FC Viktoria Koln vs FSV Zwickau Free Betting Tips

FC Viktoria Koln vs FSV Zwickau Free Betting Tips

FC Viktoria Koln vs FSV Zwickau Free Betting Tips

FC Viktoria Köln hopes for his very first win in the 3rd league against FSV Zwickau

The promoted FC Viktoria Köln receives on the 29th matchday of the 3rd division of Germany, FSV Zwickau. On June 2, 2020, this game will kick off in the stadium in the Höhenberg sports park. So far, these two have only met once. That was the case this season in the first leg, which won 4-0 Zwickau. As of May 28, 2020, both have played 27 games in the 3rd division. Koln is in 12th place in the table with 35 points and Zwickau in 17th place with 32 points.

Key facts about the match FC Viktoria Koln vs FSV Zwickau

FC Viktoria Koln

⭐️ Make the third weakest home team
⭐️ Have the stronger offensive than Zwickau
⭐️ Started very strongly in the second half of the season

FSV Zwickau

⭐️ Have already won the first leg
⭐️ Make the fifth weakest away team
⭐️ Have the stronger squad

Can FC Viktoria Köln finally win against Zwickau?

Viktoria Köln was already a second division team, but this was the last time in the 1980/81 season. After a guest appearance in the 3rd league, they relegated to the 4th league and had to spend a season in the 5th league in 2011/12 before they lived for 7 seasons with relatively good success in the 4th league. They are currently completing their 1st season in the 3rd league since they were promoted. With their 12th place in the table, they are the third best climbers in the league behind Bayern Munich 2 and Mannheim. They presented themselves consistently on average both at home and abroad. They won 4 out of 14 home games and were able to make 4 draws. They surrendered 6 times to a home crowd. In Koln, North Rhine-Westphalia came to a conclusion 19 times and allowed 26 points. On the other hand, only 5 wins and 4 draws were possible away. They accepted 4 losses. They scored 27 times and had to allow 27 goals. They have not lost any of their last 4 games, as of May 28, 2020. They won their last 3 games, twice 1-0 and once 2-1, and in the fourth to last game they won 1-1 against Unterhaching.

The game against Zwickau is their 2nd after the forced break. They were no longer on the lawn for more than 80 days. Koln always came back strongly after a break. After the winter break they drove 2: 2 against Chemnitz FC and then won 3: 4 against Halle. They have lost only 1 game and 2 draws since the start of the second half of the season. Accordingly, they could also win 4 games. Viktoria Köln has been trained by Pavel Dotchev since 07/01/2019. The Bulgarian has never won against Joe Enochs, the coach from Zwickau, but has drawn 2 draws and once suffered a defeat. Against Zwickau he decided at least 1 game and was satisfied with 2 draws. But he had to give up twice. Exciting conditions for the upcoming game, in which a draw or even a home win from Koln is not excluded. Especially since the victory of Zwickau took place at a time when Koln was slowly descending in the table and Zwickau experienced a constant ascent and descent. Koln also has Albert Bunjaku, the third strongest scorer in the league in the squad.

The last 5 results of FC Viktoria Köln

⚽️ May 30, 2020 3.Liga Eintracht Braunschweig vs FC Viktoria Koln 4: 2

⚽️ 07.03.2020 3.Liga FC Viktoria Koln vs Prussia Münster 2-1

⚽️ 01.03.2020 3.Liga FC Ingolstadt 04 vs FC Viktoria Köln 0: 1

⚽️ 21.02.2020 3.Liga FC Viktoria Köln vs SG Sonnenhof Großaspach 1: 0

⚽️ 08.02.2020 3.Liga FC Viktoria Köln vs Bayern II 2: 4

Does Zwickau also decide the return leg against Viktoria Köln?

The Saxons are now third season after their promotion from the fourth division. In season 1 in season 3 they were very strong, as in the last. They were once a second division, but between 1994 and 1998. Currently they have to fight properly in the 3rd division. They started the season well, but their performance has been poor since matchday 14. As of 28.05.2020, they have lost their last two games, 4-2 against Uerdingen and 1: 2 against Würzburg. Since the second half of the season started, only 2 wins and 3 draws were possible. 3 defeats were also recorded. If you don’t want to be relegated, you should win against Koln. Away from home, however, they rarely celebrated victories. Only 3 away games were won and 5 times they drew. They accepted 6 losses. 17:24 is the away goal balance. They were more constant in front of their home crowd because 5 wins and 3 draws were possible. They surrendered 5 times. They landed 23 goals and only had to allow 17.

The Saxons have been weaker in their offensive than the Koln, but are stronger in defense. They are league average. Joe Enoch has been in charge of sporting fortunes for about two years. He has won the only game as a coach against Koln so far, as well as 1 out of 3 games against their coach Dotchev. He also had a draw in the coaching duel, so he had never lost to Dotchev. Nevertheless, they will probably have to fight hard against Koln, especially if you look at their away goals.

The last 5 results of FSV Zwickau

⚽️ May 30, 2020 3.Liga FSV Zwickau vs FC Hansa Rostock 2: 2

⚽️ 08.03.2020 3.Liga KFC Uerdingen 05 vs FSV Zwickau 4: 2

⚽️ 29.02.2020 3.Liga FSV Zwickau vs FC Würzburger Kickers 1: 2

⚽️ 22.02.2020 3.Liga 1st FC Kaiserslautern vs FSV Zwickau 0: 0

⚽️ 16.02.2020 3.Liga FSV Zwickau vs MSV Duisburg 1-0

Direct comparison of FC Viktoria Köln and FSV Zwickau

⚽️ 28.09.2019 3. Liga FSV Zwickau va FC Viktoria Koln 4: 0

FC Viktoria Koln and FSV Zwickau Free Betting Tips Provided by Insider Tipsters

We assume that FC Viktoria Köln will win against FSV Zwickau and therefore advise to bet on FC Viktoria Koln . We would bet on over / under over 2.5 goals bets. There is also a placement on both teams to score, especially since Zwickau was good for at least 1 goal in almost every away game.

Insider Tips: FC Viktoria Köln
Odds: 2.07
Insider Tips: Draw
Odds: 3.15
Insider Tips: FSV Zwickau
Odds: 3.15

Insider Tips: Under 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.95
Insider Tips: Over 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.76

Insider Tips: Both teams to score/ YES
Odds: 1.57
Insider Tips: Both teams to score/ NO
Odds: 2.25


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