T1 vs DragonX Free Betting Tips LCK Spring 2020

T1 vs DragonX Free Betting Tips LCK Spring 2020

Will the defending champion and record champion T1 reach the final again?

After decisions were made in Europe and North America last weekend, the South Korean LoL league, LCK, is also heading for the home stretch. Only three teams are still in the race for the coveted LCK Spring 2020 title, which in addition to the remarkable prize money also entitles to participate in the MSI 2020.

T1 vs DragonX Free Betting Tips LCK Spring 2020

The winner of the regular season, Gen.G, is already waiting for the final, which will be held on Saturday, April 25th, 2020. In the competition for the second place in the final, the record champion and defending champion T1 and DragonX will climb into the summoners’ gulf on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020.

The newly formed team DragonX has two runners-up, “Chovy” and “Doran”, who already failed at T1 last year. Will the protected of coach “cvMax” overcome the record champions in the semi-finals?

Superstar “Faker” has won the LCK eight times with T1 and wants to return to the final. As a two-time defending champion, T1 remains one of the favorites in 2020. That is why the record champion T1 against DragonX is the favorite and the betting odds on DragonX are above 2.6. Is a tip on the outsider worthwhile or does T1 continue to dominate the LCK?

T1 vs. DragonX Livestream – Where?

TV / Livestream: Twitch (Official Channel: LCK)

On Wednesday from 10 a.m.European time, T1 and DragonX will compete for the final in LCK Spring 2020.

Korea, republic of LCK spring playoffs – match schedule

Wildcard round 1

LCK Playoffs Spring 2020

KT Rolster 1-2 Damwon Gaming

DragonX 3-2 Damwon Gaming


T1 – DragonX, April 22, 2020


Gen.G – TBD, 04/25/20

T1 – Statistics & current form

When looking at the LCK history, it quickly becomes clear that T1 (previously SKT T1) is the strongest force in South Korea. With eight LCK titles already, the team is the undisputed number 1 in the all-time table. After the unsuccessful year 2018, T1 returned to the top of the league in 2019 with strong signings and secured both titles. However, the triple world champion did not succeed on the international stage.

In the off-season, T1 lost several key players. The biggest loss is probably the departure of the successful coach “Kkoma”, which led the team to three world championship titles. The departure of the experienced toplan “Khan” and “Clids” change to league competitor Gen.G were severe setbacks for the organization.

Nevertheless, T1 managed to form a competitive group, led by star coach “Kim” and the most successful LoL player in the world, “Faker”. With 14-4 victories, T1 ended up in second place just behind main rival Gen.G – solely due to a weaker map balance.

Is T1 stronger than 2019?

For the experts and bookmakers, it was already certain before the season that T1 could not match the strength of 2019 due to the departures. However, the untested young player “Canna” on the top lane was particularly surprising and exceeded expectations. “Cuzz” and “Teddy” also played dominantly. The AD-Carry in particular showed its full potential for T1 in the second year and ended the regular season with a KDA of 7.1, the best in the league. His colleagues “Canna” and Cuzz “are also in the top 5 in this category.

Furthermore, “Faker” also played an outstanding season and won the most MVP titles in his team with eight awards. Since the LCK is somewhat weaker overall this year, appearances are a bit deceptive. The new T1 is not yet at the same level as the roster of the previous year, but the team has convinced and can silence even the last doubters with a strong playoff performance.

Defending champion T1 = favorite?

In the semi-finals against DragonX T1 goes as the favorite and the odds of 1.44 on the defending champions appear appropriate. However, the question arises whether T1 is also the favorite for the LCK title. If the past has taught us one thing, it is that T1 is always in top form in the playoffs. Already in 2019, the group overran all opponents in the playoffs. With Gen.G, a worthy opponent is waiting for “Faker” and his team in the final, but T1 is also preferred for the betting base here.

Both DragonX and Gen.G were subject to T1 in the regular season in both direct comparisons, so the psychological advantage is clear on the defending side. In the semi-final match between T1 and DragonX, a tip on the 3-1 victory of the record champion at the current odds is conceivable.

