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Serie A Tips Insiders

Lazio – Torino TIPS from insiders (11.12.2017)

The 16th round in Serie A has been played except for two games. We take a look at the top match on this Monday night. At 21:00 Lazio will meet Turin. This game will take place at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. The Romans still play for the title. Unlike in previous seasons, five teams are currently in the title race. Series A has not been so balanced for years. Do the Italian teams have the same level of competitiveness again internationally? After all, six teams can spend the winter in Europe! In this game Lazio starts as a clear favorite. With only quotas around the 1,50er range this also the bookmakers see so. Whether this Affiche really will be so one-sided, we doubt. Rather, we expect a good defense of Turin and possibly the Northern Italians can kidnap a point from Rome. After all, Torino plays a draw every second game.

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2.Bundesliga Tips Insiders

Dusseldorf – Nurnberg TIPS from insiders (11.12.2017)

Could it be more exciting? With the last game of the last matchday of the first round decides in the 2nd Bundesliga, who is Herbstmeister. Holstein Kiel is still leading the table in front of Fortuna Dusseldorf. But the Fortunen can take the lead with a threesome on Monday. Opponents Nuremberg in turn can push with a victory between Kiel and Dusseldorf. Curtain up for the grand finale of the first round in the German lower house.

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