DOTA 2 betting tips: ESL One Germany 2020

DOTA 2 betting tips: ESL One Germany 2020

DOTA 2 betting tips: ESL One Germany 2020

DOTA 2 bets: ESL One Germany 2020 group stage

Just a few weeks after the end of ESL One Thailand 2020, another ESL One event is due. Only teams from the regions of Europe and the CIS were invited to the tournament. The ESL One Germany 2020 Dota 2 tournament attracts participating teams with a prize pool of US $ 400,000, of which 150,000 will go to the winning team, and will have a total of 16 teams competing for one of the biggest trophies in the event there is a prize this year. 11 teams were invited directly to the event and five other teams made it out of the closed qualifying games.

The teams directly invited are: Ninjas in Pyjamas,


5men, HellRaisers, OG, Team Liquid, Team Secret, Nigma, Natus Vincere and Alliance. The team at that decided at the last minute to withdraw from the competition to make changes to their roster is being replaced by Cyber ​​Legacy. Tempo Esport, Winstrike Team, Mudgolems, Yellow Submarine and EXTREMUM made it through the qualifiers.


Although the event is entirely online, fans can look forward to a month of intense, non-stop action. The group stage of ESL One Germany starts on October 5th and ends on October 20th. All 16 teams will compete against each other in a single group in a modified Swiss tournament format. There will be a total of 5 game rounds and the teams will never face an opponent twice.

After three wins or three losses, the teams stop playing. Each team needs a total of three wins to get into the playoff phase, three defeats lead to elimination from the tournament. A total of eight teams take part in the playoffs. The playoffs will then take place from October 23rd to November 1st. The eight teams that have qualified play in the usual double-elimination format. All games are best-of-3 series, with the exception of the Grand Finals, which is a best-of-5.

Group stage predictions


Not surprisingly, Team Secret is our clear favourite for eSports bets on winning ESL One Germany 2020. They have won their last tournaments and are undeniably the best team in the world at the moment. Puppey and his teammates continue to dominate on the European stage. If we take into account that Europe must currently be seen as the strongest region in DOTA 2, Secret is objectively the strongest team in the world at the moment. Clement “Puppey” Ivanov has earned the right to be considered one of the most brilliant captains and drafters of all time, as did VP.Prodigy, who played against Secret in the grand final of OGA Dota PIT Season 3 and lost 3-0, in an interview confirmed after the defeat. But this is exactly what makes every series against this team exciting, as their opponents will give everything to beat the top team in an important tournament. Their first opponents in the group stage, the Serbian team Tempo Esports, shouldn’t be a big obstacle for Secret, however.

Team Secret vs. Speed Free Betting Tips


In addition to the question of who is likely to win, there is also the question of who could come in second. Mudgolems and are coming into this tournament with a hot form after strong performances at the BTS Pro Series Season 3: EU / CIS. However, top teams like Nigma, Liquid and Alliance were not at the start at this event. This could be the last big tournament of the year for the Europe and CIS region, so the teams will certainly do everything to present themselves well here again.
We also expect good performance from OG, Nigma, Team Liquid and Alliance. However, unlike Secret, all of the above teams are predictable, but these teams should be able to secure their places in the playoffs. Especially when we take into account the fact that more than a quarter of the participants are teams from the supposedly weaker CIS region. OG’s Topson recently celebrated the birth of his daughter so he was temporarily inactive and had less time to train with his team. As they were able to prove in their two TI victories, this factor is probably not particularly important at OG, but it can still affect the performance of the Europeans.

In addition, the Winstrike team was not brought up until mid-July, and when “young G” moved to Natus Vincere, the team had to look for a replacement for the player.

Insider Tips: AH -2.5 Team Secret
Odds: 1.05

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Natus Vincere is also on the list of teams that will be interesting to watch. Andrey “ALWAYSWANNAFLY” Bondarenko and his teammates played under the team name FlyToMoon until recently and were signed by the Natus Vincere organization before the DOTA Pit tournament. This happened due to the fact that Na’Vi’s management had decided to put all players on the bench. We believe ALWAYSWANNAFLY and his teammates will be motivated to show themselves at their best after the transfer. In the OGA Dota PIT season 3, the team took 4th place, so all signs point to a strong performance of the team at ESL One Germany 2020. We think that Na’Vi is the strongest team from the CIS region in the championship.


The team that could challenge them for this title is Cyber ​​Legacy. MagicaL and his teammates were invited to ESL One Germany 2020 at short notice instead of VP’s management announced the decision to put all active players inactive so that the team could no longer accept the invitation to the tournament. The Cyber ​​Legacy organization is represented by the former Natus Vincere players who have been fired from the team. The match between the two in the first round will be very interesting and have a certain meaningfulness about the regional rankings of the CIS countries. The only thing that worries us about Cyber ​​Legacy is the fact that they played their last official game in early September. At that time, the team was beaten by the Na’Vi players, who at that time were still performing as FlyToMoon.

Insider Tips: victory upper floor
Odds: 1.11

Cyber ​​Legacy vs Natus Vincere Free Betting Tips


The biggest underdogs are arguably represented by the teams that have secured their place through the qualifying matches, with the exception of the mudgolems, whom we consider secret favourites. So that would be Winstrike, Tempo Esports, EXTREMUM and Yellow Submarine. With Eastern European Dota not having their prime right now, we don’t expect Winstrike and YeS to make it to the finals. The Yellow Submarine squad was only put together before the qualifiers began, and while the team managed to survive the open qualifiers, they are still considered underdogs in the tournament.

Also in their opening match against Nigma it would be a big surprise in our eyes if they could defeat the star-studded team around captain KuroKy.

Nigma has had mixed results lately, in the 3rd season of the OGA Dota PIT event they finished 7-8 in the tournament and were beaten by Na’Vi and VP.Prodigy.

Insider Tips: Victory Natus Vincere
Odds: 1.31

Nigma vs. Yellow Submarine

Insider Tips: Victory Nigma
Odds: 1.08


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