Victory Five vs Funplus Phoenix Free Betting Tips

Victory Five vs Funplus Phoenix Free Betting Tips

Is the world champion short job?

The duel between Victory Five and FunPlus Phoenix is ​​out of the drawer “David against Goliath”. VF currently occupies last place in the LPL and is still waiting for the first win of the season. Just one map was won in the eight games so far.

Victory Five vs Funplus Phoenix Free Betting Tips – eSports

With FunPlus Phoenix, the reigning world champion, who is also turning up more and more in league operations, is now looking to make matters worse. Since the forced break ended by the Coronavirus, the team has been wearing a snow-white vest of seven successes in a row.

The Victory Five against FunPlus Phoenix tip includes a lead of at least eleven kills within the first map for the third in the table. It can be followed live via the LPL account on Twitch. The Victory Five vs. FunPlus Phoenix Forecast is accompanied by the use of five units.

Victory Five – Statistics & current form

Victory Five has only been a member of the LPL since last season. The previous course of the season
Head coach Wu-Zi-Yi’s team can be briefly described as catastrophic. After eight rounds of play, the team remains victorious.

Even in the debut seasons, at least four victories were achieved in the Spring edition and five successes in the Summer edition, but this season could be the weakest so far from Victory Five’s point of view.

Two players have been released from quarantine

However, there is some hope that Xiaohan and Max, two players, have returned from quarantine last week, which has improved the personnel situation. However, it is obvious that the formation is still in the process of building up.

With the owner Mario Ho, who owns various casinos in Macau, Victory Five has a financially potent sponsor who will certainly continue to stick to the project in the near future. For the moment, however, the troop plays only a minor role in the LPL from an esports perspective.

Another value tip from the betting base

In view of the clear starting position in favor of the master, at Victory Five – FunPlus Phoenix we also place sufficient value in the odds for the First Blood in the first map in favor of the favorite.

FunPlus Phoenix – Statistics & current form

FunPlus Phoenix was founded at the end of 2017 as another FuPlus department for the League of Legends area. The team features various players from South Korea, the former hot spot of the LoL scene. For example, both top laners in the form of GimGoon and Khan come from the Asian country.

The current success of the team is again not surprising: the team was already strong in 2019. After the Jungler Gao Tian-Liang and Mid Laner Kim Tae-sang were brought in, FunPlus Phoenix took first place in the regular season of the spring season.

Subsequently, it still defeated JD Gaming in the semi-finals of the playoffs, which is why only third place ultimately emerged.

FunPlus Phoenix is ​​the reigning LPL champion and world champion

In the following summer season, coach Chen Ju-Chih’s team could not be stopped. Not only the domestic championship was booked, but on top no less than the world championship title.

In the second edition in 2012, only Taipei Assassins had previously succeeded in winning a title when they first took part in the World Championship. For China, it was also the second title in a row, which made the changing of the guard even more apparent compared to South Korea.

Kim Tae-sang represents an important personnel factor for the current very successful season. The player is best known for his moniker “Doinb” and also comes from South Korea.

The double MVP of the LPL, an achievement that no player had ever achieved before, is without a doubt one of the best mid laners in the Chinese House of Lords and worldwide. During this season, no other player was awarded the MVP of a match as often as the 23-year-old.

Victory Five vs FunPlus Phoenix – head to head statistics

Last season, the reigning World Champion prevailed in both duels. For the new edition of Victory Five against FunPlus Phoenix, the odds clearly indicate a continuation of this balance of power.

Victory Five vs FunPlus Phoenix Betting odds comparison – Esports

🕹 Insider Tips: Victory Five
👾 Odds: 5
🕹 Insider Tips: FunPlus Phoenix
👾 Odds: 1.01

Victory five vs FunPlus phoenix Free Betting Tips by Insider Tipsters

Victory Five is currently more or less an esports free walk in the LPL. The team has never won a game this season. Even against teams like Roque Warriors or LGD Gaming, which are also based in the table cellar, the bankruptcy recently set. It is also particularly bitter that the slippers usually turn out clearly.

In the eight previous games, only one map was successfully contested. Even the return of Xiaohan and Max, who have been in quarantine since February, will only increase the quality of the squad to a limited extent. With FunPlus Phoenix, the selection is now also faced by a particularly strong opponent.

Key facts – Victory Five vs FunPlus Phoenix tips

👾 Victory Five is bottom of the table and still without a win (0-8)
👾 FunPlus Phoenix has been unbeaten in seven rounds
👾 Last year, the bottom of the table lost both games against the world champion

The team is in third place and has a good chance of defending the title of the last summer season. The Victory Five vs. FunPlus Phoenix Tip therefore includes a triumph of the favorite in terms of the kills in the context of the first map, with a handicap of -10.5 being selected for him.

The reigning champion has outstanding players like “Doinb”, the first Korean to play at least 300 games in the LPL. The Mid Laner is involved in more than two thirds of all of his team’s kills and assists. His win rate of almost 70 percent is also impressive. A value that only three Mid Laners surpass.

Insider Tips: FunPlus Phoenix Card 1 Kills (-10.5)
Odds: 1.83


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