Team Roster:
Coach: 🇰🇷 Kim
Players: 🇰🇷 Canna, 🇰🇷 Cuzz, 🇰🇷 Faker, 🇰🇷 Teddy, 🇰🇷 Effort

DragonX – Statistics & current form

After the scandal surrounding the Griffin team towards the end of 2019, several star players were looking for a new team. At DragonX, “Chovy” and “Doran” found a new home, under the same Choach, “cvMax”. With the highly-traded team newcomers “Pyosik” and “Keria”, as well as the experienced “Deft”, DragonX was one of the favorites in Spring 2020.

The result of the team is well worth seeing, because with 14-4 victories DragonX came in third place in the LCK, whereby T1 and Gen.G only achieved a better result in the map difference. The team was thus a quarter-finalist and met Damwon Gaming, who had previously eliminated KT Rolster from the competition.

DragonX dominates at the start of the playoff

In the regular season, DragonX shone through aggressive appearances and strong early games. The team attacked the opponent early on and secured comfortable tours that quickly led to victory. DRX therefore holds the season’s record in GPM statistics with 2277.

DRX also demonstrated this strength in the first two games against quarter-final opponents Damwon Gaming. The two carriers “Deft” and “Chovy” could not be kept in check by Damwon Gaming and dominated the game. Especially in the second duel, “Chovy” once again disassembled an overwhelmed damwon on “LeBlanc” according to all the rules of art and after 31 minutes the Nexus exploded for the 2-0 lead for DragonX.

DRX gets away with a black eye!

DRX went into the third game with a broad chest and at first it seemed as if the game series would end with a smooth 3-0 success. However, DragonX lost focus and exchanged kills with the opponent. The previously strong “Chovy” gave away unnecessary death to the opponent and Damwon decided a late team fight for himself and subsequently destroyed the Nexus for 1-2 connection.

A similar picture emerged in the fourth game. Both teams had an exchange of blows at eye level and DRX was able to make up a slight gap. Through a teleport play, “Ghost” and “Nuguri” destroyed the Nexus behind the back of DRX for 2-2.

It was questionable whether DragonX would withstand the pressure and get the “reverse sweep” averted. The experienced “Deft” delivered a consistently strong performance throughout the entire game series and did not let his team down in the decisive game. On “Aphelios”, he led DRX to the ultimately lucky 3-2 success over Damwon. DragonX must not allow such negligence against T1, this prediction is certain. The higher odds confirm the outsider role of the protected of “cvMax”.

Team Roster:
Coach: 🇰🇷 cvMax
Players: 🇰🇷 Doran, Korea, 🇰🇷 Pyosik, 🇰🇷 Chovy, 🇰🇷 Deft, 🇰🇷 Keria

T1 vs DragonX Free Betting Tips Provided by Insider Tipsters

For the semi-finals of the LCK Spring 2020 on April 22, 2020 between T1 and DragonX, current odds against T1 are not particularly interesting. Both the direct comparison in the regular season and the experience speak clearly for the favorite. A tip on the defending champion is possible at odds of 1.45. The most likely result is a 3-1 win from T1 over DragonX.

T1 vs DragonX tips

DragonX continued to shiver in the quarter-finals
Despite leaving, T1 is the league’s over-team

Another interesting bet is T1 vs. DragonX suggested that more than two barons be killed in the first game. Since DragonX and T1 will play rather carefully on the first card and DRX also plays a good early game, it is unlikely that a team will win with the first baron.

The odds for this tip are currently at 2.75 and offer value. The bet is played with 5 units. Live betting is generally not recommended in the current online mode.

On Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020 T1 and DragonX will fight for the final of the LCK. The winner will meet the winner of the regular season, Gen.G, next Saturday

T1 vs DragonX – best odds – LCK Spring 2020

Insider Tips: T1
Odds: 1.45
Insider Tips: DragonX
Odds: 2.65


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