Merw vs FC Nebitci Balkan Free Betting Tips

Merw vs FC Nebitci Balkan Free Betting Tips

Merw Mary vs Nebitci FC in the 2020 Yokary League of Turkmenistan

In the Yokary Liga, Turkmenistan’s strongest football league, Merw receives Mary Nebitci FC (Balkan Futbol Kluby).

Merw vs FC Nebitci Balkan Free Betting Tips


The game will kick off on 04.05.2020. This duel has often occurred so far, with Nebitci FC becoming the winner, with no favorite recognizable last season.


Are unbeaten against Nebitci for 2 matchdays
Have won at least 1 home game so far
Are rather weak at home

FC Nebitci Balkans

Have won against Merw Mary more often
Won 1 in 5 games in 2020
Are rather weak abroad

Can Merw Mary win the second consecutive home game against FC Nebitci?

The football team from Mary in Turkmenistan was last seen in 2012 when they became Turkmen runner-up. For Merw Mary, this season should not have turned out as desired, because they have won only 1 out of 5 games so far and have had to surrender four times. They lost their second home game against FC Asgabat 0-1. To get a better impression of Merw Mary, we looked at the past season. In 2019 they finished with only 11 points in the last place in the table. You won only 2 games and lost 21. 5 draws were still possible. They scored 23 times and allowed 52 points. This makes them the weakest team in terms of completion and defense. They were also the weakest team in the home stadium because only 2 wins and 3 draws were possible. They accepted 9 more defeats and a goal record of 17:24. In the away table they also took the last place in the table, with 0 wins and only 2 draws as well as 12 losses and a goal record of 6:28. Such values ​​are of course difficult to win.

Does FC Nebitci Balkan live up to its easy favorite role over Merw Mary?

The Balkan Futbol Kluby became Turkmen champions for the fourth and last time in 2012. The relatively young 2020 season had not been particularly successful for FC Nebitci. Because they won only 1 game and lost 5. They finished four times and 10 counters were allowed. They were also unable to win an away game, but only won a home game. Away they lost 1-0 Kopetdag Asgabat and 2-0 Ahal and 5-2 to FC Asgabat. At Nebitci we also looked at the past season. In 2019 they finished on the 7th and penultimate place in the table. They won 7 games, made 6 draws and were beaten 15 times. They finished 26 times and had 43 goals. That made them the second weakest in graduation and the third weakest in defense. Away, FC Nebitci was the second weakest team. Only 2 wins and 4 draws were possible. They accepted 8 losses. They finished 13 times and 27 goals were allowed. After all, they were the fifth best in front of their home crowd. They won 5 games and 2 draws. They surrendered 7 times. 13:16 is the home goal balance. All in all, we will be able to prepare for a very balanced game.

Merw Mary vs FC Nebitci Direct comparison

There was a duel between these two clubs 16 times, which have been held since April 23, 2016. Merw could only win 3 games in total, also the last game and all wins were celebrated at home. Nebitci decided 8 game. 5 games ended in a draw. The men from Mary scored 12 times and the team from Balkanabat 21 times. Only 5 of these 16 games scored more than 2.5 goals and in 9 only 1 team scored. The last home game ended with a 4-1 win for Merw Mary. The penultimate home game ended in a 1-1 draw.

Insider Tips: Merw Mary
Odds: 2.75
Insider Tips: Draw
Odds: 2.70
Insider Tips: FC Nebitci
Odds: 2.45

Merw Mary vs FC Nebitci Free Betting Tips Provided by Insider Tipsters

We believe a little more in the home advantage in this direct duel, which is why we advise the brave among you to Merw. However, we do not rule out a draw and therefore recommend a draw no bet Merw , because the odds are still usable, whereas they are not very lucrative with a double chance tip 1 / X bet. We hardly dare to predict whether both teams to score, but we assume a little more.

Insider Tips: Draw no bet Merw
Odds: 1.86


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