Cloud9 vs Evil Geniuses Free Betting Tips LCS Spring 2020 – Esports

Cloud9 vs Evil Geniuses Free Betting Tips LCS Spring 2020 - Esports

Does Cloud9 suffer another defeat on match day?

The last matches of the spring season 2020 are on the LCS. Unlike in the LEC, the six playoff teams have not yet been decided and the last game day offers several exciting matches. It will be particularly tight for the four-time defending team Team Liquid, because the team may need two victories to still reach the playoffs.


Cloud9 vs Evil Geniuses Free Betting Tips LCS Spring 2020 – Esports

Cloud9 has been the first place winner for several weeks. The LCS leader has an impressive 15-1 result. Despite two wins on the previous day, Cloud9 was no longer as untouchable as before. Now there is a challenge waiting for Cloud9 with the Evil Geniuses. Why is a tip on EG worth the current odds over 3.25?

Evil Geniuses have been unbeaten for five games and are currently one of the strongest teams in the league, especially due to the performance increase. Several players know each other from 2019, because “Zeyzal” and “Svenskeren” played for Cloud9 at the time.

Therefore, the two teams know each other very well and the question arises as to who can take advantage of it. One tip is that “Svenskeren” leads his new team Evil Geniuses to victory against Cloud9 and is rated with high odds.

Cloud9 vs Evil Geniuses Livestream – Where?

TV / Livestream: Twitch (Official Channel: LCS)

Two top games await us right at the start. TSM will compete against 100 Thieves, then Cloud9 against Evil Geniuses. The matchday can be followed in English on the official channel LCS on Twitch.

LCS Spring 2020 – Matchday 9, March 28/29, 2020 – Matches

🇺🇸 100Thieves – TSM 🇺🇸
🇺🇸 Cloud9 – Evil Geniuses 🇬🇧
🇺🇸 Fly Quest – Team Liquid 🇺🇸
🇺🇸 Golden Guardians – CLG 🇺🇸
🇺🇸 Dignitas – Immortals 🇺🇸

Cloud9 vs Evil Geniuses Free Betting Tips LCS Spring 2020 - Esports

Cloud9 – Statistics & current form

For Cloud9, the end of the season is only a matter of form, because the group has already been chosen as the first place. The LCS has not had such a dominant season for several years. A few weeks ago, rival TSM prevented the perfect season for Cloud9, but the squad could not be thrown back by that.

With 15-1 victories, Cloud9 is unchallenged in first place, however, the team will give their all on the last day of the match, because it is against two rivals (EG & Team Liquid). In addition, you definitely want to end the regular season with a success.

Does Cloud9 suffer a defeat on the last match day?

Last matchday Cloud9 won its two matches in under 30 minutes. Nevertheless, the experts saw weaknesses in the game of the front runner of the LCS. Indeed, Cloud9 looked a little more vulnerable and CLG and 100Thieves were certainly not a big challenge.

With Evil Geniuses, there is now an opponent in top form against whom Cloud9 cannot afford to make mistakes. It won’t be easy in the second game against Liquid either, because Liquid needs a win and has a high individual class.

Can Cloud9 still take the LCS Spring 2020 title?

Cloud9 is already the clear title favorite for the experts in Spring 2020. Such a dominant season has not existed for a long time. However, there are still some surprises waiting in Bo5 mode. Teams like Evil Geniuses and TSM still have a lot of room for improvement and could be dangerous for Cloud9.

Nevertheless, Cloud9’s role as favorites to win the title is justified. There will be a tasting on the last game day when Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses meet. The tip on the ground floor is recommended here. In Bo1 mode, Cloud9 is definitely beatable and the high betting rates are appealing.

Team Roster:

Coach: 🇰🇷 Republic of Reapered
Players: 🇨🇦 Licorice, 🇺🇸 Blaber, 🇧🇪 Nisqy, 🇩🇰 Zven, 🇨🇦 Vulcan

Cloud9 vs Evil Geniuses Free Betting Tips LCS Spring 2020 - EsportsEvil Geniuses – Statistics & current form

Evil Geniuses are back in the LCS. The organization bought the place in the league from Echo Fox and provided a strong roster. With the commitment of the MVP of the 2019 summer season, “Svenskeren” and the two-time world champion, the organization showed its ambitions for the title.

However, the group started the season weak. Only in the past few weeks has the roster shown its potential and especially the Midlaner “Jiizuke” has seen a significant increase in performance. With the last five wins in a row, EG is now in second place, together with TSM and Fly Quest and wants to clear the place behind Cloud9 on the last day of the game.

Can EG be trusted with the title?

Evil Geniuses is currently the strongest team in the league behind Cloud9. The troop’s playoff entry is very likely. On the last game day there is a first showdown with the title favorite Cloud9. If EG can perform against the front-runner, winning the title cannot be ruled out. Individually EG is very well positioned and in Bo5 mode the experienced team is definitely a serious opponent.

Will EG take second place?

The race for the second place in the table is a three-way battle between TSM, Fly Quest and EG, which are currently tied for 9-7 victories. Of these three teams, EG probably has the most difficult remaining program, especially because of the match with Cloud9.

However, EG is currently in the best shape. Third place is very likely. If EG wins against Cloud9, second place would be possible. The bookmakers see Cloud9 in a duel with Evil Geniuses according to the odds as clear favorites, which makes a tip on EG worthwhile, since in Bo1 mode Cloud9 can also be beaten.

Team Roster:

Coach: 🇰🇷 Republic of Irean
Players: 🇰🇷, Republic of Kumo, 🇩🇰 Svenskeren, Italy Jiizuke, 🇰🇷 Republic of Bang, United States Zeyzal

Cloud9 vs Evil Geniuses Betting odds comparison

🕹 Insider Tips: Cloud9
👾 Odds: 1.33
🕹 Insider Tips: Evil Geniuses
👾 Odds: 3.25

Cloud9 vs Evil Geniuses Free Betting Tips by Insider Tipsters

Already the second game of the last game day is the match of the week, because Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses are currently the strongest teams in the league. In addition, former teammates meet in this duel. Last year “Svenskeren” was a kind of mentor for the young “Blaber”, who is now the jungler at Cloud9. “Zeyzal” also knows the players of Cloud9 very well and EG could take advantage of this fact. However, this effect also applies in reverse.

Despite the dominance of Cloud9 in Spring 2020, a tip on Evil Geniuses is interesting, since in Bo1 mode the chances for the weaker team are significantly better than in a game series Tip on daring the underdog.

Cloud9 vs Evil Geniuses tips

🤖 Cloud9 is already safely in first place
🤖 EG recently won five matches in a row
🤖 EG is fighting for second place with TSM and Fly Quest

First Blood betting is also interesting. As “Svenskeren” has more experience and knows “Blaber” very well, the Dane in early game could have an advantage over his former teammate and predict his moves.

Cloud9 vs Evil Geniuses Betting odds & other interesting bets at a glance:

EG kills the first baron

🕹 Insider Tips: Yes
👾 Odds: 2.75
🕹 Insider Tips: No
👾 Odds: 1.40

Evil Geniuses dominated his last encounters and is on the upswing. A win over Cloud9 would be a clear declaration of war in the title fight of the LCS and Evil Geniuses has very high betting odds over 3.25 on a win. The bet is played with four units.

Next week the top six LCS teams will start the playoffs; the winner of the Spring Season 2020 represents the North America region at MSI 2020.


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