breeze (six goals). In this respect, the prediction of less than 2.5 appears to be a good option between Las Sabanas and Diriangen. On Wednesday, due to the ghost game, part of the home advantage will also be lost.

Last games from Las Sabanas:

Liga Primera Clausura
⚽️ 03/23 2020 Deportivo Las Sabanas 1 – 1 Chinandega FC
⚽️ 03/19 2020 Juventus FC 5 – 0 Deportivo Las Sabanas
⚽️ 03/16 2020 Deportivo Las Sabanas 0-2 Deportivo Walter Ferreti
⚽️ 03/09 2020 Managua FC 4 – 1 Deportivo Las Sabanas
⚽️ 03/02 2020 ART Municipal Jalapa 1 – 0 Deportivo Las Sabanas

Diriangén – Statistics & current form

While Deportivo Las Sabanas looks back on a very young club history, Diriangén FC is one of the oldest clubs – not only in the home country, but in all of Central America. The association was founded in 1917 and was the figurehead in Nicaragua, especially in the 1940s. To date, the club has collected a total of 26 championships. The last title was won in Clausura 2018 – which ended a twelve-year losing streak.

The Apertura of Diriangén

The start of the new season was absolutely catastrophic for Diriangen. After eight league games, the club had just four points. Despite this crisis, the club management held on to head coach Mauricio Cruz (who has been in office since May 2017) and was rewarded for this continuity.

After the first win of the season on game day nine, the team played a great frenzy and hurried from win to win. In the last eleven games an impressive 29 points were collected. With 32 points in the end, second place was achieved and Diriangén was already in the semi-finals. Against Las Sabanes-Vanquisher Real Esteli, however, there was a bitter end in the second and second leg due to the away goals rule.

False start in the Clausura

Compared to the Apertura, it is not mandatory to speak of a false start in the current second half of the season, but under new coach Flavio Rego da Silva (who was with Diriangén from 2014 to 2015) there was again no victory in the first two games. After a goalless draw, there was a 1: 2 loss to Las Sabanes in the first leg.

Since this defeat, the shape curve has clearly been pointing upwards. In the last twelve competitive games (league and cup) Diriangén has an 11-1-0 record. In view of this condition, in the duel between Las Sabanes and Diriangén, the odds offered by the best bookmakers on the market to guests are to be regarded as absolutely lucrative.

Last games of Diriangén:

Liga Primera Clausura
⚽️ 03/22 2020 Diriangén FC 2 – 0 Deportivo Ocotal
⚽️ 03/19 2020 Real Madriz FC 0 – 1 Diriangén FC
⚽️ 03/15 2020 Diriangén FC 2 – 0 Real Esteli FC
⚽️ 03/09 2020 Diriangén FC 0 – 0 ART Municipal Jalapa
⚽️ 03/01 2020 Chinandega FC 0 – 1 Diriangén FC

Las Sabanas vs Diriangen Direct Comparison

It is duel number four in the 2019/20 season between the two teams. A look at the results so far between Las Sabanas and Diriangen shows that every tip was correct. In the Apertura championship, the teams separated 1-1 in Las Sabanas before Diriangen won 4-0 at home.

The first leg of the current Clausura championship brought Las Sabanas back to the bottom completely surprisingly despite a half-time deficit with 2-1 – the only success of Las Sabanas in the second half.

Las Sabanas vs. Diriangén Statistics Highlights

Liga Primera Clausura
⚽️ 02/02 2020 Diriangén FC 1 – 2 Deportivo Las Sabanas
Liga Primera Apertura
⚽️ 10/16 2019 Diriangén FC 4 – 0 Deportivo Las Sabanas
⚽️ 08/04 2019 Deportivo Las Sabanas 1 – 1 Diriangén FC

Las Sabanas vs Diriangén Free Betting Tips Provided by Insider Tipserts

The last one receives the leaders – at first glance, this should be a clear matter. It is difficult to assess the quality of the individual players in Nicaragua, despite intensive research, but the bare numbers are not lying.

The 26-time champion is in excellent shape (11-1-0 record). In this respect, we rate the betting odds on guests between Las Sabanes and Diriangen as very interesting.

Key facts – Las Sabanas vs Diriangén tips

Las Sabanas has been at the bottom of the table for eight games without any success
The first leg was the only success for Las Sabanas in the current Clausura championship
11-1-0 – Diriangén has been in top form for the past few weeks

However, we not only opt for the tip on the victory of the favorite, but are also good things that the guests will prevail without conceding a goal. The strongest arguments for this choice are the weak form of the home side, the extremely harmless offensive (only six goals) as well as the outstanding form of the guests (eleven wins in twelve games) and the fact that Diriangen have only conceded three goals so far (two of them in the first leg) ) collected.

Competition: Nicaragua Clausura
Date: 25.03.2020
Insider Tips: Dirianges to zero
Odds: 2.6
Stake: 5/10 units


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