Dignitas vs Astralis Free Betting Tips

Dignitas vs Astralis Free Betting Tips

Dignitas vs Astralis: ESL One Road to Rio Europe 2020

On the 6th matchday of ESL One Road to Rio 2020 Europe, Dignitas and Astralis match up. On 05.05.2020, this Nordic duel between a team from Sweden and Denmark will start.

Dignitas vs Astralis Free Betting Tips

This pairing occurred very often, from which dignitas one more times emerged as the winner. Dignitas currently occupy the 7th and therefore penultimate place in group A with 3 points. They already lack 9 points to be able to take part in the playoffs. As a result, they no longer have a chance, because only 6 counters are allocated. Astralis is in second place with 12 points. However, they should win because the third and fourth placed teams are close behind with 9 points.

Can Dignitas be a stumbling block for Astralis in the ESL One Road to Rio 2020 Europe series?

Dignitas has had an enormous decline in the world ranking since December 2017. They were even first once, the world’s best, and currently occupy 47th place in the World Ranking. In addition to the ESL One Road to Rio tournament, they are also part of the Elisa Invitational 2020. In the major qualification for Rio 2020, they won only 1 game 2-1 against fnatic. They were submitted 4 times. With 1: 2 against Heretics and ENCE and with 0: 2 against Vitality and NiP. NiP was the team of the current gamers from Dignitas. The Swedes have won 47.6% of their games in the past 3 months and decided 3 of their last 5 games. The current lineup has so far only put 37 maps together, 20 of them decided and 17 lost. On average, one card went over 25.91 laps. There were 7 different maps. They only played and lost Mirage once. Dust2 won only 28.6% and Train 40%. Overpass was won 50% and Inferno 60%. Nuke was 72.7% and Vertigo 75%. Nuke also played them by far the most, before Dust2. The kill-to-death ratio from the current lineup is 0.99. So they are already inferior to Astralis. The Dignitas 1.0 rating is 0.984 on average. Here, too, they have to give up feathers compared to Astralis.

Can Astralis consolidate its playoff participation in the ESL One Road to Rio 2020 Europe tournament?

Astralis from Denmark is a fixture in CS: GO. They had been the world’s best for over 106 weeks. In addition to the Rio 2020 Quali, they also play in the DreamHack Masters Spring 2020. In the ESL One Road to Rio 2020 they only had to surrender once with 1: 2 fnatic. Otherwise they won the remaining 4 games. With 2: 1 against Complexity and against NiP and with 2: 0 against Vitality and Heretics. They won 63.6% of the games from the last 3 months and won 4 of their 5 previous games. The current lineup has played 466 maps with each other up to now, each of which covered an average of 26.04 laps. They won 351 cards and 114 documents. There were 8 different maps. Dust2 won 69.6%. They decided over 70% of Ovperass, Cache, Vertigo, Train and Mirage. Inferno and Nuke won over 80%. Inferno they gambled most often by far from Nuke. The kill-to-death ratio of the current team is 1.17. The 1.0 rating has an average value of 1.09. As a result, they are rightly favored over Dignitas.

Dignitas vs Astralis Direct comparison

These two Nordic esports teams have been matching each other since 01.09.2013. There were 98 maps in total, of which Dignitas 51 and Astralis 47 were decided. Dignitas has won 4 of the last 5 maps. 6 times it went into an overtime. We would like to mention right away that the last match was played on November 25th, 2017. The maps were often played with over 26 rounds. Let us see and the results of the past 3 months that Dignitas only decided 1 map more often than Astralis, namely Nuke. Dust2, Inferno, Train and Overpass as well as Vertigo have often won Astralis. hallzerk, the strongest player from Dignitas, can only beat device from Astralis in IMPACT, otherwise he has to give up. All in all, everything points to a victory for Astralis.

Key facts for Dignitas vs Astralis


World ranking place 47
Have nothing left to lose
Decided 3 of the past 4 maps against Astralis for themselves
K / D ratio from the current lineup: 0.99


World Ranking 3rd
Would already be qualified for the playoffs
The current lineup is much more experienced
K / D ration of the current team: 1.17

Dignitas vs Astralis Free Betting Tips Provided by Insider Tipsters

We assume that Astralis will win against Dignitas, so Tip 2 is certainly an option. The odds in this winning bet are no longer lucrative. This betting variant is only suitable for a bank tip. We would therefore rather place a handicap bet – 1.5 on Astralis or an over / under bet on under 25.5 rounds 1 map. Placement on under 2.5 maps is no longer lucrative. But would be suitable for a combination bet or system bet if you want to accept the small risk. For us, a result bet on 0: 2 is also an option, even if the odds are just as useful.

Insider Tips: Dignitas
Odds: 6.60
Insider Tips: Astralis
Odds: 1.10


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