Spezia vs Frosinone Free Betting Tips

Spezia vs Frosinone Free Betting Tips

Spezia vs Frosinone Free Betting Tips


Betting Tips: 2
Odds: 3.6

19 out of 20 teams for the coming season in Serie A are currently determined. Spezia Calcio and Frosinone Calcio make the last place on Thursday. The chances are much better for the hosts from Spezia, because they won the first leg away 1-0 on Sunday.

The facts are therefore clear. The odds comparison of the betting base shows that between Spezia and Frosinone the prediction goes in the direction of the rise of the home side, but caution is advised because Frosinone presented himself in the playoffs as a stand-up man with enormous comeback qualities.

The team of former world-class defender Alessandro Nesta was almost knocked out twice and twice fought their way back into the promotion race. Therefore, the promotion to series A has not yet been decided. It is quite conceivable that you are right between Spezia and Frosinone with a tip on the guests.

This fact has not escaped the best bookmakers and therefore betting odds of well over 2.00 are offered on a home win by Spezia Calcio. There could be another thriller on Thursday with an uncertain outcome. Although Spezia finds a better starting position, Frosinone must not be written off.

Betting Tips: Both teams to score
Odds: 1.95

Spezia – Statistics & current form

Missing the direct ascent is certainly not the case for Spezia Calcio, because after all, seven points were missing in the final account of the table of the series B in second place. As third in the classification, you are seen as the first favorite in the playoffs. So far, Vincenzo Italiano’s team has lived up to this role.

However, the coach will work in Serie A regardless of the promotion of his team in the coming season, then Vincenzo Italiano is likely to move to Genoa. Nevertheless, he would not like to miss a lavish promotion party. However, the home balance shows that the fair has not yet been read.

Spezia vulnerable at home

After all, Spezia has lost two of the last five home games. In the semi-finals of the playoffs, the Bianconeri faced Chievo Verona. After the 2-0 defeat in Verona, Spezia won 3-1 at home. On Sunday there was a 1-0 victory in the final first leg in Frosinone. Emmanuel Gyasi was the shooter of the golden hit.

Nevertheless, coach Vincenzo Italiano does not yet believe he has reached his goal and that of an entire club. Spezia has never played in Serie A.

  • “Football is unpredictable and we have to focus on the goal to achieve a historic milestone for this club.” – Vincenzo Italiano

The eagles are still one game away from advancement. More motivation is not possible and therefore there will be some betting friends who use the odds on a home win between Spezia and Frosinone.

Probable formation of Spezia:
Scuffet – Vitale, Erlic, Terzi, Ferrer – Ricci, Maggiore, Bartolomei – Gyasi, Nzola, Galabinov
Trainer: Italiano

Last matches from Spezia:

Serie B promotion finals
08/16 2020 Frosinone 0 – 1 Spezia
08/11 2020 Spezia 3 – 1 Chievo
08/08 2020 Chievo 2 – 0 Spezia
Serie B
07/31 2020 Salernitana 1 – 2 Spezia
07/27 2020 Spezia 0 – 0 Virtus Entella

Frosinone – Statistics & Current Form

After only one year in Serie A, Frosinone had to say goodbye to the lower house. Only because of the better goal difference it was enough in this second division season to place seven and participate in the playoffs. There the Ciociari have found their way back to their old strength after there were no more wins in Serie B in six away games.

Frosinone with two away wins in a row

In the playoffs, however, things went much better abroad. In the first match at Cittadella, Alessandro Nesta’s team was already 2-0 down and after extra time they won the semifinals. After a home defeat against Pordenone, Frosinone had the end in mind before the second away wins in a row up to this final.

The 0: 1 from the home game against Spezia is certainly not the best starting position, but Frosinone has shown that the team with their backs to the wall is the most dangerous, and so we can imagine a prediction on the return leg between Spezia and Frosinone direct resurgence for the Ciociari.

However, it is bitter that Alessandro Nesta has to do without his best striker in the most important game of the season.

  • “The failure of Dionisi hurts, but we will replace him.” – Alessandro Nesta

Federico Dionisi will have to serve a yellow card suspension. Also, the injured Salvatore D’Elia, Andrea Tabanelli, and Lica Matarese are missing. Above all, the failure of the best attacker represents a weakening that has to be compensated for by several players.

Probable formation of Frosinone:
Bardi – Brighenti, Arlaudo, Krajnc – Salvi, Malello, Rohden, Gori, Paganini – Novakovich, Ciano
Trainer: Nesta

Last matches from Frosinone:

Serie B promotion finals
08/16 2020 Frosinone 0 – 1 Spezia
08/12 2020 Pordenone Calcio 0 – 2 Frosinone
08/09 2020 Frosinone 0 – 1 Pordenone Calcio
08/05 2020 Cittadella 2 – 3 Frosinone
Serie B
07/31 2020 Frosinone 1 – 1 Pisa

Spezia vs Frosinone Direct comparison

The teams from Spezia and Frosinone have faced each other 16 times to date. Almost all of these games were very close and competitive. In a direct comparison, Spezia has only a minimal advantage with 5: 4 wins in seven draws. It is noticeable that Frosinone has never won in Spezia.

Frosinone still without a win in Spezia

This season there were three games between the two opponents. In the regular season, both clubs were able to win their home games. The last encounter was the 1-0 away game by Spezia last Sunday, which means an excellent starting position for the second leg on Thursday.

Spezia vs Frosinone – Betting Odds Comparison – Serie B Playoff

Insider Tips: Spezia
Odds: 2.15
Insider Tips: Draw
Odds: 3.1
Insider Tips: Frosinone
Odds: 3.6

Spezia vs Frosinone Statistics Highlights

Matches between Spezia vs Frosinone

Serie B promotion finals
08/16 2020 Frosinone 0 – 1 Spezia
Serie B
07/03 2020 Frosinone 2 – 1 Spezia
11/24 2019 Spezia 2 – 0 Frosinone
04/14 2018 Frosinone 1 – 1 Spezia
11/11 2017 Spezia 1 – 1 Frosinone
04/25 2017 Frosinone 2 – 0 Spezia
12/03 2016 Spezia 0 – 0 Frosinone
Coppa Italia
08/15 2015 Frosinone (5) 0 – 0 (6) Spezia
Serie B
01/24 2015 Frosinone 1 – 1 Spezia
09/07 2014 Spezia 2 – 1 Frosinone

Spezia vs Frosinone Free Betting Tips Provided by Insider Tipsters

After the 1-0 first-leg win in Frosinone, Spezia has a clear advantage and overall there is more to be said for Vincenzo Italiano’s team because Spezia was more successful in the regular season and has never lost at home to upcoming opponents. At this point comes the big but, because the guests showed enormous away qualities in the playoffs.

Despite all the setbacks, Frosinone won the two away games in the promotion round and was practically out of the race twice. These are the qualities that will ultimately make the difference between promotion and remaining in Serie B. Therefore, we can imagine a tip for the guests between Spezia and Frosinone.

Key facts – Spezia vs Frosinone tips

Spezia has lost two of their last five home games.
Frosinone won both away games in the playoffs.
Frosinone is waiting for the first victory in Spezia.

It will to a large extent depend on who wants the ascent more and who can better deal with possible neck blows. At this point, we see Alessandro Nesta’s team at a slight advantage and will, therefore, allude to the odds of an away win between Spezia and Frosinone.


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