OG vs HellRaisers Free Betting Tips

OG vs HellRaisers Free Betting Tips

On Tuesday, in the European / CIS area of ​​ESL One LA (online version), we have the match OG vs HellRaisers.

OG vs HellRaisers Free Betting Tips

Does HR benefit from the fact that OG is experimenting with draft picks?


OG played extremely little after winning another The International. Besides the holiday period, the organization had to go through the shock of the roster change. Ana took an extended break again, Ceb decided to retire on the band’s official armchair, while JerAx left the game.
So they came in their place MidOne, SumaiL and Saksa. After a 4th place at Midas Mode Europe (a tournament with other game rules), OG got the ESL One Los Angeles qualification coming from the free qualifiers.
MidOne and Tompson were absent from WeSave! Charity Play, so Ceb and Madara (from “sister” OG Seed) took their place. The outcome? OG lost 2-0 to Team Liquid. The same situation is repeated now, with one discordant note: 33 will play for OG. The good part is that the former Alliance player can cover more positions.
OG has a balance of 3W – 2L and is in second place in group A. The last duel they lost, 0-2 with VP.


HellRaisers decided after TI9 to return with the Dota 2 team. After some mediocre results, where the highlight was 3rd at The Summit 11, HellRaisers changed something on the roster in early 2020.
Nix and Miposhka remained in the team, and besides them came Xannii, Funn1k and, last month, RodjER.
The team failed to qualify for ESL One Los Angeles, after losing the decisive duel, with VP, score 0-2. They took revenge with VP in the semifinals at WeSave! Charity Play, 2-1, for the CIS final to overcome Na’Vi, score 3-0. They lost the CIS / EU duel, 2-3 against Nigma.
In the Parimatch League, HR took 3rd place, after conceding the final lower-bracket with FTM, score 0-2. They also started ESL One with VP, 1-2 defeat. They have a balance of 2W – 3L, after a failure with Nigma, score 0-2.

OG vs HellRaisers Free Betting Tips

HR tried Morph carry twice against Nigma and it didn’t work. From what I’ve seen, HellRaisers don’t find many options when playing against top tier formations. In this respect, OG is one of the best teams. Even if it does not happen. Especially now, with 33 at midday, a man used to be rather offline heroes. But even these particularities could confuse HR people. However, there is no huge difference between the two teams. At least one map to be able to take from HR, with OG experiencing drafts. Our prediction is HellRaisers + 1.5 maps, odds 1.68.

Insider Tips: Hellraisers
Odds: 1.59

Insider Tips: Hellraisers 2-1
Odds: 3.30


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